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Cowplant Sacrifices
In CAS, make two Sims that are young adults. Give one of them Cheerful or Outgoing and Insane. Give the other Loves Outdoors (or something like it) and Insane traits. All the rest are up to you, and so are looks, clothing and genders. Money is not the point of the challenge so you can cheat when building the house. The house needs the following rooms/areas:
1. bedrooms for both Sims.
2. sacrifices' quarters, with single beds, toilets, and bathtubs.
3. kitchen and bathrooms for your two Sims made
4. Sacrifice Urn room
5. Garden
Have the Loves Outdoors Sim (I'm going to call them Sim 1 from now on) fish or harvest and plant plants until you have at least one Cowplant. I would definitely suggest fishing. Have your other Sim, Sim 2, make lots of friends and cook all the meals and that sort of thing. Once your Cowplant is old enough to eat people, have your Sim 2 move in one of their friends and feed the friend to the Cowplant. They can NOT have any negative moodlets besides Drained when they are devoured. Repeat. Continue for as long as you want or when your Cowplant dies, or if any of your non-sacrifice Sims die. (Drink Essence of (x's) Life
Points- +10 for every sacrifice, +10 for every cowplant, -10 for every non-cowplant related death.-50 for every time a Cowplant dies if you have more than one.
Allowed Mods-
Try For Baby in Larger Households
Any custom clothes, hair, eye color, things that only affect aesthetics.
Dangerous Cowplants mod
Fire Hurts
Not Allowed Mods-
No emotional deaths
Sims eating/drinking faster
Flunking Children Aren't Taken away
If there is a challenge like this already, sorry!
If you have a mod you want to ask about, ask.
Comment if you want.
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