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Default The Revenge of Hades Challenge
Hades is a Greek god who despite being older than his brother Zeus was not made king of the gods. He was made into an outcast not even allowed join in the meetings of the gods despite being the god of the underworld. He did end up marrying Persephone against her own will. This challenge is based around him getting revenge on the Olympian gods and goddesses.
You will need two households one for the underworld and one for Olympus.
Hades King of the Underworld
You may choose everything about him as he is your player character

You may choose everything about her except she must have either of the love aspirations

Zeus God of the heavens and thunder
He should have the traits Hot Headed Mean and Non Committal and have the aspiration to be a serial romantic.

Hera Goddess of women and marriage
She should have the Romantic Mean and Hates Children. Her aspiration should be*to spend a rewarding life with the one.

Ares God of War
His traits should be Athletic Hot Headed and Romantic his aspiration should be body building.

Hephaestos God of Fire and Blacksmiths
His traits should be Creative Genius and Lazy

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

Her traits should be Romantic Non Committal and Lazy her aspiration should be serial romantic. She should be married to Hephaestos

Poseidon God of the Sea
He really is your choice choose your own traits.

The Underworld house should be dark and gloomy and cheap except for Hades and Persephones room if you wish you may take ghost sims from the gallery and add them to the household.

Olympus should be bright and huge with the whole expensive feel.

Chapter 1
Beauty and the Beast
Hades and Persephone must be unmarried and enemies
Playing as Hades: Become best friends and marry Persephone then almost as soon as that is done Persephone is killed by Zeus (starve her) who felt the Underworld was becoming far too happy(Note before killing her have Hades complete the writer aspiration and write and bind Persephone to the book of life).This would be a fatal mistake. Hades while standing over her grave swears to avenge her.
While this is going on either get Hades’ Mischief skill up to level 8 or get a Cowplant seed. Make sure to do this asap.

Chapter 2
Darkness Arrives
Playing as Hades: Woo Hera until you get the option to try for baby. Try for baby and when Hera is pregnant Zeus will have no choice but to allow you to move in. As soon as this happens become enemies with Zeus but good friends with Poseidon and Hephaestos
Playing as Aphrodite: Start a relation ship with Ares even WooHoo with him
Playing as Any God: complete your current milestone.
Chapter 3
The Revenge Begins
Playing as Hades: Reveal a secret to your friends Poseidon and Hephaestos they now know of your intentions and promise to help you but leave Hades for now.
Playing as Hephaestos: Catch your wife WooHooing with Ares break up with her. Either build a Rocket and get Hades to place a fruit in the exhaust port and get the two cheaters to fly in it and let them burn to death or grow a cowplant and get the cheaters eaten by it. This gives Hades an idea to dispose of Zeus
Playing as Poseidon: Become best friends with Zeus
Playing as Hera: Break up with your husband Zeus. Raise the child
Playing as Hades: Call Zeus over and then have him get killed by either the rocket ship (recommended as Hades had a bigger part in his death that way) or the cow plant.
As the light dims from his brothers eyes Hades laughs and thanks those who helped him. He was now the new King ofthe Gods. His wife appeared one day and at last Hades could use the book and bring his beloved back from the dead. Hera was understanding and allowed the two to be together. At last Hades got his perfect life.
The End

Hope you enjoy the challenge feel free to ask any questions
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You could also add Appollo and Artemis and also Heaphaestus shouldn't be lazy though. And also since Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus but Aphrodite like Ares the most maybe you could make them bf/gf. Note: not criticizing, just suggesting
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There isn’t enough room for Apollo or Artemis. Hephaestos is lazy due to the fact he can’t walk in the myths so this will make him lay around more. Its up to you if you want to have Ares and Aphrodite become boyfriend and girlfriend but it isn’t needed
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