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Default Slender Challenge
Back story:
You and 5 (or 6 or more if you use mods) other teens awake to find yourself trapped in a park with no cell coverage and only a cabin as a safe haven. You start looking around for any way home and then you see HIM.
Slender Man, just standing there motion- and emotion less. You just start running and running as fast as you can....

You and 5 (or 6 or more if you use mods) other teens are just basically trapped in a heavily wooded park that has various activities and only one cabin. Specs and Rules will now be explained.

In this challenge your household has to survive various slender-related challenges. Sorta like the Hunger Games but the only difference is that you're being chased by Slender Man. Your only safe haven where Slendy isn't allowed in, is the cabin. You could put other various activities and challenges throughout the park if you wish to do so in your own manor, or you could follow the specs of my park.

Cabin Specs:
Money is no object but at least try to make the cabin look old, dingy, dirty and cheap.
Your cabin can only have:
*1 Bedroom with 4 SINGLE beds(if you have more teens just take away two beds for the amount of teens you have)
1 Ordinary bathroom(Contains: 1 Bath/Shower, 1 toiler, a maximum of two sinks and a mirror)
1 Outdated living room which contains at least a couple of love seats to nap/sleep on and a little cheap tv.
1 Kitchen(must look old and cheap)
1 Office(which could contain a desk and painting easel or other activities which your sim could do in-between challenges)

It could include but is not limited to:
An obstacle course
A challenge where the group has to collect 8 books or toys(any number or object you would like)
Hide and seek(like where Slendy has to find you and the others before a certain time and if he finds you, you can't run but if he doesn't see you run)
Survive a night in the woods alone(almost the same like hide and seek except you're aloud to run away from Slendy)
Kill another teen(you basically fight the other remaining teens to the death until you and at least 1 other sim is left)
Fight Slendy(you just fight him to get away but can't until you build a rocket)
Build a rocket(to "escape" Slendy but obviously the rocket in the sims 4 goes nowhere)

>You must start on the biggest lot available
>Your household can contain more than 8 sims
>You must at least have 6 teen sims and 1 Slender Man
>You must choose one teen out of your household, after you have chosen, him/her will the become the star(meaning s/he cannot die)
>You must only control your sim teen that you want to, the others can only be controlled in challenges. Same goes for Slendy, you may only control him during a challenge.
>You may only do 1 challenge a day
>If a sim fails to complete a challenge s/he must be killed
>However this rule(above) does not apply to your sim
>You could spend any amount of money to build the park, just make sure it looks at least like an old abandonded park
>You could spend any amount of money on food
>There are seven traits, of which you must include into your household. Each of your sims must have one of these and they may not have the same one as another sim, for example: Justin has the active trait then none of the others may have that trait. The 7 traits are:
>Loves the outdoors
Your sims can have any other traits you desire. They can also have any aspiration
>Slendy traits: Must be evil, hates children and gloomy
>Your sims my never leave the lot until they have built the rocket to escape
>You must have Slendy's needs decay disabled because he cannot eat or sleep or shower any where
>You can let challenges run for more than 1 day but you must wait at least 24 SIM hours before you start a new one
>You may not substitute or bring in any new sims after one teen dies or grows older(having your aging off helps)
>You may not have any new electronics or furniture(try to buy old objects)
>You lose the challenge if you are the only one left to fight Slendy.
>You win the challenge if you build the rocket and escape with the remaining teens.

Since this is my first challenge any feedback in the comments would greatly be appreciated and help me better this challenge for you guys.
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This is really cool!
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