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Default Haunted mansion Challenge (Disney Version sims 4)
Once upon a time:
A young man called _____ was fiance to the a beautiful woman named ______ . They was supposed to be married soon but butler named ____ was so jealous of this relationship he do not want his master to leave the house with the young woman. So he decide to trick the young innocent girl to follow him in the living room for a drink. So he put the poison in the glass with the drink and give it to her. The young woman drinked the drink and fall on the floor and died. The butler make a fake letter said the fiance decide to end her life. That make the young master of the house feeling sad and found her body on the floor. So after the death of his true love the young man decide to end his life. But the prophesy said the two lover will be reunited again same if they died.

Presentation: You should play the Evers family who is African american. Who heard about a house who was should be put for sale. But don't know that's a plan for take the wife from her family.


Jim Evers: He's the father of Megan and Michael Evers and husband of Sarah. He should have the trait of good, friendly,ambitious,family oriented (The last one you choose). Should be dress like a business man.

Sarah Evers : Wife of Jim and mother of Megan and Michael Evers. She should the trait of friendly,family oriented, good sense of humor (You choose the others). She should be dress like a modernized business woman.

Megan Evers: Daughter of Jim and Sarah and Older sister of Michael Evers should be a teenager. Should have the trait of Friendly,Snobbish, Love the Outdoor (The rest you choose). She dressing like all teenagers of her age colorful dress or clothes.

Michael Evers: Son of Jim and Sarah and little brother of Megan Evers should a 10 year old child. He should have the trait good sense of humor, friendly, love the outdoor (the last one you choose). Should be dressing like a modernized child .

Master Gracey: A young gentlemen with Victorian clothes. He should have the trait of charismatic,hopeless romantic, friendly, good sense of humor,family oriented.

Ramsley: He's a butler should be dress has a victorian old man. He should have the trait of mean spirited,evil,dislike children,hate the outdoor,no sense of humor,

The two servants: Should be old but dressed victorians like Ramsley and Mr, Gracey. They should have the traits of good,friendly,family oriented,good sense of humor (The last i let you choose)

1, You should build a big house and decorated spooky and scary, after put the Evers family the servants Mr. Gracey and Ramsley in the house and begin your journey.
2. Make Mr. Gracey invite the family for diner with him but let him talk to Sarah first for make him befriended her front of her family.
3. The husband and the kids should be later trapped in the house and tries to find a way out. And check for clues for solved the mysterries around the house.
4. Jim should be enemy with Ramsley after find out the truth about Mr. Gracey past. But make Ramsley win the fight first and ejected Jim out the house. And trapped the kids in the basement.
5. Make Gracey love Sarah but make run away and make Ramsley found her and force her to marry Gracey. Because he menacing her to kill her childrens if she do not play the game.
6. Later make Jim enter in the house and make Gracey see the light about Ramsley and kill Ramsley before he can get away.

You win the challenge if
You finally found all of the clues around the house for make Gracey see the light.
You finally save your children and your wife and kill Ramsley after after Gracey find out the truth about his lies and Gracey finally rest in peace.

You loose the challenge if
You didn't not find all of clues around the house.
If your childrens and wife die and you die after Ramsley kill all of your family and gracey will never find the peace he need.
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