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Autumn leant against the front door of the house, her beige cowboy hat resting on the head and her long curly hair falling over her shoulders. Autumn smiled as she looked at the bags next to her, both has small Georgia flag symbols on them. She sighed, she missed Georgia it was hers and Veronica's homwtown as well as their mothers. Autumn's smiled faded as she thought of her mother. It had been 12 years since she has died and each thing that reminded her of Georgia...reminded her of her mum.

Her thoughts were interupted when an RV pulled up infront of the house. Autumns mouth fell open as she looked at the van "Nice RV Sam" she called grabbing her bag from the floor "Veronica, time to go"


Veronica flew off the sofa and ran to the door, Autumn was already halfway down the path as she reached it. She smiled looking at the vehicle. She felt her dads hand on her shoulder as she grabbed her bag "Have fun" he smiled and kissed her on the forehead. Veronica smiled and ran off down the path. She reached the van and pulled open the side door, noticeing Autumn already in the front seat next to Sam "Are we picking everyone up? she asked noticing the empty van

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'Nice RV Sam!'
'I know! I was really surprised, some Londoners bought it thinking they were going to go on all these little country trips, then the idea sort of faded away and they sold it'
'Are we picking everyone up?'
'There's a couple back at the house, but were picking a few people up too'
She stepped out and helped the girls with their bags, she gave their Dad a quick wave before hopping back in the RV'
She sat for a while, mumbling into her mobile.
'OK, hop in ladies' She announced, throwing the mobile into the glove compartment 'I've given Sky a call, the satellite should be on now, care to see if it works?'
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Name:Ethan O' Connor
Age: 18
Short Bio: Ethan is known as the funny guy. He has a kind heart and a generous nature. However his temper sometimes gets the better of him. That and his flirty ways. As a struggling artist Ethan hopes to capture and paint many beautiful images on the journey.

Cause hes fit
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(( Will Ethan text Sam? ))
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(( Nice App littlesunshine ))


Autumn pressed the button and the TV turned on infront of them "Wow. Snazzy" she laughed and leant back in her seat looking out the front window at the passing houses. She heard music from the seats behind and turned round to see Veronica with her ear phones in starring out the window. She smiled and turned back to Sam "Please tell me some guys are going right?" she laughed

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"Please tell me some guys are going right?"
'Haha, you're no feminist then!' She replied, putting all of her effort into driving, damn that thing was heavy 'Yeah, so far Corey and Ethan are the boys on the trip, me aswell with this f*cking hair, ugh!'
She turned to see the other girls looking at her oddly, most likely not wanting to have to put up with that for a year.
'Ugh, sorry, guys, I'm just so pissed off over this hair, I'd been growing and...Sam, Sam just...drop it'
Eager to change the subject, she began discussing their destination.
'So, we're staying at a hotel in the North, do you wanna head to Blackpool or Manchester first, or somewhere else?'

(( Brb, having a bath ))
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An alarm clock went off in the distance. It grew louder and louder until Ethan was forced to open his eyes and turn it off. He turned to look at the time. "Sh**" he cursed out loud. He should be at Sam's now.

He stumbled out of bed, tripping over many objects that layed scattered on his floor. He waded through the dirty clothes and god only knows what else that covered his room. He opened his wardrobe and flung anything he could find into a rucksack. He grabbed his toiletry bag and his art supplies before dashing to the toilet to wash his face and brush his teeth.

Now he was all packed he rushed out the house, a slice of toast in his mouth and his phone in the other. He had better text Sam to tell her he was going to be.

Alright babe soz im going to be late lad, im still f*cked from last night. Never drinking that much again.
Be at yours in ten mins or so wait for me
Ethan xxxxxxx

With that he ran down the street to the nearest bus stop and made his way to Sam's. He had managed to get the numbers of 2 girls on his bus journey to Sams. Feeling rather pleased with himself he strolled to Sam's front door and knocked twice.
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Default Casey Dunbar- App
Name: Casey Dunbar
Age: 18
Short Bio: Casey was all ready to go to college when he was wait listed at every single school he applied to. Cornell, Yale, Princeton, everywhere. Seeing that he had a semester, at least, to kill, Casey decided to go roadtripping with his acquaintances. Freinds is a bit of a foreign concept to him. Casey has figured that going on a roadtrip might give him some slightly more orignal ideas for an engineering thesis so that he can get his doctrate without the whole college experience, and he also realized that staying at home for a semester or more would drive him partially insane.
Senior Pic!

((OOC: I'll put my first RP post in once someone posts after me.))

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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Sam pulled into the drive to see Ethan stood on her doorstep.
She jumped out of the car window and snuck up behind him before jumping up and grabbing hold of his shoudlers.
'Rawr!' She yelled as he turned around, startled 'Hangover, eh? And what are these?'
She snatched the peices of paper from his grasp and read them aloud.
'Kirsty, 077 45-- ah'
She handed him back the scraps of paper, rolling her eyes.
'They just can't resist you, can they Ethan?'
She laughed softly and ruffled the boys hair.
'Bloody hell, you look like you've just stepped out of bed...actually, that's pretty damn likely'
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Autumn opened her eyes as the van stopped. She looked out the window and noticed a guy stood at the door of Sam's house. She smiled and opened the van door and hoped out. She laughed as Sam ran up the path and jumped on the guys back. Following Sam, Autumn noticed the guy was Ethan. She cotinued up the path, "Hey" she smiled at Ethan and opened the door to Sam's house


Veronica jumped out the van and slid her iPod into her pocket. She looked around then noticed everyone walking into the house and ran after them.

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Casey hadn't properly slept that night, and as he grabbed the suitcase he had meticulously packed a week before, and his new top-of-the-line lap top, he hoped that he didn't look as much like he had stayed up all nights in a state of nerd-vanna playing WoW. As he swung his suitcase onto the platform he'd rigged onto his bike he realized there wasn't much hope of that. He happened to glance at his watch as he pedaled off for Sam's house and he almsot swore out loud. Almost.

He was already very late, and he had never directly asked Sam if he could come. Casey was too shy to even approach her and too peeved over being rejected from college to chance it before hand. In fact the only reason he had heard about it was that Veronica, someone he sorta-kinda-maybe considered a freind, had mentioned it in passing.

After a few minutes of biking he arrived at Sam's house, and saw that Veronica and her sister- Casey had never bothered to learn her name- were already there, and Sam had jumped on another guy's back. He fell into that a little, and Casey noticed that it was Ethan. Casey didn't know him that well either, but he had already decided to stick it out, not be shy and various other stirring mental platitudes. He parked his bike and left the suitcase on, wondering as he walked towards them if it was a bad sign that he realized that all he could think of were platitudes.

He stopped short a couple feet away from the others then gave a small, shy wave and said "Hi, mind if I come?"

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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A girls voice yelled into Ethan's ears and a pair of hands grabbed his shoulders. His head bursting with agony he turned around and looked peeved. It was his mate Sam. She had been the one who organised this roadtrip they where going on. Ethan and Sam had dated a year or so ago. But it hadnt worked out. Prehaps it was his fault, he had never been much of a boyfriend. He just couldnt deal with commiment. But there friendship had just grew stronger from there breakup. An Ethan was glad of that.

'Hangover, eh? And what are these?' Sam said laughing as she snatched the piece of paper that continued the girls numbers.
'Kirsty, 077 45-- ah'" Sam read loudly and Ethan turned slightly red.
She handed him back the scraps of paper, rolling her eyes.

'They just can't resist you, can they Ethan?'She laughed softly and ruffled his hair. Ethan raised his eyebrows and smirked. It wasnt his fault if he was god damm irresistible
'Bloody hell, you look like you've just stepped out of bed...actually, that's pretty damn likely' Sam said and Ethan nodded. "Think I look pretty good for someone who just woke up twenty minutes ago. Those girls on the bus thought so anyway." Ethan replied cheekily and smiled.
Ethan looked around for others that would be going on the trip. He had heard that a few of Sam's girls mate would be coming. He hoped it was true, he would definitely have to 'get to know them'.

Just as he was thinking of the many beautiful girls he might meet on this trip a pretty blonde passed his way.
Ethan soon came back down to earth and his eye widened as the girl smiled and said "hey" to him as she walked into Sam's house. Ethan's tongue was inches from slipping out of his mouth and drooling. He hurried into the house to return the hello. Now this was one girl he certaintly would 'like to get to know'. (PERV lol :P)

(OOC: Its so funny that Ethan has the personality of my male friend haha. Wont be as much as a tit as him though))
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Sam noticed Ethan eyeing up Veronica and Autumn and waved her hand infront of his his face.
'Hello, Ethan? Come in Ethan, Earth calling'
She sighed and pointed to the the two girls.
'That's Veronica, that's Autumn'
She sighed inwardly, they had dated for a while, but it didn't work, it confirmed her 'always the friend' view of herself, she was too unladylike, too tomboyish, too matey...
She shook her head, no, this year is gonna be fun.
'Hi, mind if I come?'
Sam turned to see Casey, sensible as ever.
'Sure, why the hell not? Just throw your suitcase in the overhead storage'
She smiled, bless him, he was shy and sensible, surrounded by rowdy mates, how does he cope?
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(( ))


Veronica smiled as she heard a faint hello behind her. Spinning round she was meet by a shy wave from Casey "Hey" she replied "I didn't know you were coming" she grinned then felt her cheeks turn slightly red. Her eyes widened and her gaze fell to the floor.
She giggled to break the silence and looked back up at Casey "Umm...Well...Well im sure you will be aloud to come with us" she smiled and followed everyone in the house.


Autumn walked in the living room and noticed people already sat on the sofa's. She bit her lip then walked into the kitchen to pour herself a drink. She knew Sam's house quite well and quickly found the glasses. Filling it with water she took a sip then starred out the kitchen window above the sink.

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Ethan ran into Sam's house and stood at the door looking at the blonde girl. Another blonde girl had joined her. This was the stuff of dreams Ethan told himself.

'Hello, Ethan? Come in Ethan, Earth calling' a voice said in the distance. Sam's hand waved infront of his face and Ethan laughed. Sam simply sighed and pointed to the the two girls. 'That's Veronica, that's Autumn'
Ethan smiled at both of the girls.
"So girls you friends of Sam's ah? Guessing your sister's right?" Ethan said trying to talk to Autumn and Veronica.
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Sam laughed lightly as Ethan called after the girls, but Autumn has wondered off inside, Sam followed.
'Hey' She mumbled toward the distant looking Autumn 'You've got an admirer outside if you want him...he's fun, bit of a douche, but fun'
Sam bit her lip, worried incase she sounded like she still fancied him, she changed the subject abruptly.
'Anywho, I reckon your little sis has a thing for Casey'
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Autumn turned on her heel as she heard her name, placeing her cup in the sink she walked back to the hallway where Sam, Ethan and Veronica stood along with some other people
"So girls you friends of Sam's ah? Guessing your sister's right?"
Autumn smiled as she reached her sisters side "Yes we are. Im 19, Veronica is 17" she replied her eyes sparkling "Oh and by the way im Autumn" she added sweetly, her southan voice shining through. Autumn winked at her sister and looked back at Ethan

(needs someone to talk to)

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Casey was incredibly relieved when Sam almost immediately after he showed up cheerfully replied, "Sure, why the hell not? Just throw your suitcase in the overhead storage"

He smiled gratefully at her and then pulled his bag off the bike to stow in the compartment in the RV. The camper was roomier than it looked, and Casey had no trouble stowing the bag away. His laptop, he left under a seat. No way was he going to let that get mangled or lost.

Emerging from the RV he saw Veronica again, so he walked over. She was smiling as she turned around to say, "Hey, I didn't know you were coming" but then she blushed. Casey hoped it wasn't something he said, but he figured as much, the fact he'd said five words since he'd arrived notwithstanding. He tried to smile charmingly and replied, "Actually i didn't know until a few minutes ago. Yeah, let's go inside." By the time he had said that she had already turned around and started walking, so he grimaced a bit and trotted to follow her in.

Hoping to start or continue the conversation he paused behind her for a monet and asked awkwardly, "Umm, want me to get you something to drink?" He almost grimaced again, to him that sounded like a really really bad pick up line, and Casey didn't want to get any sort of reputation like that. He managed not to make a face and just waited for her to answer.

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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Ethan waited while Sam spoke to Autumn. No doubt they where laughing at him. He had lost all shame in the last year. Stuff like that just didnt bother him anymore.

Autumn finally replied to Ethan her pearly teeth shining and she smiled. "Yes we are. Im 19, Veronica is 17. Oh and by the way im Autumn" she added sweetly.
Ethan smirked. "So are you the oldie of the group then? Your sister is pretty shy isnt she? Is she always like that or did I just frighten her off" Ethan asked laughing and touching Autumn on the shoulder in a playful manner.
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(( Ill reply tomorrow ive gotta be going now. Bye x. ))

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(( Just evening up the girl-to-boy ratio =] ))

Name: Max Rosefield
Age: 19
Short Bio: Max is Sam's cousin, and is pretty much the male version of her, she and Max are best friends. He is outgoing, fun though can be calm and sensible if he wants to.
Pic: (file too big to use IMG tags)

Max awoke to the sound of voices, frowning, he pulled himself out of bed, hair tousled.
He stomped downstairs, and almost exploded with embrassment as he saw two hot girls stood there, he was in his underwear.
'Uh...oh sh*t' He mumbled, charging back upstairs and pulling on jeans and a t-shirt before making his way downstairs again 'You...uh, here for the roadtrip, right?'
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Claire finished her sketch, and only them realised there were more people in the house. Closing her sketchbook, she went to see who was there. She smiled shyly at the two sisters, and blushed fiercely when she saw Sam's brother come down. She used to have a crush on him, and felt embarrassed whe she thought about it. She walked off to find Sam.
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B]Ethan[/B] stopped talking to Autumn and spotted Max, Sam's older cousin at the top of the stairs. He was just in underwear and Ethan laughed out loud. Max seemed flushed and embrassed as he spotted Autumn and her sister.

Ethan called up the stairs to Max "Hey Max mate think you should wait a bit longer before you stop stripping off for the girls lad".
had knew Max from football training. They where quite good mates, not the best, but close enough. It was through Max that Ethan had first meet Sam. That was something he would forever be grateful for.
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(( Little sunshine it’s Autumn not Amber. Don't worry I keep wanting to make that same mistake ))


Veronica walked in the house after everyone, pulling her hair out of her face.
"Umm, want me to get you something to drink?"
Veronica spun round and smiled to Casey. She had met him in science class, they had been paired as partners and ever since then Veronica counted him as a friend, probally one of the nicest friends she had. Noticing his awkwardness she smiled "Sure, Ill just have a water" she replied


Autumn turned from Ethan and noticed Casey walk away to the kitchen and smiled at her sister. Without saying a word she winked and turned back to Ethan. As she did a boy stumbled down the stairs in PJ bottoms. Noticing his discomfort Autumn refrained from laughing and simply giggled as he fled back up the stairs. Smiling as Ethan turned back to her, Autumn took a step forward "So? You seem to be a good friend of Sam’s, yet ive never seen you before" she raised an eyebrow in confusion “I only know your name”

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Ethan turned his gaze back to Autumn as she took towards him. Autumn took "So? You seem to be a good friend of Sam’s, yet ive never seen you before" she said and raised an eyebrow in confusion “I only know your name”

"Well thats a start. Yeah you could say me and Sam are good friends. She's a great girl" Ethan replied and began to blush. He always felt awkward when he spoke about Sam and himself.
"So seriously you've never heard of me before, thought everyone knew who I was. I guess you'll just just have to get to know me a little better now we have become aquainted" He added flirtly and winked.
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