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((So 'next morning' turned out to be two days later. Oh well. It's pretty much fixed now I think Two days without my beloved Felix! I become far too attached to my RP characters, is that weird? I think I'd cry if some random Marquess had a go at my little Comte. Punch his lights out, too. I'll edit this with a RP when it's spiffed up :D))
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Default Please watch your posts
((OOC: You know I love you all. And I hate to be a downer. But now with the new rules of creating a new thread after a RP reaches the 1000 post mark, I have to be a meanie, and ask everyone to remember the rule about spam. (No, not the salty stuff some call food, the little comments made on the forum.) I am enjoying the feeling of us being a big happy family, I'm so glad the forums are up and that my beloved courtiers are around. But please make sure the posts you make are necessary. Thank you!
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Annelise walked down the rest of the stairs, making her way outside. Maybe it would be best for her if she was outside, breathing in the freash, cool air. Hopefully not freezing, but this dress actually had sleeves, quite the fashionable thing for this time of year. She liked the warmth of the situatuion, the welcome feeling of being back to a place she had missed dearly whilst trying to visit her mother. Hopefully she wouldn't be torn away from this place to mourn her mother in the time being. Her father had already been buried, not nicely at that, and she hadn't been given the chance to actually mourn his grave properly until she'd found out where it was. And that was like taking a hunting dog away from it's trail.

She made her way into the rose gardens, remembering all the times she'd been in here with Silvius until he'd met The Princess. She suspected the two happily married, until her new maid had told her otherwise. The Princess Adalita was on her deathbed, and hadn't married Silvius, but in his place, a man known as Octavian. In all of her heart, Annelise couldn't see why a rumored fake marriage such as the one her maid had described would be favorable by anyone. Oh well, all she could do was hope that it was indeed for the best, not the worst as it may have seemed.

She quickly took a seat on a small wooden bench, wonering why this place, why this bench. The bench in itself wasn't spectacular, but it seemed to make her want to remember all the times she'd walked through here with him. Maybe he would remember her, not forget her as she thought he had long before Annelise had even left. She sighed quietly, realizing for the first time that their relationship, which couldn't quite be called in her own mind more than some powerful chemistry and a few good times. She didn't think he wanted a serious relationship, courtship, or anything, but knew somehow that she wanted that with him, even if he didn't. Maybe she'd see him again, anyway. Maybe not.
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((Ok Shenan point taken! And yay corner room! Mercy has more windows than she needs but that makes for a nice, bright room huh? I figured she hasn't said anything for a while so here is a boring pointless post for y'all))

Mercy returned to her suite, so a Duchess had returned along with a delightful Comte, it seems people would be around every corner once again, which meant sneaking around would be slightly more complex. She wondered as to what she should do today. The sun was bright, the clouds were perfectly white she did not however feel like riding the house she had "relieved" the last Duchess of so perhaps a wlak instead? yes she thought. what a lovely day for that. It would give her time to think and to wonder just what to do with herself. She needed a new distraction, a hobby if you will.

With her mind vaguely focused on trying some flower arranging she crossed the place gardens to the orangery.

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Silvius immediately headed up to his suite once Annelise had left the Palace and headed out into the grounds, and he wondered whether he wanted to see her again. Powerful chemistry flowing inside of him was fast drawing him back to her, but the Princess was on her death bed: Octavien himself showing no care to look after her: and he hadn't even been let in. Moments later, he entered his suite and instructed his servants to dress him smartly, attiring himself in a smart red riding jacket and white curled scarf, and black jogphurs that clung tightly to his legs: he had to see her. He just knew it

It wasn't long before Silvius was back down the stairs and he stepped out of the doors of the Palace and into the grounds, heart beating faster than he ever remembered. A simple glance in the direction of his beloved rose gardens proved to be beneficial, Annelise herself sitting quietly on one of the benches and his heart began to pound again. Maybe she didn't even want to see him; she'd probably scorn him and send him away: maybe she wouldn't even recognise him

Slowly, Silvius approached her and, grinning from ear to ear, he sat down casually on the other side of the bench

"Good Morning Duchess" he smiled, lifting her hand to kiss her knuckles from the side and he grinned at her over the top of it, "if my eyes do not mistake me, you look very much like an old love of mine" he teased, "or possibly even more beautiful than I remember"
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(((ooc: Ruby - No one really knows that it's a "fake" marriage. No one even knows that Adalita has cheated on Octavien (except Silvius' & Adalita's maids perhaps). There have just been rumours about her being seen with Silvius. Sure, there may be suspicions, but Adalita and Octavien both played their parts on their wedding day, so...
*edit after Fayre's post below* Mercy, of course, knows. As does Silvius. But unless either of those have said something...

stylequeen - Ehmmmm... Octavien was just attacked, and injured. He probably hasn't even been given a chance to see Adalita, nor show any care for her since. Plus I don't see how Silvius would know he hasn't been in to see her. And do keep in mind, he looked rather depressed during the morning announcement. I'd say it would be safe for anyone to assume he's worried sick about her.

Sorry, it's just that people seem to know a bit more than they have any chance of knowing...

*edit to comment post below* Ok, is you say so. Just thought he'd might recognize an attempted murder as a reason for Octavien to be somewhat distracted. But ok then, he doesn't. No need to bite my head off for trying to help. Christ... )))

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ooc: give the guy a break. He likes to believe that Octavien doesn't care about her. His own thoughts don't have to be completely accurate!!

EDIT: sorry I honestly wasnt biting your head off
i suppose i just missed off a smilie, but i wasn't saying it in a nasty way
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((Mmmm. As Shenan isn't here I just thought I'd say that one, thoughts are thoughts so whatever your character wants to believe is ok, but it would be helpful if you could OCC so we know YOU aren't confused and it's just your charcters view and two that Atropa is just trying to keep the storyline together, which is why she corrected Ruby as well, its an amiable trait

and on a little note so you all know Mercy is aware of the false marriage because she was talking to Isabella about it.

That being said keep up the good Roleplaying!))
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{{I changed it...well, more or less added a word.}}

"Good Morning Duchess"

Annelise smiled, cocking her head to the side at him. "Good day to you, as well, Duc."

"If my eyes do not mistake me, you look very much like an old love of mine" he teased, "or possibly even more beautiful than I remember."

She smiled again, shaking her head. Flattery, she should have guessed. "You know, Silvius, it's not like flattery will be getting you anywhere. And I'm sure that's not hard to do with your promiscuous ways, if I dare remember correctly. On the contraire, how are you? You don't look quite so happy."

Annelise looked him over, because well...what else would she do? He looked a bit troubled to begin with, and a bit more than slightly nervous. He hadn't lost his teasing ways, though.
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Very true: Silvius was (mostly) still the personification of a tease, but the things he said and the actions he took were beginning to resonate beneath his skin for the first time: could it be possible that he was developing a conscience? Could he be more than a pretty face and a bed

"Alas, I fear looks can be decieving!" he replied, biting down gently on his lower lip

He sat back on the bench, just smiling over at Annelise: almost like he couldn't believe she was truely there. He remembered the moment when he had watched her be driven away and watched his love slip through his fingers; only to find solace with a woman he believed to be the only one to replace her. But now she was married too, and on her death bed. Luck in love: no way

"My Duchess how I have missed you!" Silvius laughed gently, "and I suppose I am not too bad: alone again in the world as usual and fighting for my place amongst this Court: it is not in the least bit easy to stay here and go it alone"

He was troubled, that was certainly the case. He pondered the consequences of his actions, but he assumed there would be none anyway. Annelise had probably gone off and gotten herself married; and the secret she had told him before leaving still played on his mind, threatening to be forgotten

"How have you been?" Silvius asked, standing up and offering her his arm, "perhaps you would accompany me on a stroll through the Rose Gardens?" he requested
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((OOC: Fayreview - thank you for trying to help!
Everyone - I will be bold and say that this RP is a little different than others in that it's storyline is quite twisted. It's what makes it what it is. With the implications of it being full of "secret" backstabbing and what not, it is more important in this rp than others to keep the storyline straight.

We had the big discussion back when regarding Adalita's pregnancy and marriage, where I went back through the posts and rebuilt the timeline. I really don't want to do that again, so please, take the time to know what our characters know and what they don't.

Heck, I've known that Duchess Marie had an affair with Edouard for ages. However to this day Isabella still only suspects it. And that was after finding out she gave Edouard gifts and danced with him at the Masqurade Ball. So please be careful in that aspect.

Onto other things... The King's Old Friend, Dimitri-Josèphe, duc d'Lorraine is due to arrive at the Palace this RP day! We'll have to all give him the proper Palace of Light and Air welcome. (Mercy, that's your cue. ) ))
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{{I have works...Be back laterzzz...}}

Annelise stood up and accepted his arm. It could do no least, she didn't think it could. And if it caused her any bodily harm, then she may look ahead and watch for loose stones. What would a woman of such power do if she found herself laying in heap on the ground because she tripped?

"Oh, well, we can all guess that being alone in the world happens. I, for one, was trying to visit my mother. But she insisted that I should have..." She counted on her fingers. "Eight children by now. I'm far too young in my view to have that many children! I suspect she wants them to drop out like...I don't even know! Alas, though, I feel as if I missed you, Duc, while I was away. I don't know how you feel, though, so I won't do anything." She smiled and shrugged, hard to do in such a heavy dress, but doable. "I feel as if I'm the Queen of Overshare today."
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((i...i...can't resist.))

Name: Amelie Du Polingac
Title: Duchess
Age: newly 18
Personality: Amelie has always been the gentle kind, yet she has had a taste for gossip, and is quite scandalous herself. She enjoys sewing and anything to do with celebrations, which causes damage to her title every once in a while, but she finds solace after any negative remark of her title or her. Amelie has always had a passion for music, and is trained in opera.

((hope this is good enough ))
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Default Felix and Queen Isabella
I stood awkwardly in the tense silence, as Isabella walked past me and opened that fine wine cabinet. I watched with a mixture of curiosity and longing for that bottle as she poured its burgundy contents into a glass; understandably the Queen would have a thirst for the alcohol to calm her nerves right now. Who would expect otherwise? Even I, the most level-headed and heroic courtier in Paris, felt thoroughly shaken up by the recent goings-on. I fiddled with my sleeve, waiting for the second glass to emerge from the cabinet eagerly. I was met with disappointment, and mild surprise as the Queen downed her own glass in much shorter time than even my record. Shifting slightly closer, I cleared my throat slightly in order to draw her attention to the poor drinkless Comte who just risked life and limb for her sake, but her attention was too focused on the spirit before her.

As she poured herself a second drink, my mind gently toyed with the idea of telling her where I had been for the past many months, and more importantly why I had returned. I supposed the outcome would be something similar to a nervous breakdown, so decided to hold my tongue. And if she asked, I'd have to come up with some excuse. A good excuse, of course, as not to make her feel like I had abandoned the palace. I didn't dare to imagine what life without my charming self around would be like, however brief the period.

But, I mused to myself, why would a non-fatal assault on Octavien unsettle her so? The two were close, I knew. I'd often seen them together but only assumed that their relationship was merely a friendly one. Though looking at Isabella now, the expression on her face gave away all to clearly that she was deeply concerned about him, and I began to wonder.. was there anything more?

The silence was becoming a bit too heavy, never a good thing after a traumatic event. I knew from experience. Perhaps I ought to lighten the mood a bit, take her mind off things. Or offer some consolance. After all, I'd heard on the continent that sadness was a great aphrodisiac - maybe stress had the same qualities. I hushed that thought. The Queen needed comfort, or humour, or both. Then of course, there was that nagging curiosity to ask about her position with the Prince. Far too bold to ever voice of course, but maybe I could subtley tread around the area and uncover some secrets.. Though knowing my clumsy manner of 'subtleness', I'd end up ejected from court minus a head.

"Château Margaux," I commented, eyeing the bottle speculatively. "Now, I'd recommend my own brand of eau de vie, Your Majesty." I indicated the squat bottle of Cognac nestled away behind other various tincanters. "I doubt anyone could down that liquid at such speed. Here, allow me." It wasn't so much a challenge as a way of directing her attention to my lack of beverage. I took the bottle out, pouring two glasses out and taking one myself. Serving a Queen with Brandy? My conscience questioned me, accusingly. I shrugged it off as a necessity in present situation.

"I think I should act as taster, though. God forbid, Federico the Maniac could have poisoned it and tainted the heavenly flavour." I waggled my own glass and took a sip, passing her the second.

Her lips twitched a little. It could have been a tiny smile, although still looked troubled. Or just a reflex to the strength of the spirit. Once the brandy took hold, that would take care of that matter though. I leaned a little closer, attempting to look sympathetic and kind.

"Oh don't fret, Your Majesty. If I know the Marquess, he is a complete oaf full of ineptitude at nearly everything. I doubt he even knows the correct use of a dagger. He probably suspects them to be fancy toothpicks." I chirped. It was another white lie; I'd only ever met Marquess Berini once before at some majestic ball in Vienna, not even long enough to determine anything except he looked much less dashing than myself, and pout over the number of women he seemed to attract despite.

((Clearly Felix babbles when he's nervous. Shenan, if you want anything changing just PM me and I'll be speedy and not leave it a whole 2 days like last time ))

((EDIT: Welcome to the Palace, Mahenveau Ooh more young girls for Felix to toy around with.. he will be most pleased :D))
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((thank you, Haylifer. I'm sure Amelie will be delighted at Felix...he looks like a charmer. ))

The Palace was beautiful. So much that it took Amelie's breath away as she walked through the Grand Hall.
"I could get lost in this place," she whispered to herself as she observed the perfectly carved walls, and the statues of all other rulers. She looked out a big window, to see a garden she immediately favored, the flowers were not blooming, however, but yet the way it was neatly trimmed and just the view itself was phenomenal to her eyes. Amelie smiled at the lovely garden, and passed the window, continuing to wonder the Great Hall.
As a few other courtiers passed by, and she gave them a formal and polite bow.

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Default Application: The Old Friend
Name: Dimitri-Josèphe, duc d'Lorraine
Age: 48
Title: Duc

Personality: Duc Dimitri studied with King Edouard as a youth, and has remained among his closest confidants since. Compared to the light King, Dimitri is as a skeleton of steel patched together in earth and clay, with a similarly inscrutable disposition. A strong believer in a strong King for a strong kingdom, he dedicated his early years to securing the foundations from which Edouard would rule. His preparations were interrupted by the death of his older brother, after which Dimitri was recalled to his family's estate in Lorraine. Although he has remained away from the court ever since, it was no loss to this strict man, who scoffed at the frivolities of the younger nobles and their nonexistent sense of duty to the throne. Despite his stiffness, Dimitri has often made decisions that throw others for a loop, as long as the ends aligned with his own principles.

Description (close-up profile): Grey eyes. Tanned complexion. Dimitri is of above average height and build, but has become skinnier compared to his days in the army. He has several scars on the left side of his face. Light wrinkles line the corners of his eyes and forehead.

Random Pictures :D

Dimitri pays his respects at a grave.
Jehanne explains her new invention, the "eye ring". Enthusiastically.


((My RP style: I'm fine if anyone godmods my character into doing minimal things, e.g. drinking some wine, entering a room, bowing to a lady etc. As long as he isn't doing handstands on the palace walls, I'm good.

Glad to be in this RP, let's have lots of scandalous fun! :D))
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Default Isabella & Felix - Isabella's Salon
((OOC: I should have stated it clearly when the RP opened to new players that our court is currently in the middle of winter. It’s the second day of the New Year, so please, the only flowers in full bloom are the ones in the Orangery (greenhouse). The gardens are bare, so is the forest.
Hay, I love Felix. Only he would think the situation to be an aphrodisiac for poor Isabella.
Seiza, I’m glad to see Dimitri’s app. Feel free to start RPing with him whenever you like!
*whispers to Fayreview* psst… I think he’s about Mercy’s age ))

Isabella gulped the first glass down, the act forcing her to inhale deeply. One of several she would need to calm her emotions, to start thinking with her head. Felix cleared his throat, reminding Isabella that he was still there. Her ears had heard him, but her eyes focused on the harpsichord, images of Octavien sitting beside her replaying in her mind.

“Château Margaux”, came Felix’s voice, commenting on the beverage she had just downed. “Now, I'd recommend my own brand of eau de vie, Your Majesty.”

Felix’s words were enough to break her stare, as her eyes quickly shifted from the harpsichord to his face. Watching the man cleverly get a drink for himself and use his words to disguise it as his duty to her managed to bring the faintest shadow of a smile to her lips. She sat her glass down and turned towards him, her arms crossing in front of her body. There was no doubt in her mind, this was definitely still the Comte d'Cognac. On the surface he appeared to be a bumbling idiot, but deep within he was a loyal and fine man, unique in every way.

By time he handed her the glass of brandy he had poured, Isabella’s pulse had managed to slow. She took a small sip while he continued talking of Marquess Berini’s lack of ability to wield a weapon, her eyes widening as she swallowed. She watched him intently as he talked, she decided that he had been through enough, she would not be as harsh with him as she had planned originally. She sat her glass down having only taken one sip, “I have so missed your antics Felix.” She commented sincerely.

Her voice clearly testified to the fact that the events that had just unfolded still distracted her. She however purposed that after her meeting with Felix was through, she would find a suitable cover to check on Octavien. She slowly walked towards a chaise lounge choosing to not discuss the particulars of what had just taken place. “Many things have changed while you’ve been gone Comte.” She turned towards him, lowering her body to sit. “While I do appreciate the fact that you have returned, I wish to know what kept you away, and more importantly why you’ve returned.”

She looked towards him earnestly, watching his body language intently. While she really did wish to know such things, she struggled intensely to keep her mind on her current surroundings. She was well aware that Felix knew her well enough, he could tell her focus was not on him, and she was thankful to know that he was one of the few she could trust with that fact.

*edit* for post below
:laugh: Oh my goodness... now that's an image. Mercy seducing the King. As long as Mercy does her part to keep Edouard in the dark about Octavien, I'm sure she wouldn't mind too much. I can see it now. Isabella calls for Mercy. "I'm going to go spend time with Octavien, will you go distract Edouard?" Oye... that would bring "twisted" a whole new meaning!
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((Oh dear! It seems you an I are on exactly the same wave length Shenan! Yup, in fact Mercy, Dimitri and Edouard are all vaguely the same age. But seducing the king sadly is not possible. It also would not do much for Mercy and Isabella's friendship, so that is why she has never tried XD))
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((OOC: Im totally lost lol i have no idea what is going on, i want to rp but unsure what to right and who to try and approach. Cud someone pm whats happened. I;m so sorry ive been sick and the board down and stuff and i dont want to drop out cause this looks good))
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Default Dimitri and Fayre - Palace Courtyard, before the Orangery
It was the first afternoon of the second day of the new year. A fine day for feasting and dancing in a splendid palace, but the same could not be said for travelling across the countryside at breakneck speed. His carriage wheels clattered dangerously against the hard ground, threatening to break at any moment. The frost had not quite thawed from the road, nor from the leaves, or the eyebrows of peasants he flew past; and it seemed that every new year a little more of the chill seeped a little deeper into his bones.

It was an uncomfortable feeling, but such were the conditions in which Duc Dimitri-Josèphe thrived, and he had never been more awake since this sordid trip started.

They had requested—nay, begged!—him to delay his trip until the ice cleared. But the Duc had to only glance once at the pathetic sun struggling through the grey sky, and his mind was made. To his shame and horror, he was already several days late for Princess Adalita Rotherham’s momentous wedding—now he was but one town away from the palace, the closeness was too much to bear. It would be the head for anyone who would deign to delay him even further!

Dimitri only slept a few hours in his bumbling, bouncing carriage, but his eyes were sharp and clear as the driver alerted them to the Palace of Light and Air. They had taken the Duc’s shortcut, and would round the Orangery, barely skim the Palace Gardens and come to a skidding, halting stop in the grand Courtyard.

He was not an impatient man, but even Dimitri could not ignore some desires. He ordered the driver to quicken their speed. He imagined the palace must be steeped in celebrations and gaiety by now: there was Adalita’s wedding, the New Year parties, and Christmas season was not yet over. All he wanted, however, was to see the young princess married...

A strangled yell tore through the Palace Courtyard.

Dimitri recognised the evasive movement his driver was swinging into. It was the motion of one trying to avoid running over something alive. An animal? A palace hand? He laid one hand upon the carved door, calmly moving in motion with the heaving carriage. Images of the Palace’s Rose Garden, covered in ice and frozen in time, whizzed by his window. The carriage fumbled and clattered and tilted dangerously to one side for a split-second, before regaining its balance with an innocuous ‘thump’ of wheel hitting cobblestone.

Dimitri stepped calmly into the biting outside air, looking for the animal deemed worthy of such precaution. He saw the reason his driver was practically shaking in his seat—it was no animal, nor even a servant; they had almost run over a woman.

The Duc needn’t issue orders: while he swiftly moved to her, his boots stamping heavily into the thin layer of snow; his swarthy aid left to seek servants and the palace physician. Dimitri knelt beside the shaking madame, grey eyes checking for any major injuries even as he offered her his support, his arm and his apologies. He fired off questions at a rapid yet steady rate, aimed at calming her down.

“Are you all right, Madame? My deepest apologies, I have travelled for long nights and neither of us saw you approaching. Where are you hurt? Can you stand?”


((Take it away, Fayre! Ohhh, what is this about Dimitri and Mercy's similar ages? Perfectly innocent OOC chat, I'm sure

littlesunshine: Basically, Adalita is sick and someone tried to murder the Prince earlier this morning. Wonderful start for the palace's new year, aye? If you want, you can have your character witness our near-accident in the Courtyard or approach Amelie, a fellow new arrival, in the palace itself.))
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It is now afternoon

It's not JUST an afternoon, it's a WINTER afternoon. Snow on the ground, ice crystals... DORMANT FLOWER BUSHES
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Default Mercy - Like a Dear in the Headlights XD
Mercy sighed, she wondered if she could manage proper flower arranging, she had done it that very morning of course but Helena had already chosen the blooms she had merely move the bouquet about a little to make it look co-ordinated.

Mercy recognised a sound. She turned. A strangled yell tore through the Palace Courtyard.

The Baroness was, for the second time in recent days sprawled upon the floor the carriage skittered off to the left swaying slightly, it fumbled and clattered and tilted dangerously to one side for a split-second, before regaining its balance with an innocuous ‘thump’ of wheel hitting cobblestone, Mercy's eyes narrowed, she sadly could not get up in this dress, so she sat there on the ground in the snow, a particularly expensive Blue dress she had been given by a Duchess no less.

She was still sat on the floor trying to look dignified when a man stepped out of the carriage, he looked around for slightly longer than Mercy would have liked, what was he wishing for a twenty year old to have almost hit? His eyes finally met hers.

The man's companion darted into the castle. How she hoped she needn't seek medical attention because whilst they were at itging her mustard poultices and sour concoctions, they'd probably give her leeches for the cut on her cheek as well, all she really needed was a drink. He swiftly moved to her, his boots stamping heavily into the thin layer of snow and knelt beside him she looked up at him with anger in mind, however he knelt beside her in the snow, she shivered and then cursed herself inwardly for doing so.

His dazzling grey eyes checking for any major injuries even as he offered her his support, his arm and his apologies. He fired off questions at a rapid yet steady rate, making sure was alright or just making sure she wasn't about to become hysterical?

“Are you all right, Madame? My deepest apologies, I have travelled for long nights and neither of us saw you approaching. Where are you hurt? Can you stand?”

"Well why don't we try, the pain of standing is preferable over being a Baroness sat on cobblestones in the snow." Several men erupted through the Palace doors. Among them she recognised the man she had frequently seen opening doors on the top floor of the palace, and thankfully Helena. She was lifted to her feet, she winced as yesterday's bruise was still present on her arm. In truth she did not look fine and could quite easily cause some trouble for this new man, Helena came towards her and she gave a whispered message for delivery to the Queen.

She turned back to the man, "I am just a little bruised. I have suffered worst injuries Ballroom dancing. That is not to make light of the situation it just so happens that my late husband was a terrible dancer. Now perhaps you would help a Lady to her room?" Mercy still did not know how to treat this man. He was handsome and seemingly nice but he had just run her over so she couldn't be sweet even if it gave her a chance to be more familiar.
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Default Dimitri and Mercy, arm in arm XD
"Well why don't we try, the pain of standing is preferable over being a Baroness sat on cobblestones in the snow."

Dimitri was momentarily shocked by her reply—he had expected weeping and much hitting of chest with flowery handkerchiefs, which he deemed perfectly acceptable in light of the near-accident that had happened. But Madame had instead presented him a glib tongue in the face of such pain. If it would not have been so impolite (or if she had been a man), Dimitri would have chuckled and landed a solid, encouraging slap on her shoulder.

But she was a woman, and so the Duc wrapped one arm around her small back to help her up, his other hand clutching her own. He still had a bit of mass on him, and could serve as a steady anchor until she could stand on her own... or until a swarm of servants rushed at them through the palace doors.

He let her go when her own girls came to support her.

As they spoke to one another, Dimitri turned to his own aid, who had returned as silent as the night. But even within the crowd, one could pick out the latter’s oak-brown complexion. Switching to childlike French, uncommon even among servants, Dimitri ordered, “I wish to make certain that the Madame is all right. Have the bags taken in. I shall meet the King before dinner.”

His aid bowed and left, just in time. The lady was addressing him.

"I am just a little bruised. I have suffered worst injuries Ballroom dancing. That is not to make light of the situation it just so happens that my late husband was a terrible dancer. Now perhaps you would help a Lady to her room?"

“It is the least I could do, Madame.” The Duc offered his arm, guiding them slowly through the throng of servants still milling about. If they did not recognise him, he was nonetheless able to part them like the Red Sea, simply with a stare. He adjusted his long strides according to her capacity.

“When you are in the condition to, I hope to acquire the name of the maker of your lovely dress,” Dimitri spoke lightly. He was neither a chatty man nor a stoic one, but it would help to gauge her condition based on her response to him. “It protected you well. The army could use such talent.”

From his side, he could see the ugly scar marring her face. He had seen the bruise on her arm, and it disturbed him greatly to think that he had put both there. His tone was still pleasant, but his eyes lingered on the gash, “My apologies, I seem to be committing errors frequently today. I am Dimitri-Josèphe. Now you know the name of the man who almost ran you over.”

A pity; he hadn't wanted anyone knowing his name until he'd had time to greet the King and Queen. He had omitted any clue-giving titles and estates, but the lady deserved at least a name to curse in the privacy of her chambers.
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Mercy & Dimitri - Coiness is best used by virgins at their first dance, ah well!
“It is the least I could do, Madame.” The Duc offered his arm, and with great dignity and authority he lead her slowly through the group of people who had been called to her aid. Despite how she looked she was actually quite proud so many people can to see her, before she reflected that they perhaps had come for the sake of laughing at her. He adjusted his long strides according to her capacity, the perfect gentleman well really he had to be nice to her considering.

“When you are in the condition to, I hope to acquire the name of the maker of your lovely dress,” Dimitri spoke lightly. “It protected you well. The army could use such talent.”

Mercy gave a half laugh "oh you will be getting her name, along with a bill for repairs, for this particular dress was a gift from the Duchess de Clothide Parma and I shall expect you to have it returned to its previous condition." she sought to work out how much of a sense of humour her new companion had, she wasn't joking and hecould not refuse, but he could take it three ways with anger, genuine remorse or in jest, she sensed his response. ((Left this open so you can decide what his response will bethough if i have a feel for the way this character is going I have an inkling as to the response.))

Her blue eyes sparkled with the mans attention, she felt her study him, he then spoke again his tone still pleasant, but his eyes lingered on the gash, “My apologies, I seem to be committing errors frequently today. I am Dimitri-Josèphe. Now you know the name of the man who almost ran you over.”

"Well Dimitri-Josephe" she stretched it slowly as if to mock his first name. "You may call me Baroness Venn," she gave her maiden name, in the situation it just seemed right, it had come to her tongue so freely. "The cut is not your fault of course, and neither is the bruise on my arm" she said without looking at him she gazed forward down the passage too soon they would turn past the blue salon and be upon the step of her own rooms. "I had a mishap yesterday with a vase. Thankfully the Queen was kind enough to forgive me for it." Her door appeared in front of her, "I have always loved that painting" she pointed to a mountain scape on the outer wall of the Blue Salon, she paused and let him look at it. If he ever wished to seek her company again that painting would tell him he was in the right place. "Well I shall let you return to your business. It has been... interesting," without even waiting for Dimitri-Josephe to respond she had slipped through her door and closed it gently in his face, she smiled inwardly but chided herself, he was handsome and rather charming but apparently he felt no need to disclose his position in society to her, which emant he did not have one, or he did not wish to talk about it...

((Hope that's OK Seiza. Just to be confusing you have a woman's title and a maiden name which is only known by one member of the court, Baroness Taylor and i have the first name of a mysterious name who will always be reffered to as Duc d'Lorraine, so really your only chance of getting some recogntion is to mention the incidents, either the running over or the vase collisionwhich of course the Queen is aware of (as is the Prince unkknown to you. Wow, talk about a confusing first conversation ))
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Default Dimitri and Mercy - a door in the face!
"oh you will be getting her name, along with a bill for repairs, for this particular dress was a gift from the Duchess de Clothide Parma and I shall expect you to have it returned to its previous condition,” the Madame laughed.

Dimitri let his brow rise in genuine interest at the name—if he recalled correctly, she was referring to the famous (or infamous, or both, as was often the case in this country) douarière. Truly, this Madame was not what she seemed: she laughed in the face of pain and ruined dresses, and received gifts from a Duchess.

“I believe myself capable of, if not hiring more careful drivers, at least repairing your brilliant dress, Madame,” the Duc promised. His tone remained light, but there was no frivolity in it. Where the lady was laughing, he could not bring himself to. Dimitri had a strict code of conduct, and ruining women’s dresses was not one of them. This would have to be remedied at the earliest possible time.

“You may call me Baroness Venn.” Ah, now he had a name! That made things much easier. But then, she stopped before her room. “Well I shall let you return to your business. It has been... interesting.”

The door closed with a rather final, resounding click.

Dimitri remained staring at it, unperturbed. Then he spoke, knowing his deep voice would carry over, as if speaking to slabs of thick wood were an everyday normality for him. “It has been my pleasure, Baronness Venn. As soon as I have settled my affairs, I shall seek you out about your dress at your earliest convenience.” He would have to send a note to her, as even he did not know which suite the King would give him.

He made a note of the painting the Baronness loved, before returning to the entrance hall. Dimitri was ushered to the Grand Salon, where he was requested to await the King’s summons.


((Forgot to add: Approachable for a brief chat for the afternoon. *is typing up a meeting with the King in the meantime*))

Wow, talk about a confusing first conversation

((Indeed, this is the stuff of courtly nightmare! Dimitri's going to think himself insane when almost no one knows who Baronness Venn is. Depending on what the King and our lovely Queen decide to do, Mercy may find out Dimitri's identity before he does hers! (Well, I think she's got enough magic powers to do it anyway...)

Oh, and just to confirm, we are referring to the banished Duchess Marie who gave the dress, right?

I was procrastinating on work-- ahem, skimming through the original Baroque thread when I found this nifty list of references to the Baroque era that eternal posted. Thought it might deserve another mention, since it's a useful link for people to build their characters from.))
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