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that is too spooky! okay they're brothers now :P
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Originally Posted by Haylifer
Oh my. I just noticed, the scientific latiny name for Cat is "Felis Silvestris"... and we have Felix and Silvius! I gotta get Felix a cat now!

.. Thats actually amused me lots XD I have a sad, sad sense of humour..

I thinm its funny to.... but thats not a good sign....
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((Join the club - we're mentally deranged! Manda should join that club and not beat me for suggesting it))
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((Or should I?? LOL Consider me a member.))
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Ruby your avatar should come with a warning sign :P
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(((ooc: Guys.. Watch the spammage. )))

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((Yeah, it should. But Manda likes random stuff, and that's as random as it gets.))
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((I like the avatar pity its not smurfs though.....))
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((Sorry for this spammage...But, yes, I'm rather random. Why am I laughing right now??))
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This looks so awesome.. I'm considering joining, but I might be too busy. I'll think it over lol.
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((You should join, it probably WILL be awesome))
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Application for Claudio Geminani
Okay I'm in! Can't wait to start.


Name: Claudio Geminani
Age: 24
Title: Baron
Personality: Claudio is a calm and collective guy. He has always been a hard worker, and has been trying to work himself up to the top since he moved away from his family. He likes to have fun though and loves the luxuries his job brings with him. He sometimes gets sick of the atmosphere. Claudio spends a lot of his freetime outside. He has had a couple of mistresses back home, but has never found anyone here. He isn't afraid of much and is willing to do a lot to become the King’s Advisor.

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ooooooooo another hunk for Rhiana. He is very handsome 123321.
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Default Claus Jamnitzer | Court Jester
Claus Jamnitzer


Untitled - Court Jester

Claus was raised on the outskirts of the city, receiving a minimal education and barely getting by but for his winsome smile. He was able to charm his way all the way into the royal family, gaining favor in the king's eyes, and at the young age of thirteen, earning the only job available: Court jester. Claus immediately left home and accepted the job, knowing it would be his only chance to enter high society. For six years Claus has remained the court jester. He's realized over time that no one pays much attention to the jester - unless he's juggling or playing a lute - meaning that Claus has plenty of opportunities to eavesdrop on the royals.

((I hope the photo will work. It's basically the only good jester I could find. :spin: ))
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(((Updated my app with pic, and also added a tiny bit to the bio.)))

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Awesome and original idea Hamsterball!

And woowee!! Having all them hunky pieces of eye candy around will convince Isabella she married into the right kingdom. If the princess weren't so against love/marriage, they may have caused some cat fights! lol

And eternal, I have another question. I'm just curious to know more about how the Gossiper Role is handled. I see every reason in the world why she'd want to rat out people, but is there any positives to not ratting out. If someone pays her a large amount of money to be quiet, and she agrees, but then goes and tells anyway... is there any repercussions?

I'm not emplying anything about our good Mercy Flight, just if I was playing that role, I'd probably be guilty of doing that. lol (At least I admit it!)
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i really shouldn't be joining... but what the heck..


Name :
Marisol Chavéz

Age :

Title :
Untitled - Maid/House Keeper

Personality :

Unlike many, Marisol has no intention to become the king's newest advisor. A month ago Marisol was sent to the court to pay off her deceased father's big dept. However, being the newest maid at the court, she has very little experience at her job as well as getting around the house and usually is a very sensible, caring, mature person. Around familiar people she can be quite energetic and bubbly and has no intentions of marriage, but is looking for that special someone.

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Dammm two people without scandals.... Mercy will not be happy *shakes head*
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Originally Posted by Shenanigans

And woowee!! Having all them hunky pieces of eye candy around will convince Isabella she married into the right kingdom. If the princess weren't so against love/marriage, they may have caused some cat fights! lol

The Princess isn't against love/marriage. She's just not ready for it the Queen can have the men!
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Woah! I go away for one night, and so many lovely apps! All the characters look great everyone!

Shenanigans, nope, there are no game consequences for the Gossip if they take your money and tell on you. HOWEVER, if your scandal doesn't get you banished, I'm sure you would want to get revenge on the Gossip, anyway...

I'll try to update the main page today, with everyone's character links and avatars. Also, please try to keep the spammage to a minimum! I love that everyone's interacting, but let's keep it focused to the game.
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eternal_sunshine, just a question? when does the actual RP start?
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Default Marie Clothilde di Bourbon-Parma
Douarière Marie Clothilde di Bourbon-Parma



Growing up under the strong rules of the fench court, Marie Clothilde became used to the stricked french etiquette. She became engaged to the Duke of Parma on the age of 16, married when she was 17 and gave birth to her first child on the age of 18. All of her 6 childeren died on a disease, just like her husband. Living as a douarière for over 35 years made her strong and independent. She knows everything about politics and etiquete what makes her a good adviser.


Marie Clothilde dining alone in her Château.

Marie Clothildes private suite

PS: a douarière is a nobel widow
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eternal - Another question; what's your stance on actual love affairs/adultery during the course of the RP? I mean, you said some of the scandals would be about adultery etc, so I'm just wondering how that'll work with the possible adultery happening in the actual RP?
Don't know if I'm making sense here, but... Committing adultery (or doing anything else immoral) in-game, will that count as a scandal? Or will it just be part of the RP, and the only scandals we should fear being revealed are the ones handed out by you?
Am I at all making sense?

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I admit, I have the same question as Atropa. Given the Queen's true nature, I wonder if she'd cause more harm than good if she got too friendly with anyone.
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GeeWayrocks, the RP begins after the applications have closed on 9/29!

Atropa, Shenanigans, you guys are making perfect sense. Doing anything immoral, in game, will just be part of the RP. The only scandals you need to worry about hushing up are the ones I give you. Still, if your character engages in any naughty behavior (infidelity, etc.) the Court Gossip can spread rumors about that, and that may effect your in-game relationships and chances of becoming the advisor.
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