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Default Vampire: the Masquerade The Results-FINISHED
Ok it looks like I'm gonna be the guinea pig here and post this contest....and I'll have it removed from the contest area...just because it's better suited here than the other...

Welcome to Los Angeles, home of the Camarilla made up of 7 clans of Vampires
and is the largest organization of vampires.

They consist of:

Camarilla policy is that vampires should try to fit in with and hide from the rest of humanity,
as to easily feed on them. For this reason, they created a web of lies and misinformation, called the Masquerade,
to make the public believe that supernatural beings like vampires could not possibly exist.

The Camarilla also believes that the only way the vampire species can survive in these modern nights is if it unites -
any breach of the Masquerade by any vampire risks exposing the entire race.

You are a member of one of these clans, but somehow someone has found out your true nature and is hunting a group of you.
They are sending you on a wild goose chase, with the hopes of trapping you.

One among you is NOT truly a vampire but is masquerading as one, your task is to discover who that is, and unmask them.

Game play: You are given a choice of 3 paths to follow with one leading to a trap. When you arrive there there will be clues as to how to escape. EVERYONE is to solve the clues. Only
after this is it revealed whether the path you chose was safe or not, and if not, whether you escaped with your life.

During the contest you will RP your character with the others in the hope of finding solace and ultimately the hunter.
Throughout the entire game the hunter will have the opportunity to offer 2 deals, one of them would be to offer a chance of
survival on the condition that the vampire would submit to the hunter's will and turn on the others, thus becoming an assistant hunter; while
the other deal is having another take your place in being the target. During the game there will be several rounds where
the vampires will convene council to decide who they think the hunter(s) is(are). At the end whoever is left standing wins

What kills a vampire: Sunlight, fire, a stake through the heart or draining them completely of all blood and dismembering
them. Everything else is myth.

1. Abide by the forum's rules
2. Have fun and don't make catty comments (unless that's your character
3. be a graceful loser, if you happen to, don't say it's unfair or anything, just accept it with poise
4. No powerplaying/godmodding, try to respect each other's character.
5. No spam! Try to keep it strictly contest related....these types of contests are still in question here, and we want
to show that they are possible to be done.
6. ONLY 3 SPOTS OPEN PER CLAN, as we don't want just a few of the clans represented. We want the whole spectrum.
7. Only teenager/adult/elder sims
8. Only your sim! No sim tweaking/stealing
9. Photoshop is allowed within reason. No simmerizing! Pics must be at least 80% in game.
10. For those of you who know V:tM, there will be NO disciplines...sorry would just make it too difficult to play out in
this kind of setting.

1. what clan you belong to
age (based on these: -Neonate(s): just Embraced vamps. They keep this name until they're about 100-200 years old
-Ancilla(e): Vampires between cca 200 and 350, 400 years.
-Elder(s): Vampires over 400 years
-Methuselah(s): these are very rare. Vampires over a thousand years old)

short bio
2. headshot
3. free shot

NOTICE-If there are more than 21 applicants there will be a round of elimination based on clans, as more than that is just too much for this
type of contest.

1. Vahn Straus-Garnet
2. Emma Wielding-LadyAshe R.I.P.

1. Veronica de la Rosa -Oniella R.I.P.
2. Icarus Centowski-Haylifer R.I.P.
3. Damia Lorccan-pixelated R.I.P.

1. Esther Rosenburg-Skylark

1. Vevila van Roemer-trampledsneakers R.I.P.
2. Colette Fiuliere-pompom R.I.P.
3. Stella Baudouin-Gerbera
4. Illustra Methrodesia-lustyforlife

1. Mina Coles-Veldagia
2. Adrien de la Coeur-Atropa
3. Celeste La Morte-PennyTheCorgi R.I.P.

1. Ada Charlotte Vernon-Doddibot R.I.P.

1. Liikc-Swiftsign Left for the great outdoors and to take over


Round One

The clans are as follows:


The Brujah can trace their roots back to ancient Babylon, and the clay tablets of the first scholars. They were the lovers
and guardians of knowledge, and the founder of their line was the inventor of written language. However, in their quest for
freedom, they slew their founder and were banished from the first city. Today, the Brujah are scorned as riffraff who have
lost their heritage and are without pride. For over a millennium they have been rebels among the Kindred, forever questioning
and testing the Traditions. are the brutish, overly physical clan. They believe that might makes right, and have little patience
for those that choose not to act. They are seen as anarchistic rabble by the Camarilla. The rest of the vampire community rarely
cooperates with them, since they always seem to counter existing authorities. This clan chiefly depends on their body and physical strengths,
using blood to enhance their movement and combat abilities.

The clan is very poorly organised; its members meet only irregularly, and share little in common besides their love of
rebellion. They are among the supports of the anarchs, and aiding them is one of the only matters upon which they ever agree.
They are often underestimated, as much by themselves as anyone.


Clan Gangrel is said to be the only clan whose founder is still involved in and concerned with the welfare of her progeny.
Her concern for them is matched only by her concern for mortal descendants - the Gypsies. Though many Antediluvians use their
progeny as pawns in the Jyhad, the Gangrel pride themselves on their freedom from such manipulation. There is a close bond
between the clan and the Gypsies. In recent years, as Gehenna approaches, their interaction has been considerable.

Born in the wild, this is a rather interesting sample of vampire species. More feral than other clans, they exist on the
fringe of civilization. Since they have such a deep connection with nature, they are able to communicate with some types of animals.
As they enhance their special animal-like abilities they become less and less... err... friendly.


The history of the Malkavian clan is completely shrouded in the past. The Malkavians themselves have many tales about their origin,
but do not believe most of them. A favored legend among the kindred is that the founder of the house was cursed by Caine,
and his descendants have lived with the madness since. The Malkavians have always existed on the periphery of the vampire
culture, watching, but never truly involving themselves in it. Long ago, before the curse and the madness, the founder was
said to be the greatest among third generation. Now it is his madness that keep the weakest of those involved in the Jyhad

Extremely unpredictable and dangerous vampires. Blood drives them completely mad, but also grants them extraordinary powers
that make them stand out among other vampires. Their chief abilities include seeing things most vampires cannot, manipulating
the will of others, etc.


It is the unfortunate plight of the members of this clan to display the beast within their hearts upon their countenances.
Though their founder was known for his rabid predilections and monstrous impulses, the Nosferatu of today are known for being
cool-headed. Though they tend to choose only the most depraved individuals as progeny, some how the members of this clan seem to
retain their sanity better than most vampires. Their hideous appearance makes them quite unpopular and completely unable to exist
in civilization. They look more like monsters than men (for an idea of their appearance, check out the classic film of the same name),
they are endowed with a unique ability to conceal themselves from sight (called Obfuscation), which makes them formidable spies and ambushers.

The founder is said to have been a man of regal visage who incurred the wrath of Caine for his barbaric activities and was thereby
cursed with the face of a hag. The savagery of his soul is reflected upon his face and that of all his progeny.

Of course, many clans have legends in which an all-powerful Caine curses their founder just as God cursed Caine. It is not likely that all
of these stories are true, but some, such as this, might be. Presently, the Nosferatu clan is estranged from their founder, and do not serve
him - at least to their knowledge.


Throughout history, the Toreador have been involved in the arts. This tradition is said to have begun with the first progeny of the founder,
a pair of beautiful and artistically gifted twins. Their sire was a leader of the cabal of third generation vampires who slew their own sires.
Though ruthless, he was very doting upon his progeny, proffering them far more independence than any other fourth generation vampires were given.
They used their freedom to nurture the full panorama of the arts, and their sire protected them throughout war and famine. To this day, the Toreador
claim that they are watched over by Arikel, their founder. Though the Toreador are not as formally organised as some other clans, they are furiously
loyal to one another and to the art they claim to serve.

Debutantes to the end, these vampires are inspired by things of great beauty. A Toreador’s senses are vastly enhanced to see beauty in the most
unlikely of places, and they can use this skill (Auspex) to find their way out of seemingly impossible situations. They also have the ability to
enchant and charm others (Presence). But, being so sensitive, they are drawn to any beautiful thing and can become completely captivated by it -
even at the most inopportune moments.


The Tremere are unique and no other clan has a history as rich, yet short, as theirs. Long ago, there were others of their line who were not warlocks,
nor did the clan have mastery over the discipline of Thaumaturgy. Less than 1,000 years ago, a metamorphosis occurred. Deep in the Romanian mountains,
in the district known as Transylvania, a group of magi from the ancient order were Embraced by a foolish clan leader. Combining their new powers with
their ancient lore, the magi were quickly able to assume control of the clan. They Embraced many others from their arcane order, and drank the blood
of all the elders of their clan. It is even hinted that the most powerful among them managed to hunt down and slay the founder of the line. The Tremere
have adopted the most rigid hierarchical system among the clans, and this has allowed them to achieve great power within Kindred society. The other clans
distrust the Tremere, both out of fear and a sense that something is not quite right with them. The political center of the Tremere is in Vienna.

A malevolent bunch which seem more like sorcerers than anything else. Their powerful ancestry has bestowed great magical powers to the Tremere, passed
down from untold generations. Their unique blood type grants them heightened senses, and the ability to force their will on their victims.


The Ventrue suspect that their founder has been slain by one of the Brujah clan. Though this is a blow to their pride, it has given them some distance
and protection from the chaos and strife of the Jyhad. Without the intrigue and demands of a god-like founder, the Ventrue have acheived a remarkable
independence from the Antediluvians. They do not know how much truth is contained in this legend, but it is nonetheless one of the basic tenets of their
clan, no matter how much other Kindred scoff at it. If there is an elite class of vampire, the Ventrue would be the closest thing to it. The Ventrue
are the political powerhouses of the Camarilla, and as such, most cities are governed by Ventrue princes. They are a balanced clan that relies equally
on physical strength and the power of the mind.

Much of the respect accorded to the Ventrue is due to the independence they are perceived to have from the Antediluvians. It is out of pride for this
respect they are given that they conceal their persecution of the Brujah clan. More princes and Justicars come from the Ventrue clan than from any
other; they are clearly leaders of the Camarilla. The Ventrue have regular clan meetings in various parts of the world, including a Grand Council
in London every seven years.

Just an idea of what a vamp COULD look like from a certain clan...but really it's your interpretation!

Toreador - generally more than average pretty. Think sexy, seductive, enticing. They are usually up to date with the respective age's fashion trends
(and indeed, among the only clan who bothers with such things). They're basically the fashionistas of the vampire world.

Tremere - no real clear stereotype...they're usually scholars, dressed in austere clothes. they don't much care for flashy things. I would imagine
a Tremere woman as wearing a pencil dress with a tweed jacket, hair in a bun and with glasses. For example.

Brujah - think punk, or bike riders. Tatty, worn clothes, leather, jeans, anything that screams "I'm a rebel and don't give a ...."
Usually with an attitude to match

Ventrue - well they're the upper class, and they were in their mortal days too. In the past, new progeny were chosen from the ranks of nobles,
royalty and so on. Nowadays, from CEOs of companies and the like. They like the finest and most elegant clothes, though not necessarily fashionable.
Many of them like to keep the style of their own mortal days in the way they dress. Males would wear impeccable suits, hair short and perfectly styled,
women in either business suits, or elegant gowns for social meetings, fine jewelry, all in good taste. They're snotty as hell, and like to think it is their
duty to lead the vampire society

Gangrel - well they're the wildest of all clans. Most of them don't have a residence at all, they like to roam forests and pastures and sleep in the earth.
They'd almost always be dirty, with matted hair, ripped clothes, feral. They're also the clan closest to the Beast (the predator in each vampire) - they
have an uncommonly close relationship with animals, and many of them have a certain animal-look about them too, whether claws, or cat-like eyes,
or very sharp teeth and so on.

Nosferatu - it'll be tricky to recreate them. The Embrace leaves them deformed and unrecognizable - scabby skin, puss-filled sores, bald heads,
bat like ears, discolorations of the skin, lopsided fang-filled maws and the like. In one word, very ugly. They live in sewers, crypts etc so
they usually smell as good as they look

Malkavian - it's incredibly difficult to stereotype them. All of the members of this clan have a mental disorder, but that's not so easy to spot.
For example, a raving lunatic in bunny slippers could be a Malkavian - but so would an apparently respectable doctor a la Hannibal Lecter...
so it's really up to you.

INSPIRED and FREELY adapted from the game Vampire The Masquerade-Bloodlines

Vampire the Masquerade is a registered trademark

Ok here are some links for you who aren't familiar with the game....

You DON'T need to know this game in order to RP, it serves as a basis and idea for this RP that is all

*information compiled from several different sources*

Thanks to Ghanima Atreides for helping with the descriptions, Swiftsign and LorinMarie, for being a sounding board and to proofread And a very special thank you is in order to DizzySim for making the beautiful clan banners!

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Dev you are so brave for posting the first!!

Just for that i might have to enter it looks amazing!
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Dude, I used to play this before I went to Uni XD

I'm going to try and find my old character from when I played in RL, but if not I'll just create a new one, which will more than likely be a Brujah.
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Clan: Toreador
Name: Stella Baudouin
Age: Ancilla, 267 years old
Bio: Stella was born in Rome, in the year 1740. Her father was a well-know politician who had French and Italian ancestors. He had met her mother, a former slave of African descent, when he had travelled around the Carribean Islands and took her home with him to Europe.
Stella, an only child, had had a great childhood with many liberties. Her parents had supported her in every way, she was able to study everything she wanted. Already as a little child she had shown a great talent for the visual arts and by her 18th birthday she had become famous in Rome and the surrounding areas.
In the night of her 20th birthday she was bitten by a Vampire of the Toreador Clan. After she had become a Vampire as well, she didn't stay in Italy anymore for her parents wouldn't have understood it.
First she lived in France for a while but then she moved to the New World.
Since the early 1960s she is living in California, first in San Fransisco, now in Los Angeles.
Stella has only few close friends as she choses them wisely, but she is quite popular for her charming attitude and general kindness. Despite her age, sometimes she is still like a child. Other days she can be a bit moody but usually she is quite cheerful. Stella still has a great interest in paintings and sculptures and already has a big collection in her house in the hills.

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((Looking forward to all of your vampires I'm working hard to make this a fun RP (at least I hope it'll be!) Also I will be updating with a map and whatnot throughout the evening, so hopefully things will look a bit nicer. ))

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((You'll have to wait a bit for my pictures .. The game crashed while the lot was laoding and now it is gone I'll have to make a new Sim. Does it have to have a geyish skintone or can we also make dark-skinned Vampires (I was thinking about making a Creole)? Do they have to have visible vampir teeth and strange looking eyes?))
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((noo it can be anything...I have some pics that I'm working on of my interpretation of each clan, but it's up to you, I'll put up a link to some websites that you can look at to get ideas too. Vamps aren't just gray, and strange looking eyes nooo...just if you pick a gangrel I would think and fangs don't have to be visible, it's more about the character you create not necessarily the one you show in pics. I'm just asking for pictures just to help people to have an idea of what your character looks like))

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23rd May 2007 at 7:05 PM
This message has been deleted by Gerbera. Reason: problably spam
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Default Liikc - Gangrel
Clan: Gangrel
Name: Liikc
Age: 127 Neonate
Bio: Compared to some I am new to this vampire business. This is my first vampire gathering as it were, and my 100th anniversary since my embrace... I still remember, at the time I was terrified; my skin turned black as night, my eyes felt as though they were on fire in bedded in my head. But after a while the pain subsided, and I learnt to accept who I had become...

The woods were to be my home, I was to stay there. Unless the inner me was to take over, the one that controlled the feasting... sometimes it was uncontrollable. I kill to survive, however this side of me seems to do it for fun. I try to isolate myself; deep in caves, or in the depths of the forest. But somehow death chases.

I never met another one like me... and until recently I didnt really want to. But I guess this time curiosity caught me. I just want to see the only family I have left. And at the back of my head... I keep hoping that I might see her...

One with nature

~Sadly it was going to be an evil pic, however her bad side managed to crash the game lol
#9 Old 24th May 2007 at 4:14 PM
Default Nath Brodye
Clan Nosferatu
Name Nath Brodye
Age 402 years (Elder)

Short bio

Nath was born in the winter of 1605 to Dutch parents who immigrated over to America earlier that year.
It wasn't until he turned twenty three, walking the streets of New York at night, that he was plunged into a
rotten sewer and had his blood devoured by a ghastly creature. Nath became a nosferatu vampire and has
remained in and around the sewers of New York city for several hundred years before commuting over to Los Angeles.

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Oh Tosh he's amazing! *a side note* Just thought i should let you know though, Los Angeles as a town didn't exist until the 1760s and that was settled by Spanish Missionaries....before there were some native settlements on the Catalina Islands. He can always have gone there after the change I'm not a huge stickler on historical accurateness, but it's just funny that the town hadn't even existed then.. :P

Swift! She's beautiful! Who would have thought that she lives out in the wild O.o she shouldn't hide that beauty in the forest

Gerbera I love her background! It's so fascinating can't wait to see how it develops

I'm so excited about this and look forward to other applicants *hint hint* :P

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#11 Old 24th May 2007 at 6:03 PM
Swiftsign she is awesome!

Ah-ha! I wasn't sure whether Los Angeles existed or not, thanks for clearing that up

I know I'm excited about this too, I can't wait to see more vampires apply! Come on vamps or I'll unleesh wrath of Nath upon you... ^^ *chuckle*
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Clan: Toreador
Name: Vevila van Roemer
Age: Neonate - 89 years

Vevila was born in a small German village in 1918 to a Dutch father and German mother. Her father was an ungoverned and audacious actor who taught her from infancy that the greatest pleasures in life would be obtained through the pursuit of the arts. Her mother was a meek and servile woman in contrast; she owned a small and unassuming bakery but had a magnificent gift for the harp. The dual interest in the arts compelled Vevila to hone her own aptitude for singing, which she pursued tenaciously. Her overwhelming beauty and grace while performing captivated a member of the Toreador clan, who turned her early in 1943. Once embraced by the Toreadors, they sheltered her from the war that enveloped the world.
Once the war ended and Germany surfaced as a ruined nation with nothing but rubble left lining its once glorious streets, Vevila emigrated to France for a short time before settling in London until 2003. Thriving off of her ability to attract others through her haunting songs and alluring nature, Vevila began to fully understand her new life as a vampire. On a whim, she decided to venture to Los Angeles, where she remains to this day.


Too beautiful to kill?

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Welcome tramples! Bio sounds great, can't wait to see your vimmie (vampire+simmie :lol)
#14 Old 24th May 2007 at 7:57 PM
Thanks Tosh, Thanks Dev :D

Nath is scary! wouldnt want to bump into him in a dark alley

Vevila sounds interesting Trampled cant wait to see pics
#15 Old 24th May 2007 at 8:31 PM
Clan: Toreador
Name: Colette Fiuliére
Age: Neonet, 124 years old
Colette was born in the French countryside the year 1883.
But at a young age she realised that she wanted more of an artistic life and not the farm life her parents lived.
So at the young age of 15 she ran away to Paris where her uncle lived.

When she was 19 she had decided to be come an painter.
She struggled for about a year and then she met Antón a quite popular painter and a vampire.
He lured her to come with him, he promised to make her famous. He bit her and made her in to the Vampire she is today.
She joined the Toreador clan around the 1920's.

She lived in Paris untill 1991 when she moved to Los Angeles.

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#16 Old 24th May 2007 at 9:24 PM
Haha, the Toreadors sure went fast, hm? xD
Tosh! I'm so excited! I hope my Vimmie (so cute! ;3 ) will be up to par. I love Nath! <3
Swift, I'm off to take some pictures right now! :D

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Ooh hey pom! Colette is cute... but what lies underneath that pristine exterior? :evil: ^^

Thank you trampled and swift :D
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K i've updated the list, and the other 2 banners are being worked on as I write

Gerbera I wasn't sure which clan you were in so I didn't put you in any yet... could you please bold it? thanks

pompom and trampled, I'm so glad to see you both join! I like both of your vamps :D

ETA NM Gerbera I reread your bio so I figure you're Toreador right? You don't have to be just because you were bitten by one

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#19 Old 24th May 2007 at 10:09 PM
((I had written earlier that Stella was a Toreador but accidentially deleted it with my last edit - I have rewritten it now :P
I'll post my pics tomorrow, I didn't have time today.
I hope to see more entries soon, this is going to be fun!))
#20 Old 24th May 2007 at 10:27 PM
Yay thanks Toshie...but I'm quite unhappy with her picture but the best picture I took was in CAS and it would seem...not good to post it xD But maybe I should because you can se her I'll think about it -.-'

Eh I did it...don't hate me because I dont take great pictures xD
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Default Greenie ;; Lhidias ;; Application


Aha, yes. Of course, you would be the sort to look at me, a terrified look on your face. Maybe someone told you wrong. Maybe you have a twisted view upon the world, and our world... yet, are you even aware of its existance? I thought not.
Long ago, before you probably can even fathom to think my existance began, I lived a normal life, somewhat like your own. Trying to understand the world around me, trying to find away to make it better, nicer. You wonder why Im here, why I stand before you, eh? Why Im not dead? Lost forever as everyone else was?
The simplest answer, the simplest you can understand anyway... A cool night, walking home from the library, where I had been studying something or other... To this day i cannot recall the exact subject.. Someone pulled me aside. Now of course, startled, I fought against them. "Perfect." was all I heard, before slipping into black.
You question my honesty? Ill ask you to question your thoughts on life, how nice it is to be a normal person, in your criminally normal world. Would you like that?
"Think for yourself or die. Either way, Im satisfied."


ooc;; Mahhhhh. I tried? :P
Test Subject
#22 Old 25th May 2007 at 12:18 AM
I was going to put Vevvie's first shot up, but realized it was HUGE.
I'll resize later when I get back from my practice; do the picture forums size limitations apply here as well? (600x450?)

She's gorgeous PomPom!

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#23 Old 25th May 2007 at 12:21 AM
I might have to enter this.. *twitch*

If I do, it'll be my lovely dear Icarus as featured in my avvie at the moment.

I'll get his app stuff up tomorrow, right now I'm going to sleep. :D
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#24 Old 25th May 2007 at 12:24 AM
@trampled yes they do apply here...what you can do is crop it and put a link back to the full one :D

Oooh Haylifer would love for Icarus to join from the looks up it he's VERY attractive

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#25 Old 25th May 2007 at 12:46 AM
Well.. Im mostly finished. Happy Dev?

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