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Default The DeathLoop Challenge
Hello! I randomly got this idea today so I decided to write it out. It's still in a rough form so I'll be updating it as I iron it out.

-Make one Sim. They can look any way you want to.
-They have to have one of the two Deviance aspirations.
-One of their three traits has to be Mean.
-Their other two can be whatever you would like.

-You can have any house you want whether built by you or premade.
-Feel free to cheat for money when you build. (Money isn't a factor in this challenge anyways)

-Main Goal is to complete your aspiration
-You also have to kill one sim for every death type.
-Cow Plant is the exception, you do not need to kill a Sim with the Cowplant
-They can be in any order but Old Age has to be last for reasons that will be explained.
-Old Age OR Overexertion
-Old Age/Overexertion is last because guess what? You have to do this death on yourself

That's all there is to it. Any suggestions are welcome since this is my first challenge after all! Hope you guys have fun!

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20th Jan 2016 at 5:08 PM
Default The Death Loop Challenge looks fun and challenging Im going to try it
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