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Colette is gooooorgeous!!!

Everyone looks so good! Though Nath is scaring me...
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Default Veronica de la Rosa
Clan - Malkavian
age - Neonate: 87
Name: Veronica de la Rosa
short bio:
Guadalupe, Mexico 1920. 23 year old, Veronica de la Rosa is quietly walking home from a long day's work. She doesn't notice the crackling sounds coming from a nearby ally. With only one thought on her mind, her 5 month old son waiting for his dinner, she doesn't notice the unfamiliar shadow following her. As Veronica was about to open the small gate to her home, she was struck by a creature and was bitten upon the neck. Left unconcious, Veronica awoke hours later in her bed with the town doctor hovering above her.

Only days later had she noticed the changes. So she left, into the night, no longer with her child and husband, but instead with the clothes on her back and the hunger for blood in her stomache.
Days turned in to years and she knew her husband was no longer, her child now a senior, so she left Mexico and traveled to California, where she found herself in Los Angeles, city of Angels.
And that is where she resides today.

Sexy, with an attitude. Veronica isn't afraid to show skin, or tell 'em who's boss....
Her personality changes drastically within minutes... and she just can't help it.

new to this, so shoot me if i'm ruining it or just plain out bad
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Okay. Im actually honestly for real-ly finished.

Awesome huh?

Anyway.. The finished entry can be found here.

Just a scary side note - The original height of the picture when I cropped it was 666. Is this a sign?

Edit : Oniellaaaaa. I cannot wait to see what she looks like. ^-^
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Thanks Greenie!

Done, finally!

changed the dates....

so now she's actually correct :P
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Posted my pictures of Vevila! :D

Awww.... I kind of like Nath. Isat weird? >_>

Greenstraws - Ooh. He's hunky. :3
Oniella- Wow! She's beautiful!

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Thanks trampled!

Vevila is gorgoues too!
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Originally Posted by trampledsneakers
Greenstraws - Ooh. He's hunky. :3

Heh, not bad for nearly 2,000, eh? I cannot believe I just said that.
But.. yeah. Your girl is goregous herself.. :D

And ONIE! Shes amazingly puuurtyy! In a terrifying sort of way... xD
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T'ank you Greenie!
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((Wow can't believe I've missed this so far, I love the idea of vampy roleplaying. It's been a while since I RP'd but I'm geting together an appliction right now...

The vamps are all gorgous - well Nath is more cute/scary

Can I reserve a space in the Tremere clan?))
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Yay more entries! I'm so happy. I'm sorry Veldagia but I can't reserve you a spot the whole idea is to fill all the places and I don't think it's allowed

I HOPE we get some more male vamps out there *hint hint*

Greenie, Lhidias is looking gooooood and I love the name
Onie Veronica is very exotic looking, I also wouldn't want to cross her path in a dark alley O.o

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Originally Posted by Devoshka
Greenie, Lhidias is looking gooooood and I love the name

Hahaha YAY, for hitting the keyboard!
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25th May 2007 at 1:11 PM
This message has been deleted by Tramen.
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I love him Greenie! :D

*EDIT* Oniella she is gorgeous!
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Tramen I'm sorry but there's no reserving. Although, it is allowed to claim a spot provided all info is filled out (primarily bio) and that pics will be posted later

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Awh thanks Tosh-- Sorry.. Bufalovravlovingloben.[[]] Ive missed you.. Stalking isnt the same..
And, Nath is like.. Insanely awesome. :D:D:D
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Thanks Greenie, stalked any members recently? Hehe. [[End of spam]]
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I've got a male vampy!

He's coming soon.

I have a problem though. I wrote up the bio, and got carried away slightly. It's not exactly short. It's 5 paragraphs If I post that AND the photos then its just going to be a massive beast of a post and take over the world as we know it. I'm trying to condense it down a bit as we speak. x__x Maybe I'll just rewrite it. It serves me right for trying to write a bio in 1st person for a schizophrenic vampire.
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LOL it's ok, I love backgrounds and it does help to establish characters and for others to understand what he's like and how to interact...but yeah maybe pruning just a teeeny bit would help :P

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Now I wanna see it. -whines-

If it was my place to do so, id make you post it anyway, just so I could read it.
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Hooray for using ancestral Polish surnames.. My Bio still isn't exactly short I took out loads though!

Clan: Malkavian
Name: Icarus Centowski
Age: Ancilla (217 years)

Bio: I was born in Ireland towards the end of the 18th century, to two Polish immigrants, renowned of the cult. For my 16th year of moral living, they bestowed upon me the gift. In disgust, I hid myself from the world for the first century of bearing my affliction. My photosensetivity denied me the daytime world I had grown to love. I hated my parents for making me what I am, despised them. I hid myself through two wars, feeding solely on the unfortunate trespassing rodents, listening to the explosions and screams happening above me.

Soon after the end of the Second World War, I heard a rumour of a city in the United States. It was said to sleep through the day, and come alive at night. This nocturnal behaviour made me curious, due to the similarity in my own behaviour pattern. I decided to cross the Atlantic and see this City of the Night for myself.

My seclusion from the world in the past has taken its toll, however. For now I have another condition to cohabitate with. Ever since my childhood, there have been others there to keep me company. I can not see them, instead I hear them making conversation with me. Recently, these voices have changed in their friendly nature. They are violent, insisting, judgemental and somewhat disturbing. I only can hope that someday they will take leave of my mind, and I will perhaps be able to live a life somewhat closer to normality.

There are also several... personality disorders I have been associated with. Whilst I have a tested IQ of over 195, my mood has been known to change most rapidly, from a manic psychosis to depression. I have also been known to speak out of turn, be far too bold, or say things offensive to others. I deny this. My psychiatrist insisted that I suffered from a form of schizophrenia and also bipolar disorder. Of course, he's not around anymore to tell me this. I took it upon myself personally to ensure that was the case..

(Photo coming soon-ish, I wanna go in-game and take one rather than just a bodyshop one. Or then again, just look at my avvie! I wanna give him clothes though. Well I don't want to, hahah, but I may have to )

EDIT: I made him Irish (tee hee) and added more about his personality. Watch out, I'm taking over the forums with my beast-post!

EDIT 2: Added pics. Decided to leave him topless. He's better that way :p
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Thanks Toshie and devoshka :P
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Originally Posted by haylifer
Or then again, just look at my avvie! I wanna give him clothes though. Well I don't want to, hahah, but I may have to
Hahaha. nooo! Dont do it!

i love him though.. Going and killing his psychiatrist.. :D
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Eeee Haylifer, that sounds awesome!
Veronica is the same! lol
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Originally Posted by sapphireXclaws
Colette is gooooorgeous!!!

Everyone looks so good! Though Nath is scaring me...

Aaaaahw thanks ^^

and Nath scares me to :O
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pompom! :D

Colette is gorgeous ^^
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Not to worry, I should have my application finished by tonight. I'm working on it right now. Its a female vamp though as she's been in my head a while and I've almost finished creating her in bodyshop.

Haylifer - from your avator he really, really doesn't need clothes.
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