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Default What did you do with the Goth family?
so i found a new obsession, watching every family BUT the active family grow and change When one of my sims gossiped about the Goth family having a new baby i went over to the Goth household, put in a few cheats and found out that:

1. Gunther was dead
2. Gunther and Cornelia had a second son, named Reginald (so appropriate for that family i think) and he was now a teen
3. Mortimer was a young adult, and the baby boy, named Rasheeb, was his, and had no mother

a few days later Cornelia died and left Mortimer and Reginald to raise Rasheed themselves

so, what have you guys done with the Goth family?? *updated 7-13-11* please leave a comment if you read it!
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I was going to do a Black Widow challenge, but I messed up on making the sim so the challenge isn't official. But she stole Gunther from Cornelia anyway.

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Mortimer married Bella after Gunther and Cornelia died. They had Cassandra and Alexander, of course. Cassandra married a man named Deckard who was Christopher's Steel's son, and Alexander married Chris Steel's granddaughter Milla. Cassandra and Deckard had a son named Max who is now a young adult and married to a woman I made named Olivia. Cass and Deckard went through some marital troubles recently because they both had affairs that the rest of the family found out about. They almost divorced, but they made up.
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I deleted them as I always do. Can't stand that family much less any EA created family.

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#5 Old 20th Sep 2009 at 4:50 PM
I haven't actively played the Goths at all but my legacy founder ended up marrying Jarod, the other kid they had. I believe Gunther and Cornelia are both dead and Mortimer just got married to some random chick a couple sim days ago.
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In this version of Sunset Valley, Mortimer married my legacy generation 2 spare Colleen and had two children while Bella was the 2nd wife of generation 2 heir, Conner, had a daughter named Jocelyn, and has just recently died of starvation after yelling at Conner for flirting with the maid while her hunger bar was in the red.

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never played them...60 weeks in...they moved BYE BYE!!!
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I Killed them all then made a family That was supposed to Be Cassandra Outcast Brothers Family

Poor Jack Goth

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Originally Posted by gta3champion
I deleted them as I always do. Can't stand that family much less any EA created family.

lol same
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On one save Bella and Mortimer had a babykins

The other Leighton Sekemoto's daughter became the gold digger wife of Morty
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i only played with them like... 1 day, and later i changed to another family... the reason? they all had bad traits... and a bad attitude...
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While running Indie stone, Gunther impregnated Cornelia and broke up with her, several days later he married Cornelia's sister Agnes. ROFLMAO! At first I seen they were expecting a second baby I was like "cool", then they broke up and was like "wow that's messed up", then when he married Agnes I just Rofled. The end.

Eventually Gunther had a baby with Agnes and one of my spares married the child (Forget his name)
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^^I love the Indie Stone mod it makes the story progression so much more realistic. I got a notification saying once "There aren't any ladies left in town for Ian Peak. Will he ever find Ms. Right?" I started laughing.

Anyway, what's going with the Goth family in my game is that Gunther and Cornelia have died...and the older girl from my sextuplets challenge is married to Mortimer...(I made him look cool with a Rise Against t-shirt, suspender pants, ripped converses, a tiger tattoo on his arm, nosebridge and septum piercings, and eyeliner XD). They are expecting their first child. Both my sim and Mortimer are employed in sim is at the 5th tier and Mortimer is on the 2nd tier. Both have LTWs to be Rock Stars.

It was actually frustrating for my sim to find a guy for her to be with since most of the good looking guys in my town are taken...oh wait that's like real life lol. i just had her wait for Mortimer to be a young adult and they started dating =P
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I am playing the Sims 2 and I really love the Goth and Bachelor Family. I was playing one of my CAS and then decided to change the active families to the Bachelors and Goths and then realised that Bella and Mortimer have grown up as teenager and their respective parents were elders (I changed Gunther and Cornelia's looks to make them more... Pre-Sims 3-ish). Yesterday I made Mortimer kiss Bella on the couch and then make out -blushes- (at Bella's house).

I am gonna make them have their own story, once Bella and Mortimer marry and the Bachelors (except Michael) die, I'm gonna let her move into Bella's house :D. Am I able to move Don Lothario into this household? :D.

Note: Bella and Mortimer are actually quite "good looking" in the sims 3 XD
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I had one save where Mortimer and Bella married and had Cassandra and Alexander. It went surprisingly well. Mortimer had already completed his LTW of becoming a CEO by the time they had Cassandra, and Bella was well on her way to becoming an International Super Spy. They were quite wealthy, and happy with their lives. I really enjoyed having Bella raise children. She was an excellent mother, and being high in her career she had a lot of free time. She read the kids lots of books and taught them everything they needed to know, even played with them on their toddler toys. I absolutely loved Cassandra. She was very beautiful and I was planning on having her join the science career when she was old enough. Alexander wasn't bad looking either, and I was probably going to employ him as an author. I was very pleased with the whole situation.

Buuut I neglected to backup my game before I patched one time and BOOM!! You know the rest.

I was very sad to have lost my pretty little Cassandra. Perhaps I'll try again someday. *sigh*
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#16 Old 8th Sep 2010 at 9:12 AM
I find Mortimer good looking in Sims 3 too!
That's why, in my game, he is the stud. hohoho
He has many kids with different ladies to spread his Goodlook genes.

Meanwhile, back in the Goth house, right at the begining of the game, I planted a evil girl with red eyes (Alexandra) into the game. She's the future Empress of Evil who is to grow up with Mortimer to be his bride. This is the Gothic story of the Goths.
Before Mortimer got married with Alexandra, he went to find Bella to have their last date to end their pre-sims3 romance.(I'm against this handsome Mortimer and the fat Bella being together. I'm thought Bella is an elite elegant woman from Sims2) Unknowingly, during that date, Mortimer had already planted his seed in Bella. Bella had his first kid, a girl.

Both Mortimer and Alexandra are adults now, and they have 3kids (2girls and one guy). The guy takes after Mortimer good looks. He turned out to be a vampirish looking boy (suited for Late Night expansion, he's going to be the vampire of Sunny Valley).

However, my story progression somehow made the couple break up, and they each is married to someone else. But, being the true Goths, they are forbidden to move out of the Goth household.

Gunther and Cornelia gave mortimer two more sisters, (i forgotten if he got a brother). All of them grew up, got married and moved out to other parts of the town. One got married to the Altos, and the other went to the Landgrabbs. The Goths has plunged their roots into the other elite families.
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I played the Goth House as a normal prequel of the Sims2 and 1, so my Mortimer and Bella Bachelor had a teen romance, then got engaged and married as young adults. Bella as a teen girl had also other romances, though, since she's very Flirty in my game (she was a Romance sim in Sims2), and to tell the truth, she's continuing her flirts as a married woman, too. Now she has at least two secret lovers in Sunset Valley, whom she visits frequently.

They have of course two children, Cassandra and Alexander - I'm very curious what kind of traits you would give them? Cassandra for me is obviously Neat, for instance. Mortimer became an Inventor, and he has a part ownership in the Hospital.

Now I'm at the point when very close to the Happening, when Bella has to mysteriously disappear. I plan to arrange it so that Bella will simply elope with one of her lovers. (To the Family Inventory of course - maybe later I will move the couple to Twinbrook.) Now I'm working on the character who this guy will be from Sunset Valley... maybe one of the Altos' sons, a carreer criminal guy...
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I insinuated one of my own Sims into the Goths after switching up a few of their traits. I killed off Cornelia by drowning and had Gunther turn to Delilah Fredericks for comfort very soon afterward. Too bad she was already involved with (and pregnant by!) Ethan Bunch. Now Gunther is raising Frederick Goth, whom he thinks is his, while Delilah carries on a secret affair behind his back. Poor Ethan, meanwhile, just married and has a new daughter but he can't quite break away from Delilah. Silly Delilah, meanwhile, keeps rolling the want to have another baby with Gunther so as he edges toward death (he was an elder when they married), she keeps popping out children. Mortimer recently grew into young adulthood and, quite on his own, decided he was in love with Bella Bachelor. They just recently married and had a son of their own (strangely enough, he was born the day after Delilah and Gunther's newest child)!

Anyway, it gets even more complicated. Here's the family tree, if you want to see how it spreads:

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#19 Old 12th Dec 2010 at 7:47 AM
So far, in my game, Mortimer and Bella are teenagers. (They're both really good-looking! :D) Mortimer already completed his LTW of mastering Charisma and Guitar and is now boyfriend/girlfriend with Bella Gunther and Cornelia gave Mort a younger brother named Robbie, who was a Friendly, Absentminded Klepto. Then Gunther switched careers (to Politics) after he and Cornelia aged up to Elders. Mortimer got the Hopeless Romantic trait (in addition to his Artistic, Ambitious, and Grumpy) and became some sort of prodigy--he's already maxed out Guitar, Painting, and Charisma, and is Level 6 in Handiness and Logic and 5th in Writing. He also likes to hang out in Goth Manor's front yard and play "Keep On Raining" and "A Love Since Forgotten" on his silver guitar. Also, when he aged up (to Teen), he was wearing a black earring. IDK why but I find that really cool. :P
#20 Old 12th Dec 2010 at 1:16 PM
I have 5 profiles with different games going on, of the 5 profiles, the most interesting one for the Goths right now is the Ghost town. Something went wrong with story progression and you have to make the children date. I only have the Kids as all the adults have died. Darleen Bunch is alone in the house and has two kids from different fathers. Mortimer Goth married Trinity and has Cammile and a little boy. Mortimer put Cammile in his car one day and got her hair fixed in ponytails and then went to visit Bella. The boy is totally a Mommas boy and it looks like her brother. I think they might split and Mortimer will take Cammile with him.
In Sims Alexander is much younger than Cassandra. I think they will try and fix the story so I havent played them much. (On that profile the ageing slider was stuck and I couldnt go epic until a patch).
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Default The Goth Family
I like drama with my sims
Cassandra was head over heals for Don, and she invited him over. They woo-hooed that night, and the next morning she met him at the altar. He flipped out and left her crying. A few weeks later, she went to her next resort, Darren. He engaged to her, and she was over the moon. She was experiencing morning sickness alot, and she decided to take the test. She was positive. At first, she couldn't explain how she was- she hadn't done the birds and the bees with Darren yet. Then it hit her like a fist to the face. She was carrying Don's child! She flipped her top and didn't know what to do. She knew as much as anyone that Darren would notice. So that night, they did it, and she hoped Darren would think it was his. Dirk has an afair with the girl next door. (read my entry on what i did to the Pleasant family Cassandra has a break down and she tells Don. Don hits her and yells at her and tells her he will be no part of the baby's life. She has Demi a few months later, and although she has the hair and skin like Cass, she has Don's face. Darren is suspicious at first, but realizes Demi is a little darker than Cassandra. Cassandra really wants a child with Darren, so when Demi is a toddler, they try for a baby and she's prego again. That's how far I got. :p
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I used them to necro old threads.
#23 Old 3rd Apr 2013 at 3:51 AM
They advanced a few years after the events of TS3 but not quite got to the events of TS1. Bella is with her signature dress, and she's a stylist now. Mortimer is working at the science lab like in TS1, and Cassandra is a toddler.
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ooh this will be fun to explain. so i had cornelia and gunther goth have another baby (lucia goth) and i had mortimer and bella be in a relationship together and i was playing mortimer for awhile like when he has a teenager but as adults bella strangely turned into a vampire so i just had mortimer turn to one too. i don't necessarily like vampires. when lucia was a teen i had bella and mortimer move out. then lucia went to university and got a degree in culinary, and then she went back into the goth house until both cornelia and mortimer died. then she moved out on her own, and eventually had a kid (rose goth) and her boyfriend had broken up with her for cheating i guess (the reputation system is really screwed up in my save. it never disconnected her first romance from it so every other guy she dates is considered "cheating") but i figured it was okay beacuse it was good for the story line. but he was already moved in by then, and she had a kid with him. so she is currently engaged to her new boyfriend, and her daughter is a teen. i was trying to make her pregnant again but she's so close to being an elder i don't think it will work. (she had her kid way later in life). so i guess in about 4 sim days she'll be an elder. i mean to plan a wedding for them but when i did i got an error code 12 so i had to restart from where i last saved. they have a dog and a cat in the household also. right now she's currently at the highest level of the culinary career (which was her lifetime wish) i'm pretty sure i moved her ex out (don't really remember though) but i had her ex pursue a new romantic interest so he wasn't totally useless. i'm on like week 10 of my game.. never kept a save for this long, so hopefully things won't mess up too badly before i have to start a new game or something.

lucia goth is the girl in my avatar. she actually has red hair but she is the sister of mortimer. i guess her hair was a genetic mutation
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Originally Posted by gta3champion
I deleted them as I always do. Can't stand that family much less any EA created family.

Amen. I delete and/or replace all EA sims as soon as I can.

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