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Boo! Ah well, theres lots of nice CC to download, i just loved the slimline maxis tree.

Couple of shots

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Beautiful pics, chowgilly. Looks like they've got lots of presents this year!
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Here is a link were you can get some new copies of happy holiday stuff.Their from amazon sellers and they mention them as new.I ordered mine from there and it was still sealed.
The prices vary.Get the cheapest one it's 9.99.
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The pile of presents looks fantastic! Sweet piccies too.

Thanks to Simsample's link, I finally got the holiday pack and thought I'd throw a few seasonal parties for some of my families (nevermind that it's summer in my 'hood...ahem)

To my disappointment, you can't throw New Year's bashes in apartments, so I resorted to a regular party instead over at Aeode's:

Something tells me Valerian didn't need to know that, Dez...

Yes, pressies!

More from the party:


"Hmm, I wonder what happens if I..."

"Woops! Sorry about that, Dez."

Lurking around the corner...

"So, are you gonna kiss me or what?"

Didn't they have those in your day, Vale?

And, in the aftermath of the party...uh oh!

Since I did want a New Year's bash, I played one of my quiet couples back in town and had Victor, the dad, invite his kids over.

Some father-son bonding, I guess.

When midnight arrived, it started raining. Not that it stopped anyone.

More pics:

Deety couldn't wait for midnight, she kept banging on that pan all evening

Cairistiona really didn't like it...

"Deety honey...why are you wearing a dog collar?"</dad>

Fireworks epic phail!

Funnily enough, the rain didn't affect those!

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That looks like one heck of a party! Lovely pics, Ghanima. Did you get baby new year?
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Thanks! Yeah I got him/Father Time. The dancing baby was funny.

If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets
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I got carried away with a Christmas photoshoot. Enjoy!
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Default First Tomko Legacy X-Mas
Sorry about the linkage, but the picture was too good to alter. Feel free to just admire the teaser screen if you want, though

Full Photo w/Text (and sparkle!)

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aberry: That's adorable! The dogs are very cute, you have quite a lot!
Engram: Thanks! I've loved it since I started reading your Veronaville Aslyum!
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some decor pics from my favoritest small country home.... so small, that, the xmas tree had to go outside! But, no matter... Santa still came!

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Bree those are some beautiful ladies and I love the holiday outfits their wearing.
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Originally Posted by sharkloverplayer
Bree those are some beautiful ladies and I love the holiday outfits their wearing.

Thanks, sharklover!!
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The Spears

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I'v ebeen decorating Goth Manor, I took a pic of this because I though it looked good:

just realised I need a curtain on the window on the left...
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Chowgilly: Whoa, there's a lotta pressies! That's going to be one spoiled kid!
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Christmas with the Travolta's.Max is dressed as Santa Clause and the real Santa pays a visit as you will see in the pictures.To see what Max looks like see the family picture thread as I shot a picture of the family.

Notice the real Santa in the background

Latevia runs over and give him a hug.

More pics
Latevia dances with the real Santa.Notice her husband Max the fake Santa is still sitting at the table.

Max goes up and talks to Santa and Santa laughs because their dressed alike

Max gives Santa a hug.Two Santa Clauses hugging each other

Later Latevia gets under the Mistletoe and wants a holiday kiss from max

Mistletoe Kiss
Close up

Latevia then gives Max a gift

Max then gives her one

After exchanging gifts they thank each other with a kiss

Romantic Pictures

The Travolta's cat Sparkles sitting on the sofa
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All of your pictures are so creative and absolutely fantastic. You've inspired me to share my little experiment to see if I could get Santa Klaus (Sim's spelling) to show up at the Mitchells' condo. Oh my goodness...I was as thrilled as a child! Here take a peak at my experience:

Shauntell finds Santa by the Christmas tree!

Jewels and Shaun are excited, too!

Even the best of times can turn into the worst of times!

Merry Christmas from the Mitchells!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Sims2Controlfrk

Please excuse the picture quality. Not only am I bad at this, my computer 'inhales vigorously' too!
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That's a beautiful family and I like those pigtails Shantell is wearing.Nice Christmas pictures too.
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Oh my goodness...I'm so flattered that you responded, Sharklover. Thank you!This is the 'umpteenth' start-over, do over, re-do family and/or neighbor I've done over the years. I love her pigtails and other 'ethnic' hair styles on 'my' little girls. It lends a lot of realism.
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Merry Christmas! ...And Happy Holidays!

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chowgilly- Great shots. The set up looks so real. I love all the gifts.
Ghanima Atreides- Your shots are so amazing. I really, really want to go live in your game. Everything looks so festive, and yet dark and spooky at the same time. The dog collar picture really made me laugh.
bree2kool- Awesome.Those are really fun shots. They look straight out of a playboy calender. Both of your girls look adorable.
clw8- I love how you did up the house. It looks amzing. You paid so much attention to detail.
Elven Moon- Super cute. I love the first picture. And the third, with the guy swooning (is it over cookies or the other guy . . .)
CiaoAlora- Wow, that house looks stunning! It's so elegant. I would love to live there. I especially like the white light up tree in the front yard.

A few Xmas shots from my new legacy. This is the Xerox family:

Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos.

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Rabbit: Ahh, gotta love it! And I just realized how hilarious their last name is!
ChiaoAlora: It's not Christmas unless there's a fireman. ;D Awesome shots.
Elven Moon: CUTEST. FACE. EVER. <3
bree2cool: Well, that's hot.

URGGH. I need x-mas CC. AND FAST. But I can't download off the EA site. D:<
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#74 Old 24th Dec 2008 at 5:24 AM
Ghanima, can I go to Aeode's party? It looks like a blast!
Beautiful pics everyone, I want to throw my Rainbow legacy family a big party if I can find some time. For now I had to settle for decorating a little place for Noel and Holly.

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CiaoAlora: The house looks amazing! I love all the lights!
RabbitRoadkill: The picture of them building the snowman is adorable!
brilliantcat: Aww, such cute pictures!!

Well, a slight change of scene (hope that's ok). Here's hanukkah with the Cullens:

(sorry about the pjs and the bad picture! lol)
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