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Default Sims 4 Cop Challenge
The Sims 4 Cop Challenge!

This is a challenge I made up and have been playing recently. These are the guidelines I'm using but feel free to make changes in the way you play. Have fun!

Basic Rules
-No cheats to refill or deplete needs.
-You can use cheats for money and arresting.
-Set the lifespan to Normal.

Creating Your Cop
-The cop should be the only person in your household until you begin arresting prisoners.
-The cop is not allowed to get married or have children but they are allowed to date.
-Your cop can be any gender but they have to be a young adult.
-You HAVE to use cheats to turn your cop back into a young adult when they age up. To do this, use cas.fulleditmode, then shift and click on your cop and select Modify in CAS. From there, you can turn them back into a young adult.
-They need to have the active, hot-headed, and self-assured traits.
-They also need to have the bodybuilder aspiration.

Prison Building
-Start with an empty lot of any size.
-There should be 2 parts to your prison: one for the cop and one for the prisoners
-The cop's part should be just like a house including things to satisfy all their wants and needs.
-The prisoner section should have no door to outside. It needs to have a cell for each of your prisoners. A cell consists of a single bed and a toilet as well as any decor items you may want. The cells should only have one door which allow the prisoners to leave to go to a shower room, a recreation room (with TVs, chairs, bookshelves, painting easels and fitness machines), and a mess hall (which should include seating for prisoners, fridges, and microwaves. No stoves so there is no fire!) I recommend doing this by having one large hallway with doors to each cell and room.

Making Arrests
-Your cop can go to any community lot to arrest someone.
-If you see anyone committing a crime (listed below), you have to use mean interactions with them until you are enemies. Then, using cheats, add them to the active family.
-If the criminal leaves the lot before you are enemies and have made the arrest, they have got away and you cannot arrest them again until you see them committing another crime
-Upon adding the criminal to the active family, have them and the cop immediately leave the lot and go to the prison.
-Once there, either teleport the criminal into a cell or build a door then delete it to make them become a prisoner.
-You can only arrest one sim per sim day.

-If you see a sim doing any of the following things on a community lot, you are permitted to arrest them:
-Leaving plates or drinks around without disposing of them (Littering).
-Hand buzzer or any mean interactions (Harassment).
-Rummaging through trash cans.
-Being out past curfew (8 PM). This only applies to teen and children criminals.

Life of a Prisoner
-Take care of the prisoners like you would a normal sim family using the different rooms to satisfy their needs.
-Prisoners cannot leave the prison under any circumstance.
-Prisoners are allowed to interact with each other.
-Prisoners can have romantic relationships with each other but they cannot WooHoo or Try for Baby.
-All prisoners in this challenge have a life sentence. They must die from old age (without using cheats or birthday cakes to age them up prematurely) to be free.
-I also recommend (though it is not mandatory for this challenge) changing all your prisoners' clothes to look like they are prisoners (jumpsuits, black and white stripes, etc.) and make sure they are all wearing the same thing.

Completing the Challenge
-To complete the challenge, you need to have had at least 6 prisoners die from old age in your prison (no matter what age group you arrested them at).
-This does not include any other kind of death. Only old age.
-If the cop dies before the challenge is complete, the prisoners are free and the challenge is over.
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Just dropping in to say that I´ve put this on my to-do list. I have my hands full with the Settler Challenge and Sims 2, but after the Settlers I´ll dust off my prison and do your challenge. With a little rule bending, however: My prisoners will have to earn their luxury items by woodworking and fitness machines are totally out of question for the convicts. Don´t want them to build body skill and riot.
I´m going to make my jailor a robot or elf to explain why he doesn´t age beyond YA. A society that dishes out life sentences for breaking curfew (not to mention littering) might just have a few dark elves or battle bots to their back and call.
How about adding rules for a good old fashioned prison break or prisoner revolt to make the challenge harder?
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Its really cool! I'll try that!
But later because I am already on a challenge now.
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