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Cornelia and Gunther did nothing bella married mortimier had a daughter named amara later renamed Cassandra (I cheated) had a son Lukas(cheat cheat cheat) had Cassandra marry Don (I added the sims 2characters but she married him freely they had a girl ava who married my male sim Lee they had a girl,mahlon, and a boy later on named Gregor and now both mahlon and ava are expecting ava baby names B:Julia's G:Kalia mahlon baby names B:beau G:Cornelia after her great great great grandmother and Gregory is getting ready for his bachelor party! :p
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Default I used TS4 cuz that's all I got but this is what I did
I had Mortimer cheat with Dina while Bella had left the house like she did every so often. I had a mod for YA and teen romance and decided to get Don and Cassandra together. I aged up Alexander and got him the writing career and assigned him to write the book that he had written in TS3. And funny, randomly Bella DID get abducted by aliens. And then I decided that Mortimer would leave Bella, kick her out, and marry Dina. Then as Dina Goth I had her lock Mortimer in their bedroom and had Alexander moved out. Bella however was living with the Caliente house and she became besties with Katrina. Cassandra married Don after I aged her up and Don was still unfaithful with Nina. Cassandra and Bella were both in the Caliente house and Don was caught with Nina by Cassandra, who divorced him and moved out. Don then stayed with Nina and Bella locked them both in a room because he hurt Cassandra. Back in the Goth house, Mortimer starved and died. Dina took the house and money and I got Alexander to come over. I added him back to the household and had him get a bad relationship with Dina, having him lock her in the room where she had locked his father and let her die as well. Actually I think Dina died of fear since Mortimer's ghost was lurking around. Alexander took back the house and moved his mother back in to where at the Caliente house both Don and Nina died of starvation and Cassandra moved back in as well. Bella got rid of Dina's urn/grave and her, Cassandra, and Alexander lived the rest of their sim lives.
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My game is in dutch so I will use somethimes different names. So i had Samuel, Olivia and Frida from Moonlightfalls over to the Goth mansion and placed in the grave yard. Lolita was made the daughter of Samuel and Olivia and Frida became Gunters older sister.
The start off the tale was made and i started whit the first heir Mortimer (Christiaan). He married Bella (Cora) and they had Cassandra (Alexandra) and Alexander.
Cassandra married in to the Landgraab house, while Alexander also married a Landgraab, Diana (both are grandchilderen off Agnes Crumplebottom). At this point i descided that i would follow a pathernal heir rule. Alxander and diana had 4 children: Christoffer, Catharina, Vincent and Quido.
The heir Christoffer married Nadia and they had one child: a son called Samuel.
Samuel Married to Catharine, a great great granddaughter to Agnes Crumplebottom (the try to keep the bloodline 'pure'). They just would have one child and then there where twins called Olivia and Mortimer (Christiaan). They are now teens and Olivia is pregnant with the family's butler! Here jounger twin brother is going to be the next heir.

Also Vincent has a son and grandson in the male line and Quido even produced 3 sons and already 2 grandsons.
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probably evicted them to make room for my sims progress
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Nothing on purpose....

But I do remember one time when I had Awesome Mod in the game and my sim was at the park while Mortimer and Bella were obviously on a date as teenagers.
One of them, I think it was Mortimer, aged up to YA, then continued with the date. And ran afoul of Awesome Mod.

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