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Louie is introduced to Diamond's mom.

"You must be Natalie?"
"Yeah...oh, so you're the man I've heard so much about! You're a hunk. I can see why my kid let you knock her up."
"Um, thank you."
"If you're bored, and not doing anything later..."
"Mom!" hisses Diamond, in the background.
"What? I was just asking."
"That's my fiance!"

"Guess what, Lou? I can call you Lou, right?"
"Sure, I suppose."
"Well, I'm pregnant!"
"You don't say."
"And my daughter is pregnant, so we're like, both pregnant! Isn't that great?"
"I bet your husband is happy."
"Ew, I'm not married!"
"...then who got you pregnant?"
"This one guy I know. Don't remember his name. It'll come to me eventually. Of course, it could be that other guy's. You know how it is."
"Not really."

"Your mom is weird."
"She's very proud of her promiscuity."
"What was that, dear?" chimes in Natalie.
"Nothing, mom."
"Oh, okay. I'm stealing this food, if anyone cares. You guys look healthy enough. I'm eating for two, so I need all the food I can get!"

"She knows you're having twins, right?"
"Haven't told her yet."
"Let's not end up like that, okay?"
"Fine by me."

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When Mary's sister Madge dies, Pierre is right there for her. She's known him forever. His late wife was her closest friend, apart from Madge, and of course they all lived through the Bad Old Days, the end of which - heartbreakingly - coincided exactly with Mary's early widowshood. Mary finds herself talking more about the details of her marriage to Frank than she ever has. They talk about Marie.
They talk about love. Because it's all about love.

They go home, and she takes him to the studio to hear some rough cuts of the next album which, like all her albums, rise naturally out of her life. Which means Marie's death is there. Of course they dance during "The Widower's Waltz." She doesn't plan what happens next, exactly. It's just - the next natural thing.

"Um. I called you Marie, didn't I?"
"Of course you did. And I called you Frank."
"They were - you were - I was - "

"It's all right, Pierre. It's not betraying Marie if you're reaching through me, to her."
"That's what you've always been doing, isn't it? With all those young men that parade through here. You've been trying to get to Frank."
"And you finally let me reach him. Thank you."

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He probably shouldn't have slipped into the hot tub with Cara Webb.

They met yesterday, yet somehow it cumulated to this. Not to say that Jean didn't enjoy the attention, as he most certainly did, but it just seemed so fast. She didn't seem comfortable either, even though her hand slowly gravitated down his thighs. It seemed as if she was forcing herself. This isn't how it's supposed to happen, and it shouldn't happen like this. He could feel it. He needed to ask.

"What's wrong?"

Cara glanced up at the alien eyed boy. She forced a smile, and replied there was nothing wrong. He continued to stare. Eventually, she leaned over and whispered to him her experience with this strange realm. How she lost her virginity to boy who was lost in the world of gender identity, the loneliness of being an eternal teenager in a changing world, and exactly why she had a seething hate for a certain ginger. It was really too much for Jean to take at once.

Shaken, Jean-Baptiste climbed out of the hot tub, and reached for his Geometry homework. Henri joined in, unaware of the events that took place. Cara soaked quietly, and contemplated the consequences of her words. She poured her heart out to the Jacquet boy. He won't see her the same way, that's for sure. What if he never wanted to speak to her again? No...he wouldn't do that. There was good in him.

Maybe it was for the better.

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A young girl's year-long battle

Just a flu...

...or is it?


...or battle scars?


...or cure?

Facing death...

...or life?
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Okay, now the phantom disagreer's just being mean! The amount of work that sequence represents deserves respect all by itself.

On a lighter note, Monica Bratford's assault on Fortress Vidcund resulted in unconditional surrender and mutual victory. But at what cost?

"That was - oh, my. I hope that loud music downstairs drowned us out."
"I don't care if it did or not. DJ must be back from her final. She said she was going to throw a toga party as soon as she finished."
"Seriously? I just lost my virginity at a toga party in a sorority house?" He starts to laugh, and snuggles into her arms, and they both go to sleep.

"I can't find my pants."
"I threw them on the floor over - oh. Oh, for - I'm going to kill somebody." She sits up, and then, starts to giggle. "On the other hand, it is a toga party -"

The pants are nowhere to be found on the second floor, and the culprit has at least left Vidcund his (extremely modest, of course!) underthings, so Monica keeps him company and they defy the prankster together. But the "toga" part of the party does leave something to be desired. "I know, but it's snowing out there! I wasn't tramping across campus in my drawers just to satisfy a party theme."
"I do not understand the theme. The toga was a distinctively Roman garment, while the Greeks wore the chiton. And underwear and pajamas are good substitutes for neither."

"I swear to you, Dr. Curious, if I knew where your pants were, I'd tell you."
"A likely story."
"No, it's true."
"And you call yourself a college student!"
"I am an excellent student; but the social aspect is still difficult for me."
"Yeah, me too. Well, take it from me - you can't afford to be the narc who gives the game away. It's getting late and my son will need me to read him his story, so as soon as I finish these chips, I'll volunteer to tune that piano and find my pants hopelessly wadded up and fouling the strings."

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When Olive Reaper entered Ramirez's Fine Furniture, Checo saw simoleon signs. He tried to steer her towards the most expensive living room set in his store -- Tessa had once remarked Olive's house was filled with antiques, which he and anyone else in the business knew was merely a polite term for worn-out old furniture -- but she brushed him aside in order to examine the cheapest dining set on the lot. And then she told him to go away when he tried to expound upon its craftmanship.

Both he and his assistant Dominique Pearson pulled out all the stops, offering to deliver it personally should she buy it (and anything else in the establishment, like that fine sofa and chair that would certainly liven up that crypt she called a home). Dominique even stopped ringing up customers in order to help his boss out.

While Olive remained unmoved, the other customers started to get a bit irate.

Brittany Curious left first, muttering something about making sure her cape would be in the wash next time the Llama Queen came by for the store's "insurance fees." She was soon followed by Michelle Tse, who made sure to tell Dominique to inform the oh-so-busy Checo that their date for that evening was cancelled before she stormed out.

Olive eventually left the store without buying anything, leaving Checo bereft of not only bragging rights, but a few business stars and a date with Michelle.

(Seriously: Checo and Dominique would not leave Olive alone and they ignored all of the other patrons in favor of trying to sell her some tables and chairs! Between the two of them, they must've pestered her at least thirty times. Meanwhile, their shenanigans caused four customers that would have otherwise bought something to leave in a huff, as well as causing other customers who were looking to be shown a product to leave as well. All of the other business owners in town know not to bother Olive -- she's not going to buy anything, and is really only there to pick fights -- but Checo either didn't get the memo or mistakenly thought his eldest daughter's connection to the Muenda family could get him some cash from its matriarch.)

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Vidcund's as happy as the next warehouse boy to see the alluring Andice Point come over, but her brother Lance is such a jerk! Why'd she have to bring him?
"Hey, Vid, your shoe's untied!"
"What? I don't have shoelaces!"
"Ow! What the -"

Andice appears to be mortified. "Lance, stop being a jerk! I'm sorry, Vid - I have to bring him. Daddy won't let me come downtown unescorted."
"He actually said 'unescorted?'
"Yes! I like to died!"

She stands so close...and smells so good...and Pascal, for whom she has shown a preference, is still fussing over his zits in the restroom...But just when Vidcund thinks he's getting somewhere, he gives in to an irresistible impulse that he should have resisted.

"Back off, jackass!"
"I can't help it! Your sister's so hot!"
"Oh, good," chirps Andice, "here comes Pascal!"

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Burning...burning...he was burning. Darkness fell to late to save Jason Greenman.

Rose tried to comfort Asher, but her own distress was taking over.

"If you weren't my daughter, I'd have you locked up!" Rose screamed at Daisy, who had been the one to turn Jason into a vampire. "I still would if I wasn't still afraid of you burning too!"

Despite having a bit of Jason left in their toddler son and unborn child, Rose devoted herself to the care of a sack-baby. At least she did so in the privacy of the bedroom.
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When Stella met Corey, she knew they had to spend their lives together: they were the only two aliens in the neighborhood! Corey was in love with Carla Martinez at the time, but Stella didn't give up until he fell in love with her. They got married and had Shamash and Ishtar. Stella wants more babies, but Corey seems reluctant. Well, the most important thing for Stella is having kids and continuing their green-skinned species. And if Corey isn't available...

... her old professor from La Fiesta Tech will have to do!

It's not that she doesn't love Corey. She does; she loves him very much. But she's willing to make sacrifices for what she considers the greater good.

Mission accomplished!

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Two liquid breakfasts were enjoyed in the Broke trailer. Dustin knew interfering would only make matters worse for his mother, so he tried to numb the pain with a drink.

Consort's strained relationship with his main food source upset the one of her sons who was old enough to know what was going on and young enough not to be able to handle it maturely.

Consort tried to console Beau, reassuring him that none of this was his fault and that Consort liked him.

He put him to bed, trying to ignore how much the dirty child stunk.
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"See, I told you I could warm you up."
"You did indeed. However, I am still a creature of the night."
"Hey, I'm not here to change you. You don't scare me."

"Are you sure of that? BLEAH!"

"Oh, no -"
"Eu, that's not attractive."
"What did you expect? I'm an elder and have a weak bladder! I have to clean this up right away or I'll have to replace the whole carpet, and I desperately need a shower and -"

"Waaaah! How - how could you? After I showed you such a nice time...and I'm a Virgo, too, I'll be crying about this for days."
"I told you, I am a creature of the night. I feel another bleah coming on."
"Get out! Out! Out! I never want to see you again."

(I had to cancel three or four more "bleah" attempts before I could get the ungrateful cow out the door. That's no way to repay someone who gives you the most aspiration points you've ever had in your ignored townie life!)

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Why is Daytona Beech smiling?

It can't be the arrival of Shallough Beech, who isn't actually Daytona's grandchild...

Ohh...Sandy caved to the drama-lover's temptation to "come clean" by spilling the truth to people who would, in all likelihood, have preferred to continue in ignorance. But rather than begging for her on his knees (which was what Sandy was hoping for) Hamilton recognizes (good son that he is) that this smirch on the family name has got to go.

Daytona feels all the righteous satisfaction of knowing she raised her son right.

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Isaiah Gavigan and Tessa Ramirez have been having a casual romantic relationship throughout most of university, despite the fact that Tessa is engaged to Justin Kim

Of course when Justin is around, Tessa pretends nothing is going on, and acts as if Isaiah is crazy for trying to flirt with her

He doesn't understand why she would shoot him down, after all, he spends more time with Tessa than she does with Justin

So he does the only thing he can think of to forget about Tessa. Make out with the maid.
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Just LOVIN this thread; it really encourages some short-story creativity.

Namaste... or "go"
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Dove Hawkins was skeptical about letting her best friend Dior Skirt do her hair. He has the vanity table in his father's home lab, for pity's sake. But - "Say, this does look pretty good. You know. Distinctive."
"See? You were right to trust me."

"Of course I trust you! But you've got to admit, this is a weird place to put a vanity table."
"This was the only place with room. And it is for experimenting, after all. Hang on, let me touch up that one eye -"

Dove was not expecting him to lean in and kiss her - but she's not surprised, either. Because, Hawkins. It doesn't rock her world the way all the hype led her to expect, but she sees possibilities.

"Well. Aren't you brave?"
"It was that or stay awake all night kicking myself for not taking the chance. You're - not mad, are you?"
"Well, let's see. Are you doubled up in pain clutching your personal bits right now?"
"Then I must not be mad. I'm even glad. It's kind of a strain walking around knowing every guy at school wants to and none of 'em has the guts to get near me."

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Adonia and her father Matthew had never been close, but he was all she had. When a random lightning/fire related accident took his life, she was left alone and devastated.

Things were at their lowest, but soon she randomly bumps into Miguel---an old friend from grade school. Suddenly her lonely little world is becoming clearer..

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#42 Old 22nd Aug 2014 at 8:14 PM
Another fire story...with no happy ending. But struck ME as funny.
When the three BSFs flunked out of college they didn't really care. College was all about FUN, and they had plenty! But when they moved back to Strangetown all they could afford was an odd little house. With stairs to the basement and second floor, and a ladder to the roof, they thought there would be plenty of room for hot parties. But by the time they discovered that the basement stairs were a death trap, a huge fire had started...

The girls, already unhappy about the non-accessible shower and the lack of entertainment, panicked.

With the panicked girls always in the way, the firemen had a hard time reaching the fire, and by the time the fire was contained, the girls were dust.

It was a hot time alright. By the time Death had finished his job, there was only one more thing to do...

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Virginia Beech had to think long and hard after Max Flexor swept her off her feet on the day after she and Woody Weiss exchanged virginities.She got engaged right away, but put him off on going to bed with him, because she wanted to break with Woody first, and then she was still feeling rushed; but this afternoon she went on a date with him, everything was fine, and he threw his graduation party. And now - this! This!

"What the hell? Why you - but the - I BROKE WOODY'S HEART FOR YOU, YOU BASTARD!"

Max, it transpires, has no idea whatsoever how to deal with this situation.

And why is this girl fuming? Why - this is the girl with the shoulder Woody cried on, who was secretly delighted when Virginia got engaged, who had A Plan...! And now it may be all to do over!

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27th Aug 2014 at 11:34 AM
This message has been deleted by RoslynLee.
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Eric Addams-Vaugan is a gorgeous little boy but his mum Garnet Vaugan-Martin is not the best. She put him down on the pavement outside the house after having him and only picked him back up for his birthday. After which she promptly put him back down in the same place and held her nose. Eric is hungry and smelly and for the moment that is out weighing his tiredness.

After a couple of hours though his tiredness wins out and he passes out on the same patch of pavement he's beginning to think of as his bed while his mum calls a strange man up for a Booty Call.

He wakes up to his mum playing a video game. He cries and screams but she ignores him. The bump is his baby sister Kaylynn Vaugan-Vaugan, her father is a different townie to Eric's and not the playable Garnet was booty calling while ignoring her son.

Thankfully his mum realised she wasn't very good at this when she couldn't reach the fridge because she'd left Kaylynn screaming in front of it and sent them and $2000 to a nice sim they and Garnet are tenuously related to. Eric likes it here, he has toys, food, attention and Kaylynn has her own crib.

Apologies for the quality of the last one, I have Gun's radiance mod installed and dusk was falling.
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#45 Old 31st Aug 2014 at 8:51 PM
These stories are so interesting...wish we could have sequels!

Namaste... or "go"
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#46 Old 5th Sep 2014 at 10:31 AM

Virginia Beech is surprised and touched by Woody's gesture of asking her to slow dance right there in the middle of the little Widespot General Store. After getting rejected for his first kiss by Virginia already, it is of the utmost importance that Woody pulls it off this time. He's nothing if not determined, though sometimes perhaps also a little inappropriate, shown by his constant telling of dirty jokes to anyone who will listen, and his inability to know when to give someone a noogie...

Oh Woody...Virginia didn't like the noogie all that much, but luckily, after eating dinner at home, he invites her over and she accepts.

A nice pillow fight outside helps relax the atmosphere, and Woody's nerves. After they are inside and chat a little bit more, and then slow dance once again, Woody decides to go for it.

Success! Woody is very, very pleased with himself for his accomplishment, though it really does seem to be more about the accomplishment than anything else. He doesn't have any more wants pertaining to Virginia, after all. In fact, he is already ready for two lovers! There aren't many candidates in Widespot, so Woody may either become unpopular with the ladies of Widespot very soon, or he will have to wait until college to play the field a bit
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#47 Old 7th Sep 2014 at 2:35 PM
You do kind of need a field before you can play it, but hey, there's Dixie, and Goldie, and Sadie Wilkie at the General Store...

In another universe, Woody has proceeded on to more mature things. For a certain value of maturity.

Help! Woody, who has very kindly been showing Marla the ropes ever since she arrived at ALT, was jumped by another dormmate as they got back from her lesson in dating. Marla's not sure what Shane has against Woody, but this violence is too much for her.

"And stay down!"
"Woody! Are you all right?"
"Me? I'm fine, see - I won."
"This time, Weiss! This time!"

But Shane won't stay down. He starts following Woody around the dorm, glowering and making threatening gestures. Woody and Marla do their best to ignore him, but no one can live like this!

So Marla takes drastic steps, and hunts down a residence that they can afford if they pool their grant money. "And both bedrooms have double beds, but we could take one out and have a study."
"No. We'll need them when you move on and get yourself a real boyfriend."
"I'm not like your other girlfriends. I won't do that."
"Of course you will. I've told you and told you, I'm just for practice. I shouldn't even move in with you, but it is hard to get anything done, being braced for the next time Shane jumps me all the time. So I love you for helping me out like this. You're the best!"
Well, it's a start, reflects Marla.

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Samantha was pretty happy about the arrival of her new precious son Richard. Though she did worry if her other children would treat him differently.
Biologically speaking, he wasn't theres. He was 'made in their image' in a lab called 'Create a Sim' (explained here ). But he was just like theirs. She could see Peters higher-up eyes and her chubby-cheeks. His light brown eyes, and her blonde hair. She loved him just as much as her other kids.

Tommy wasn't happy when he found out he had a new sibling.
He had previously had his crib pulled into David's room for the night so the new arrival could sleep well before being introduced to the family, but while playing the next morning, he decided to walk in and see what all the fuss was about

Tommy was especially mad when Richard (whom his parents had nicknamed "Bambi") started playing with his toys! Whats worse is that they had to share a bedroom.
"Go away!" Tommy would shout at poor little Richard whenever he went near any of Tommy's toys, causing Richard to burst into tears.

Eventually things settled down, Samantha presumed it was because Tommy had got over being the baby of the family, but really Tommy had just figured out how to bully Richard when his parents weren't looking. Sharla was just about to tell David (who was babysitting while their parents watched a movie in the livingroom) but he was walking down the stairs. "David! Tommy just stole Richard's boat" she called out, raising her hand in the air as if she was at school

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It's been a few days and no-ones replied, so I presume it's okay for me to post again...

As Juanita blew out the candles on the cake, visions of the children Carla had given away flashed before her eyes. She thought about them a lot, the children she gave away whilst she was a brothel worker, they were probably in their late teens now. She didn't know. She wondered if they were still living in the orphanage down the road, if they ever found a nice family to call their own. If they ever went off to university and made something of themselves. Did they know their Mother loved them?

"Juanita, there's something I want you to have" Carla said, all of her life she had been dreaming of this moment, and now it had finally happened, she didn't even know what to say to her daughter who was now grabbing the present right from her hands - they were too poor to ever afford birthday presents normally. It was just Carla and Juanita. In a tiny 1 room 4x5 apartment, Carla had never worked because of how needy Juanita was as a young child, She didn't even know who Juanita's father was so she never received any child support or even any help raising her.

"What is it?" Juanita asked, she looked at the old lamp intently "You know, you don't have to spend any money on me"
"This lamp is why we're here" Carla explained "While pregnant with you, I worked in a brothel, but then one day I found this lamp outside and I rubbed it. A genie came out and gave me three wishes." She took a long pause "I didn't wish for anything, I told the Genie to remember that for later. That night I flead from the Brothel I had worked at for many years, and bought this apartment with what little money I had. This lamp will give you anything you want in life."

Carla knew she wouldn't have a say in what Juanita would do with her three wishes, but all she could do was hope she used them well. She looked into Juanita's eyes, she felt a twinge in her heart. Was she a bad mother to have given her daughter so much, but to abandon her other children on the orphanage doorstep? Should she have left the brothel when she was pregnant for the first time, instead of the third? What about Juanita, was it fair to give her this gift that her other siblings didn't get? - and what will happen when you give a girl who has came from nothing the power to have everything?
Carla wondered for a while..

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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"Daddy, will you teach me how to use the new candy machine?"
"Sure thing!" Julien hasn't ever used the thing himself, but there's instructions. How hard can it be?

"Okay, so now the ingredients are loaded I just throw - um, push, this is kind of stiff - wait, is this the right direction?"

Nope, that was not the right direction and now there's chocolate all over the floor.

"Why don't we make candy some other time? How about a nice story?"

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