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Default Can't Export Mesh from package (No Geom)
Hi guys,
I want to export this floor mop mesh here and want to edit it for my own use
Floor Mop Mesh
There is IMG file in the package, but there is no geom file (mesh)
how can I export the mesh from this package? any idea?
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Objects don't use GEOMs, but CASparts. Objects uses MLOD/MODLs. You can either export them through TSRW, or just with S3PE. You do need some plugins though in order to make it work. There is a exporter out there that's made for Blender, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. (Or well... very buggy at least). So I would use the milkshape version of the plugin (and if you want to edit it in a 3D modeling program like Blender or Maya, just export it as a obj in Milkshape).

Anyway, here is the plugin to export/import object meshes:

To export the correct file (And I take it you want the high level of detail), here is a list of what the groups of the 'Mlod/Modl means:

00000 - high detail mesh
10000 - sunshadow mesh
10001 - sunshadow mesh
00001 - low detail mesh

So in this case we want the 00000 (Note, some meshes like the duckies in the sims 3 have either one mesh file in it. But that wouldn't be the case here). The sunshadow in this case isn't really important to have.

Then, right+click on the MLOD file with the '00000' and click 'Export to s3asc' (Don't change the given name!) and import it into Milkshape! ^-^
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Ok, thanks man
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Hello there!
I do have the same proplem now. Having read carefully, I installed meshhelper and... what to do next? Sorry, I'm not very good with english terms and tutorials, but i'm trying to get it clear because I haven't found any russian tutorials on this problem (I am russian.)... So... I'll be really thankful is you can explain this to me.
1. I see no geom in S3PE 2. Workshop shows only textures, no object (deco stuff)
3. I couldn't export MLOD as you said.
4. I'm stuck
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