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I made Mortimer marry Bella, they obviously had two kids, Cassandra and Alexander. Bella went missing while Mortimer was killed during a robbery. Cassandra moved out of town to Los Aniegos while Alexander changed his gender and became Alexandra, left his family with no goodbye and also moved to Los Aniegos, where s/he is an artist.
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i meant cornelia and gunther* mortimer died in my game as an adult from 'omgz plasma deprivation'
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1st time
I had a big house full of the goths and some other household and my two sims. Mortimer became a Young Adult and married my (adult) sim. Then on their wedding day Gunther and Cassandra both died of old age.
2nd time
It was just them. But Agnes came over all the time for sleep-overs (making Gunther sleep in another room) Gunther then started making out with Cassandras Dads ghost. Cassandra dumped him and let Agnes move in. The two sisters raised Mortimer then until Adult. I then made him Marry Bella and then he cheated on her with Sunny Bakshi. So I had Bella adopt 5 kids and be a single mum. I continued for generations. Every generation someone would cheat on their new spouse and divorce AND not get re-married.
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Originally Posted by lisfyre
Amen. I delete and/or replace all EA sims as soon as I can.

Same here.
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Default My Goth Family
I bring Bella Back and shes living on her own in a house then Mort married Dina and had 2 girls called Trina and Gina and they both a child and teen and alexander as gone college with lucy burb both are dating also Mort as died - Dina Lives in the Goth house with her girls and with 3 dogs... Cassie as moved into darren's house and she had a baby called Sandra Bella Dreamer with darren.. then after that Bella Kicks out Dina and her kids and her dogs and Dina moves back in with her sisters house with her and Bella Brings back Alexander and lucy also moves in and has kids ..
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Absolutely nothing. The only EA sims/family I have ever played are the Williams, Aimee and Marley and their daughter.
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I played the Goth's for about an hour when I first got my game. Then Gunther aged up, I screamed in horror at how ugly he was and stopped playing for a week--my worst fears about the fuglyness of the Sims 3 Sims confirmed. Then I tentatively crept back, because I'd wasted money on buying the stupid thing, but I never went back to that town for fear he'd do it again.
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The only time I've actually played the Goths as the selected household, Agnes moved in and married Christopher Steel who also moved in. It was really a full house with all of them, including some new kids and all those ghosts. The original house got too cramped so I remodeled the house into a spacious Sim version of Highclere Castle (now famous as the location for Downton Abbey).

In the challenge I'm playing now, my klepto Sim visits the Goth house to steal a bunch of stuff. Gunther keeps hitting on her whenever they meet up--and this after he witnessed my Sim throw up within a few feet of him. (If you really want to see it, the screenshot is here .)
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I used to play the Goths some time ago. I made Bella and Mortimer fall in love with each other and date when they were teens. Then, after they aged up, I moved them and Bella's brother Michael to Georgia Falls, the town i discovered and downloaded back then and wanted to play in, because I hated Sunset Valley.
I built a new house for the Goths, and made it look much like their residence in TS2, but without that cemetary in the backyard (I found it somewhat fun, with all those ghosts floating around, but also stupid - who buries their relatives in the backyard and has weddings and bbq:s right next to that cemetary?). I also made the Caliente sisters and more accuarate Don Lothario,as well as the Pleasents, the Dreamers, and the Brooks, and made their houses resemble the homes they had in TS2, with some minor tweaks and additions, like parking spaces and garages, etc.

Michael and Dina married when she was young adult and he was adult; he died as an adult shortly after that marriage. Bella and Mortimer had a daughter, whomI named Cassandra, of course, late in their YA period. Cassandra wore her ponytales as a kid and a teen, but I gave her a hair tied in a knot when she grew up - the hair she wore in TS2 was quite inappropriate for an adult woman, esp.a woman like Cassandra. I basicaly recreated the Pleasantview story from TS2, but as that was before Seasons EPwas released, I couldn't made Bella get abducted by aliens, so,I had her become a vampire and run away fromher house.I changed her looks and gave her Insane trait, and then exposed her to sunlight ... lol,I'm evil.

Cassandramarried Don.She had a Family oriented trait, obviously, so she wanted more and more babies, she had 4 or 5 of them ,I don't remember. One of the babies was taken away by Social Worker,because I didn't manage to take good care of them all.
Don and Cassandra broke up because of his being so slutty and sleping around with everything that moves and has boobs
Alexander Goth became an inventor and created a simbot. He also was gay, and had very nice long-term romance with an Asian-looking guy I created.
hm...that's probably all, I got bored playing in that savegame after Cassandra got old and her kids got adult. Also, the savegame became really buggy, and I deleted it.

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I just started out so everything is the same. But i'm really hoping my daughter Scarlett will fall in love with Mortie. I copied the Van Gould house from Moonlight Falls and my household is currently made by me, the Bradfords. Evangeline Bradford had a husband named William Rothchild, he died of a mummy's curse, and she went back to her original last name, Ross, then she met Garrett Bradford, they fell in love and got married. Then they adopted a toddler- Scarlett Bradford So im really hoping that her and Mortie will fall in love.
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[QUOTE=Kestie Freehawk I think they will try and fix the story so I havent played them much. (On that profile the ageing slider was stuck and I couldnt go epic until a patch).[/QUOTE]

Mortimer married Trinity Bacon and had two children Jude and Chamomile. Chamomile married Arlo Bunch and had two girls. Jude married Agness Crumplebottoms grand daughter and they have one son named Maxwell. Maxwell has one half brother by the ghost of Gunther Goth named Bryce. I am not sure if that family tree needs a fork or two but I will be careful that Bryce and Maxwell stay apart and keep their kids apart. Arlos kids are ugly. Jude and Maxwell are very very handsome.

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I've never had the patience to go through their whole story of getting married and having Cassandra and Alexander, since something would usually go wrong. I also don't like Bella's bulgy bug eyes when she gets older. I usually let Story Progression deal with them, which sometimes leads to some very interesting couples/kids...
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i kicked them out of their home and got the manor for myself and renamed it and then deleted the whole goth family
i think i broked the timeline as without any goth family bella GOTH no longer exist and it can be bella ANYTHING HERE lol
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Well at first I deleted EA made Goth and Bachelor families and replace them with just married Bella and Mortimer Goth's. Like story most you know, I made them live in huge Goth manor and have a children - Cassandra and Alexander. They were nice family, but....

When there wasn't option for long term alien abduction, I made bitchy scenario for Bella. She met a handsome young guy name Carlos Basco, fell in love with him, divorce with Mortimer, left kids for him and with new her love moved to another town.

After a while, Mortimer stop to mourning for his unstiched marriage and start to date with Dina Calliente. This time he not fell deep in love, just have a good time with her.
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I made Gunther and Cornelia have another child, which ended up being twins, a red headed and a kid with black hair, neither of whom look a thing like Mortimer. After Gunther aged into an elder and Cornelia was 26 days away (epic lifespan), she got pregnant again since I left "autonomous woohoo" on and forgot about those two. She had ANOTHER set of twins, another red head and another with black hair. The house was too crowded and I wanted to move Bella in so I deleted them, whatever. Bella moved in and she and Mortimer live in an apartment over the garage, which I created for them to live in until Gunther dies. Then they'll go into the main house, and the two younger boys (teens at this point) will move into the apartment. Due to my recklessness with my mod settings, now Bella is pregnant, which I didn't really intend for....

Yeah, just killing time until school starts.
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The only thing I did was get my sim involved with gunther. She was mad about him and I kept the affair going for the lifetime happiness points. But I was aging her super slow and made it a rule that torri was to have ots of relationships before getting married. So guther was a fling. Besides, I moved her out of sunset valley. That world was just way too populated. My laptop couldnt handle it.
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This, to the entire house and everyone in it.

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The Sims 2 experience...
Well...I was new to The Sims 2 in 2014 and The Goths was the 1st family I have ever played.
So later on in the game I changed Cornella's hair to some ugly bright short hair and then I put a bathtub in the kitchen to watch ghosts hop in it with some oldies music on making it weird.
Then made Cornella marry Don. (I didn't even know the back story xD)
Later I locked up Don in walls and he died of Starvation.
Later the rest died cause of the ghosts.


That moment you notice its for The Sims 3 not 2...
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Gunther Goth I was crushin on him big time
So I had a crush on Gunther Goth and killed Mortimer and Cornella.
And I just made Gunther live on his own and go to parties and sleep with random women and men.
Then take 100 photos of Gunther on a old Iphone..
For real...
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In my game, I made Agnes Crumplebottom and Bella Bachelor move in, kicked Gunther and Cornelia out of the house. She raised the kids until they became young adults and got pregnant with Jared Frio's son. She named the baby Eric.

On the same day, Mortimer impregnated Bella, who then gave birth to Cassandra. Michael Bachelor (Bella's brother) and Penny Ursine (Eric's half-sister) moved in and Alexander was born a few Sim days later and Mortimer and Bella moved out. Michael was left to raise the four kids on his own.

Penny married Alexander while Eric married Cassandra. Penny had a daughter named Anya and Cassandra twin boys named Leo and Matthew. The foursome moved out while a heavily pregnant Sandi French (Michael's girlfriend) moved in and gave birth to their daughter Kendra.

Michael and Sandi move out on Anya's coming of age. The latter is impregnated by Paul Landgraab (Malcom's son) and gives birth to twins Derek and Peter. Kendra gives birth to Donna, Leo's daughter, but cheats on Leo with Matthew, resulting in Selena.

Derek marries with Donna, while Peter falls for Selena. Donna has a son names Yvan and Selena has a daughter named Ella.

Yvan and Ella are the fruit of many incestuous relationships
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everytime i start to play with them i end up not playing with them
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