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Default Road Trip Roleplay ** APPS OPEN AGAIN =D **

You are surrounded by shouts, cheers and friends. A duvet cover and multiple pillows tumble down the stairwell.
'Shove them in the backseat!' Someone calls, in a flurry the covers are gone, and you stand in the doorway. You watch as suitcases are secured, the window seats are fought over and that one person just has to check if the iron is still on.



Swearing stronger than crap gets starred.
You can Woo Hoo, but don't be XXX.
No Godmodding / Modeing unless the player has said you can.
No spamming.
No chat / 1337 speek.
Pics can be sims or real people.
Have fun! :D


1. Samantha
2. Ethan
3. Claire
4. Veronica
5. Autumn
6. Casey
7. Max
8. Corey
9. Noelle
10. Emme
11. Serena
12. ???


Short Bio:

OK, you may start Roleplaying when you like, but just be packing and getting ready to allow more people to join if they wish. When everybody is ready we'll start are journey, but where should we go?
PM me with your suggestions and then we will vote. Thanks everyone and have fun!

My character:

Name: Samantha Rivers
Age: 18
Short Bio: Samantha is taking a break before heading off to university, she is very outgoing, with a slight tendancy to greet complete strangers. She was quite a trouble maker in school, and is most famous for riding into a lake in a shopping trolley with a bunch of friends. She arranged the trip after realising she had a year with nothing to do.

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12th Mar 2008 at 8:02 PM
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Default {{Claire Bennet ~ Application}}
Name: Claire Bennet
Age: 17
Short Bio: Shy and outspken, Claire is quite happy to let her friends speak for her. She's currently trying to get into an art university, and never goes anywhere without her sketchpad. Her current hobby is sketching the characters off her favourite T.V. show, Heroes.
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What's the deal with this roleplay? Is it a precollege road trip? Is it a family vacation? What sort of vehicle? Where are they going? are they suppsoed to know each othe well, or is it more of a freinds who stayed in contact, and are getting together or are they complete strangers? No offense, but this doesn't seem very well planned out.... Once the nitties are worked out, I'll prolly join.

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Yes, it's a gap year road trip (as you can see in my app). The vehicle will be decided depending on the number of players, under five, a normal car, over five, a VW Campervan. As for the destination, you'll see if you read the first post, players will PM me to suggest where we should go, and then we will vote. We know eachother fairly well, some more than others, just reflect your relationship in your roleplay e.g. 'She snatched the magazine from her best friend's hands' That way, we can decided whether we love or loathe someome. Hope that's OK. =]
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Name: Serena Batali

Age: 19

Short Bio: Serena entered school older than most, but she is just as smart. Her parents took a year to debate wether to place her in a private school or a public school. She ended up attendng a Catholic school until the 1st semester of her senior year where she ran away and lived in a motel for a few months until returning home. Serena graduated with a 3.4 GPA because of her absensce from school. She doesn't plan to attend college, but to be a freelance journalist.

Pic: (If pic doesn't show)

(GeeWay: I love your pic of Milla! *adds to obessive gallery*)
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Name: Corey Taylor
Age: 18
Short Bio: Corey is the most musical of the group. Chances are, he's never been seen in public without his guitar. He makes the majority of his moneu from busking, and wants to see the world so he can get more inspiration for his music.
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{{OOC: Thanks Elektra! Haven't seen a lot of her movies, but she was good in the Resident Evil movies. Also, Omar - Guessing you like Slipknot/StoneSour?}}
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(( Oh wow, brilliant apps! For the car, would you guys like a normal car, a campervan, a motorhome, a caravan or something else? =] ))
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Originally Posted by GeeWayrocks
{{OOC: Thanks Elektra! Haven't seen a lot of her movies, but she was good in the Resident Evil movies. Also, Omar - Guessing you like Slipknot/StoneSour?}}

Hell yeah!

And Swirly, I think it should be an RV.
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15th Mar 2008 at 7:45 PM
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(( OK, we're not setting off just yet, to allow more people to join, but we can be getting ready =3 ))

Sam tugged at her hair, dammit, just...dammit. She had gone to the hairdressers, and indicated how much she wanted off, but the moron thought that's how long she wanted it. She fluffed it up, growling, she had been growing it for so long. The girl sighed, then heaved her suitcase down the stairs, she slipped down, managing managed to grab onto the bannister, but her suitcase tumbled to the bottom, bursting open and spewing it's contents across the hallway.
'SH*******T!!!' She screamed, punching the steps 'We're late as it is! We'll have to drive until midnight to reach the hotel at this rate!'
She began shoving her posessions back into the case, cursing under her breath as she did so.

(( Approachable ))
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Corey had just walked up to the front door of Sam's house, his guitar bag slung over his shoulder, a suitcas in his other hand. He had known her for most of his life, and they had been best friends for almost as long. He rapped on th front door, and waited. He suddenley heard a colossal bang from inside the house, and heard Sam swear at the top of her lungs. He took a few steps back and ran through the door, shoulder first.
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Claire looked up at the time, and panicked. If she didn't move now, her friends might leave on the trip without her. Throwing her sketchbook down, she grabbed her backpack, and shoved her art stuff in it, before quickly sliping into her jacket. Shouldering her pack, she grabbed her duffel bag and ran fro the house. She got to Sam's just in time to see Corey run into her door shoulder first. Knowing Sam, she'd probably had another silly accident. She walked to the door, and through it, to see Sam shoving her clothes back into her case.
"Another accident?" She asked quietly.
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Sam jumped and yelped as Corey burst in.
'Awww, bloooody heeeell' Began Sam, burying her face in a jumper 'You scared the crap out of me there'
'Another accident?'
'Yeah...hey, I never said I was elegant'
She gave Claire a quick hug before returning to her suitcase, she checked if anything had rolled away somewhere, everything seemed intact.
She flung the jumper into the suitcase and slammed the lid, which after a few minuted of being jumped on, clicked shut.
'I need alcohol so badly' She whined, tugging at the remainder of her hair 'Which b*astard invented the breathalyzer, anyway?'
She heaved her suitcase outside and beeped her garage open, a VW Camper Van appeared from behind the metal sheet.
'Do you reckon we'll have enough room in there, or shall we go down to the car credit place and grab an RV or something?'
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Claire smiled as Sam hugged her, and followed her to the garage. She looked at the van, and bit her lip.
"Um ... if we want some space and comfort, and a little more speed, I'd say go down to the car credit place, but, uh, if we can only get this, that's good too."
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Sam stretched and patted the VW Campervan.
'RV it is, I might sell it to they guy who does my M.O.T., he's had his eye on it for a while'
Sam disappeared round the corner for a few moments and reappeared with £22 000...and some random guy who seemed ridiculously happy.
'Here you go, Steve' She said, handing the guy the keys 'Have fun'
Steve jumped into the camper van and drove off, Sam fluttered the money like a fan.
'Fooking hell, I can't beleive he had it in cash, apparently he had actually been waiting for the day I decided to sell it...slightly creepy'
'OK, well, there's a second hand car shop about 10 minuted walk from here, spose we'll go when everyone is here, you guys want tea or coffee or anything?'
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"I'm good. Had some Boost before I left." She eyed the van as it rounded the corner, and shuddered slightly. "He seemed ... creepy." Realising Corey was still in the house, she smiled at Sam.
"I'l go get him. He's probably in Guitar Land again." She wasn't particularly close to Corey, but she still liked him. Putting down her bags, she returned to the house.
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'Okay, I'll just grab a coffee, I need the energy'
She made her way to the kitchen, calling out to Claire as she did 'The controller should be on the white chair if you want to watch TV or whatever, I think I've got a couple of episodes of Heroes recorded in the Sky Plus planner if you want to watch 'em, you're a Heroes fangirl, right?'

Sam rubbed her temples as the water boiled, she was shattered, last night she had jumped into a river for the hell of it, and got stuck in mud, she had to call a bunch of friends and most of the night was spent trying to release her from the black-brown goo.

Oh well, not as bad as the shopping trolley that ice hurt, did a total faceplant, then it cracked...absabloodyloutly FREEZING.
The kettle squeeled at her and she snapped back to reality before pouring the boiling water through the filter.
'You okay, Claire?'
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"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for recordng Heroes, I am a fangirl, and proud to be," Abandoning her search for Corey, she flicked on the T.V. and retrieved her art pad from her bag. Finding an episode of Heroes, she forze the T.V. on Peter Petrelli's face and began to draw.
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Ill do my app tomorrow. Sounds great fun,
BTW: Has it been decided what the destination is yet?

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Corey had just gotten out of the bathroom to see Sam on the couch, with Milo Ventimiglia frozen on the TV in front of her. He jumped over from behind the couch, and landed next to her, saying "Interesting choice of art inspiration.
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16th Mar 2008 at 4:21 PM
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(( I was thinking Blackpool, perhaps. If anyone has any suggestions as to where we should go, pm me. =]
OK, we're gonna set off, because RP is getting a little thin, if you want to join in, just post your app and we'll pick you up =]
You can catch us up on the way to the car shop too))

Sam ruffled her hair, it still felt awkward and spiky, she hated it.
She jumped slightly as her mobile buzzed, then pulled it from her pocket and flicked it open.
'OK, the others are running late, they'll call us when they're ready to be picked up'
She stretched and yawned, before turning to her friends.
'You guys coming to the second hand car place with me?'
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Name: Autumn Allen

Age: 19

Short Bio: Autumn has been hurt in the past by men but she doesn't let it ruin her confidence. She is a strong girl and dispite what people think, she can take care of herself. Autumn uses her body to get what she wants, but for a good reason, usually to help her friends.
(think Daisy Duke-Yes I did watch Dukes of Hazzard last night)



Name: Veronica Allen

Age: 17

Short Bio: Veronica grew up in her sisters shadow, in school she was known as Autumn's little sister. She enjoys music and has an amazing voice but nobody knows this. Veronica is painfully shy at times but get to know her and she is the sweetest girl.


((Not sure I like the apps yet but it will do )
(( Hope its OK I do 2, if not ill just delete one))

OOC: Ill do my first post in a while

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(( Lovely apps, blonde bombshells, eh? ))
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OOC: I was watching Dukes of Hazzard and thought 'Hmmm, Daisy Duke would be a good character to RP. I also wanted to RP a shy girl and I thought it would be more intresting to make her Autumn's sister, shows how different sisters can be :P


Veronica slowly opened her eyes, sunlight shone through her cream curtains and lit her room in a soft pale glow.She smiled and pulled the covers off her body and ran over to her door pulling it open. The house was silent apart from the distant sound of the TV downstairs. She sighed and walked to her sisters door knocking it lightly "Autumn" she called quietly


Autumn awoke to her sister, Veronica tapping her bedroom door. She groaned and pulled her bed covers over her head. She heard Veronica open the door and giggle "A, we have to leave in about half hour" she said. Autumn sighed and sat up in her bed, the covers sliding off her bed. She smiled and jumped off her bed and walked to her sister "Ill be ready in 15...maybe 20" she replied and closed the door in Veronica's face.


Veronica moved her hands before Autumn shut them in the door. She rolled her eyes and skipped back to her room and shut the door. She grabbed her mobile from her bed-side table and sent a message to Sam before turning her radio on and finding something to wear

I think we might be late.
Could you pick us up?
Thanks. See you soon x

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I think we might be late.
Could you pick us up?
Thanks. See you soon x

Sam flicked her mobile shut and began making her way to the second hand car shop, she got an RV, it wasn't exactly glamorous, but it would more than do.
She pulled up outside Autumn and Veronica's house before honking the car horn.
'Guys!' She called 'I'm here! You ready?'
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