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Default Homeless Challenge
Homeless Challenge

Back Story:
When you were six years old, your father past away in a fire accident, leaving your well being to your mother, unfortunately for you... She hated you! She didn't want a daughter! She wanted a son, so on your 7th birthday... she left. Packed her things and scooted off with her new rich boyfriend and 3 new children. Your all by yourself! But... Your a warrior! You have survived 11 years on your own, you can make things better!

You Main Goal: -Hard-
- Get Married
- Earn money without a job! (You may buy an easel, BUT! This is not an easy challenge so... You can only use it ONCE a day! You up for it?)
- Have three children
- Build a house. (with only... 2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet, 1 Room For Both Living Room And Kitchen - You may not grow anything!)
- Continue the generation using the youngest child

You May Start Out With:
- A wall (6 squares)
- One Toilet
- Fridge
- Sink (standing)
- One Large Bed
- Shower
- Cheapest Table and Seat
- When Affordable, Cheapest Computer
- When Affordable, An Easel

-Traits MUST Be: Good, Active, Neat, Genuis
-Aspiration MUST Be: Family, Succesful Lineage
-Must Create Young Adult
- Smallest Lot Avaliable

This Is My First Challenge And I Hope You Like It :D
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Sounds cool, I'll try it.

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Thought you might want to see the Sim I came up with. Her name is Hope Newton.

Don't Cry for me I'm ordinary and unimportant
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23rd Jan 2015 at 5:29 PM
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