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Default Sims 4: Trapped Fathers Challenge
Trapped Fathers Challenge
Hi, welcome to my first challenge, The Trapped Fathers Challenge. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and if there are any mistakes please let me know.

To start this challenge, you will need to create a YA/A female sim, create her however you like but add traits to help her proceed in a relationship, such as: Romantic, Cheerful, Family Orientated etc.

What to do:
1. Move into a house/lot with at least 1 double bed, and a backyard (bigger is better in this case). Go and meet as many men as you can. One by one start to befriend them and flirt with them. But 1 MUST be at your house to proceed with the next step
2. Flirt with him until the option to try for a baby pops up. As soon as its finished, have a pregnancy test at the toilet, if it worked, break up with the guy. If it didn't work, try until it does.
3. Once it's worked and you've broken up with him, do any friendly interaction with him (no mood interactions) for example ask about day, then go into your backyard (anywhere) but make sure to click GO TOGETHER. If you forget, call him over before he leaves.
4. Once you've done that, you have to go into build mode and build him a little pen, with fences surrounding him so he cannot escape. Here's what is required in his pen:
Bench (Hard mode) or cheapest bed (easy mode)
Cheapest toilet
Sink (hard mode) or cheapest bath/shower (easy mode)
cheapest bookshelf
(optional) cheapest computer w/desk & chair. (this keeps their fun bar up) (without this option it is hard mode)
5. CTRL+LShift+C and type in: testingcheats true (this will give you cheats)
6. Teleport your sim out of the pen by clicking anywhere on the ground outside it holding LShift and click 'teleport here'
7. Wait for your baby to come, once it has, repeat these steps with all the other men you met.

Feeding your trapped sim(s):
You may have seen there is no fridge. That is because the trapped sims don't get fed all the time.
To feed them, you have a schedule to keep, and here's mine, but you can make any timetable you want. (just make sure you feed them twice a day)
10:00 am ~Main meal: breakfast, any 1 serving of any meal (no quick meals allowed)
7:00pm~ Mini meal: Dinner/small snack. Make him/them eat something like 1 slice of cake or 1 serving of cookies.
Once he (they) are fed, the food must be put into the fridge for later (or for your sims) and their plates must be put into a bin.

You are allowed, as I said to use testingcheats true.
You are also allowed AT THE START of your game to use motherlode once (hard mode) or twice (easy mode). If you run out of money (if you go below 10,000) then you are allowed to use motherlode once again.

You are not allowed to marry sims
You may not use testingcheats true to make your sim happy, no matter what.
If you choose to do hard mode, you must stick to hard mode, if you choose easy mode, stick to easy mode.
You may not free your trapped sim(s) EVER
Once you have tried for a baby with a certain sim and it has worked, you may not do it again (woohoo included)
Each trapped sim may not share a pen.
Your sim may not get a job
Your sim CAN NOT leave the lot. (because the trapped sims teleport out and go home) (this is why you have to make so many friends before you actually start the challenge)

Challenge ends once one of your children does this with 1 male sim (at least). I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I am because i'm currently playing/still testing it out, so if there are any problems please let me know and I will edit it. Thanks
Oh, and i'd like to see pictures of your trapped sims, because I am evil or your founder sim.
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This sounds really cool, I'm going to start it really soon!
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This is so cool! im going to try it!
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What if the father dies?
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I like that challenge . I kind of reminds me of a challenge called the daddy hostage challenge but that's for the sims 3 :P
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Can we kill them and make like a shrine for them? that would be cool
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