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Default Application – Gabriel-Lucien Molyneux, comte d'Abri-sur-Mer
Name: Gabriel-Lucien Molyneux d'Abri-sur-Mer
Age: 77
Title: Comte
Personality: As the Comte d'Abri-sur-Mer, Gabriel-Lucien has outlived three generations of Molyneux. He has a reputation as a humorless and unforgiving man, though one of wide intellect and discerning taste; under his generous patronage the careers of many artists, politicians and thinkers have prospered, but just as many have been crushed by his merciless judgment. He maintains an extensive, world-wide correspondence. He is himself a scholar and poet of deep and subtle thought. As well as a philosopher and patron, the Comte d'Abri-sur-Mer was also a decorated soldier and General in the French army, in particular distinguishing himself leading the cavalry during the Battle of Rocroi, part of the Thirty Years' War, in 1643. He is, informally, sometimes called Le Philosophe-Général. He lives by a strict, personal code of honor and decorum, and has little tolerance for frivolity or weakness. Perhaps by sheer force of will alone, Gabriel-Lucien has managed to stave off the madness which has been the Molyneux legacy for hundreds of years...or has he?

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Oh.. so does that mean I could have been the Princess afterall? Hm, never mind I don't have another character and I really shouldn't be entering another RP with all college work to do and such.. I'm sorry!
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Originally Posted by eternal_sunshine
Shenanigans, for consistency, I'll RP his character. I'll put up a mini-bio for him as soon as I can get a picture.

However, the only people who have access to the King are you and the Princess.

Hey! what about me!!! How am i supposed to tell peoples scandals if I can't see the king?
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Fayereview - You PM me the scandals you would like to reveal, and the King addresses the entire Court in the 'morning' post.

For playing RP-ing purposes, he only lets himself talk to his Queen and his daughter. Shy guy.

I've edited the rules a little to make that more clear.
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Default A Day in Court...
This is what the average "day" will look like in the Court. 1 day = 1 round. Each segment - morning, afternoon and evening - should last about two-three real-life days each. So, morning will last 2-3 days, afternoon will last 2-3 days, and so on.

The King addresses the entire Court in one post. Scandals are revealed to the Court, and the offending character(s) are dealt with according to the severity of the scandal.

Then, freeform roleplay. The Court Gossip learns of two new scandals.

There's a small admin notice to let everyone know it's afternoon. So, RP accordingly.

Again, a small admin notice to let everyone know it's evening. RP accordingly. If you have a special title, this is when you PM me your information (suggestions and scandals).

And... Fluid, nice to see an elder! And everyone's apps looking amazing, so far!
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ok I think I am going to join. I am going to be a girl with no title who is trying to marry one with an title. A women who has a love for money marrying not for love. sounds fun. Some time I wish I wouldnt have married for love. lol. because when he is aggervated so am i and if i didnt love him then i wouldnt give a rats but hole. app will be up later. i must clean, my husbadn and kids destroyued my house lat night. who knew installing a dishwasher could make such a mess.
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((OOC: BAH :eviltongu So much for college work.))

Name: Felix Delarue Peitou-Charentes
Age: 22
Title: Comte d'Cognac

Young, bored and rich, Felix prides himself on being the most charming and witty man in Southern France. He has met everyone worth knowing in upper-class Europe and bedded a substantial number of them. The women, anyway.
His elder brother Silvius, much less aesthetically-blessed than he and eternal archrival to Felix, is rumoured to have set his sights on Princess Adalita. Ever up for a challenge, Felix also adjusted his target accordingly. After all, what woman could resist his charm and affinity to females? He's already placed bets amongst his friends that he will win over the Princess, and her stepmother, and any other close female relatives. A fairly attractive second cousin or two, perhaps.

Picture: Finally a sims one ;D

2nd pic for the avatar please? :]
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((Interesting character, Haylifer!))
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Mmm. Congac I know that was a bit random.

Fluid, i really like your charcter, however whether Mercy will does depend

Oh and another question... can i tell scandals to the other characters because if i can't and rumours I satrt will definately stick out.
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Default Rhiana Silversmit app
Name: Rhiana Silversmit
Age: 20
Personality: Rhiana is known for her beauty. A young girl who inhereated a her weath from her father being the only heir. Ever since then she has a craving for money and power. She has decided inher head that she will get what she wants no matter what. One of her favorite things she does is walk down the street seeing how many heads will turn her way. Her goal is to turn the head of a weathy man of court.

for some reason she seems prettier in game than in a picture. I am going to try to get a better one.

Here is her room. If it is too fancy or modern I can change it. Just tell me.

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expect my entry soon :D:D
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Could I enter a court jester?
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Default Silvius
Silvius Peitou-Charentes



Silvius is the richest and most eligible bachelor at court, toying with the affection of all beautiful women. Although a rival to his younger and uglier brother Felix, he has wined and dined more than a few ladies in his time; frequently finding himself in married women's beds. He is currently trying to win the affection of a certain Princess Adalita, to whom the King wishes he to become betrothed. He is malicious and meticulous, unwilling to let anything get in his way: but also charming and suave, the most sort after husband for every young woman

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((Most sought after husband for every woman except Addy. Though she may change her mind ))
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((Heh, yeah. I feel some court rivalry coming on here between Felix and Silvius! :D))
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oh no! sorry I hadn't seen Felix's bio whoopsie
want me to change?
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((I say leave it. It adds more drama ))
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Name: Annelise De L'orrine

Age: 24

Title: Duchess

Personality: Annelise has no sought path. She roams as she wishes, and lets her title follow. Her favorite things to do include eating and watching the jests. She hopes to one day get betrothed to someone, but her hopes aren't that great.

((This, I hope, is alright!))
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((MANDA!!!! *huggles* oops, didn't mean to do that in public.))
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((I say leave it too *nods* After all I'm sure any princess would have many men after her.))

Oh! so many nice new entries :D
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@Haylifer: want to make them brothers???
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((You certainly didn't...Oh well. *huggles back*))
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stylequeen: That'd be interesting And I say leave him too! He's too cute *drool* Court rivalry is a good thing.. as is sibling rivalry ;] Especially with Silvius being a higher title than Felix, and older.
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I say leave it too. Rhiana would think it intersting. If
Felix Delarue Peitou-Charentes is as handsome as your Lucifer Rhiana is going to be drooling all over her self over the two.
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Oh my. I just noticed, the scientific latiny name for Cat is "Felis Silvestris"... and we have Felix and Silvius! I gotta get Felix a cat now!

.. Thats actually amused me lots XD I have a sad, sad sense of humour..
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