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Default What did you do with the Sunset Valley Sims?
hey all. I saw threads like this were pretty popular in the sims 2 section (who doesn't like to share their stories?), so I thought I'd start one here I don't think there is a similar thread, but correct me if I'm wrong.
So, what DID you do with the forefathers of Pleasantview?

I haven't played the hood extensively, but....

Morgana and Thornton's relationship really went downhill,and Morgana divorced him when she caught him in bed with Molly French. She moved into a small, neat little place where she lived out every passing wish, including adventuring abroad. Meanwhile, Thornton got Molly pregnant, and dumped her. In the end, he lived out his days alone, with only one other fling which also resulted in a child.
Morgana was more fortunate. She eventually met a CAS dude and settled down with him, and had three children.

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Mortimer Goth fell in love with my CAS sim, married her, then promptly died in a fire from setting off a firework extravaganza in the house; so I rebuilt the Goth house, changed Jane's name back to her maiden name of Steinhoff, and then she married into the Bachelor family, and had 8 children with Michael Bachelor.
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I only just started playing SV, because I wanted to make a legacy with the Goth. I started by growing Mortimer to a YA, then having Chucky from Child's play (a downloadable Sim from this site), kill Morties parents with Dex, causing him enough distress to have good reason to put him into an asylum. So then I started an Asylum with Mortimer being the Sim I control, and Chucky and 6 other's were the other patients. Unfortunately my asylums are always dull, so I only played Mortimer until Bella was of legal age. Then moved him into an empty lot and started a "proper" legacy with him. And just like in any good legacy, on day 2 of being on the lot, he kissed, engaged, married, and moved in with Bella, all in the course of their first date.

If this would have been a real, proper legacy, then all of that would have happened in the toilet, but Mortimer was too poor for a toilet, all he had was a bed and a shower. With the money Bella brought, they managed to build a small legacy house, and Bella is pregnant. She just finished eating three water melons to make sure she gets a girl.

My Sims from my main hood are moving into a new hood, and I want to continue the Goth legacy in there. The Goth family will move into the new hood, when Cassandra is born. Originally I was planning on only moving Mortimer, Bella and Cassandra, but Bella's mother is pregnant, so now I'm thinking maybe I should also bring, her family, and Mortimer's dead relatives as well to give them a bit of history. But I'm not sure yet what to do.

The only thing I'm sure off is that they will only have Cassandra. I hated Alexander and always felt he was an intruder in the family.
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Ani, you've inspired me.
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Me too... Makes me wnat to reunite the lovers.

I started playing the Ursines in another game. Claire's baby girl, Eliana, will be having her birthday party to become a toddler. I gave her mother a makeover and got her to work out- she actually looks really nice, I'm fond of her. I want her to move into a nautical cottage that I've made, but am reluctant to use money cheats :/
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I moved Bella and Mort. to Glendalough as teens (Sorta like they ran away).
Also gave them slight tweaks because wow Bella had huge eyes.
"All the better to summon aliens m'dear..."
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I had Claire Ursine have her baby (whom I named Rain) and then switched to Jamie Jolina. I made her more attractive (ditched the glasses, made her makeup less freakish) and hooked her up with Hank Goddard. They got married and Jamie's now pregnant, although she doesn't know it. I'm naming the baby Silver (female) or Zane (male).
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Originally Posted by MrsNervousSubject
Also gave them slight tweaks because wow Bella had huge eyes.
"All the better to summon aliens m'dear..."

Lol, yes she has, they are so big she looks constantly scared.

I was also very tempted in editsimming her, but then thought I'll let her keep her the face EA gave her. Too curios to see what Cassandra will look like.
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Originally Posted by 12353herbs
Morgana and Thornton's relationship really went downhill...
The majority of the townspeople, certainly including these two, will sooner or later appear in my Comic, and I want to make their stories be richer versions of their canonical back stories and traits. I must say Morgana irritates me no end. I hope she has some kind of "still waters run deep" excuse for coming to a party and doing absolutely nothing that's not forced upon her. I hope she has some kind of "artistic license" or "I'm a trust fund baby so I don't know any better" excuse for wearing high heels to the beach... I'm not saying that Thornton's a total winner either. But he's a boy, and as Janet says, when dealing with boys one must make allowances.

Anyway, bottom line: I have found to keep the Wolffs from bolluxing everything up -- or, at best, just failing and leaving town -- the intervention must be frequent and vigorous. They will survive my game, but probably not in a way that leaves social norms intact.
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I love the Wolff's they have cute kids.
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Unfortunately, I disabled the story progression things and all the local people of Sunset Valley grew up and became elders. Majority of them are dead now and the surviving ones are wandering the streets like zombies. The town has been deserted. I'm planning to start a "Population Increasing Campain". I'll create families with a lot of YAs and place them in the town so they can get along each other then breed. It is the only way to keep the town alive. :P
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3rd Aug 2013 at 3:03 AM
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Wow, this thread is old.
Uhm, since first posting in this thread (which I completely forgot about - but hey, it was over a year ago) I sent both Mortimer and Bella to the ether and fell in love with VJ. Alvi and Lisa Bunch (+ her little sister).

The end.
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> Played with Bella and Mortimer until they grows up and together.
> Moved them to my current game and they lived there as a townie.

Some pics when they are still in Sunset Valley:

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I'm currently working on a new hood for my sims and I've used all the premade sims in SP's and EP's to populate it. The only sims missing are ST and LP sims but I want to keep those places as travel destinations and that's why they will not be stripped of the sims.

Some of the sims in EA hoods I have already played in my current hood and they have ancestors there so those I haven't extracted, but the "virgin" ones.

In the Goth legacy I managed to get to generation 3 before I deleted it. I still want to re-do it but this time with the Bella that was made by sixamsims.
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Recently I moved the Broke family in from Riverview, I created Bob, Betty, and Brandi Newbie, and gave her a little sister named Bethany. Brandi has since married SKip broke, and he's aspiring to build a better life for his family, but his mother is getting in between himself and Brandi, and Ruby Broke has numerous boyfriends coming in and out of the house at all hours. I think I'm about to kill Flo in a kitchen fire.........Flat just died from assaulting a soda machine.
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I like to play with all of the SV premades. Here are some of what I've done to the ones that I can remember off of the top of my head:

Goths: I got Mortimer and Bella married. They always end up hating each other, even if I get them back to good terms. Because of this, I think I will keep their TS2 storyline where Bella disappears etc. They currently have one kid who I forgot to make sure was a girl so they've had Alexander first. Their next child will be Cassandra. Also, Moritmer's parents, Cornelia and Gunther, ended up having an accidental pregnancy, giving Mortimer a sister. She is quite the black sheep though, which might explain her absence in other sims versions.

Wolffs: Morgana, determined to have a child, misled Thornton into believing they were having protected sex. Morgana of course ends up pregnant which royally pissed off Thornton. He divorced her immediately. Thornton now lives in a home with his simbot "Ginny". He has multiple flings, but nothing serious anymore. When he passes away, I am going to give Ginny to the child he had with Morgana. (Simbots do not age in my game). As for Morgana, she ended up marrying a townie who is just as family-oriented as she is. They currently have 2 girls of their own. The child Morgana had with Thornton is also a girl. Morgana and her townie plan on having many more children to come.

Bachelor: Michael married Dina Caliente and was living with Dina's sister Nina. They ended up having a little girl named Janette, and have another child on the way. Unfortunately for them, Michael's father Simis was abducted by aliens shortly before passing away. This led to an alien child named Xerath. Simis left Xerath in Michael and Dina's care once he died. Michael and Dina decided to move into a larger house, leaving Nina alone to finally get on with her one night stands. I'm not sure yet how I'm going to work Dina into Mortimer's life, but I have a feeling I will just have her have an affair with him, while keeping Michael in the picture.
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Morgana gave birth to twin girls, Vanessa and Sabrina. Thornton just couldn't cope so they divorced. Meanwhile Geoffrey caught Nancy cheating with the butler and they also divorced. Morgana and Geoffrey ended up married and live in the big house near Agnes Crumplebottom with the twins and they're currently expecting a baby boy.

Agnes ended up pregnant with the ghost of Erik Darling when he appeared one halloween. She gave birth to a ghost baby girl called Cordelia. Meanwhile Agnes' sister Cornelia gave birth to another child with Gunther - a girl called Miranda.

Zelda Mae was dating Christopher Steele but constantly tried to flirt with Dustin Langerak. He was having none of it until one day when his wife rejected him. He fell in love with Zelda despite wanting to stay with his family, but they were both kicked out when Iliana Langerak caught them in the act. They moved into a small bungalow and Zelda fell pregnant with a baby boy named Zeus. However Dustin eventually realised his mistakes and ran back to Iliana begging for her forgiveness. Zelda was heartbroken and went off to uni to pursue a degree in fine arts, and she graduated with an A. There she met Cid Serverus and became a level 10 rebel. She returned to Sunset Valley to start a successful career as a band manager. She married Cid soon after and they happily live together with Zeus also. Iliana has yet to forgive Dustin.

Claire Ursine had a baby boy named Castiel but tragically died soon after from drowning. Castiel ended up living with the Frio brothers and is close to Connor. Connor is in a relationship with Blair Wainwright and she recently moved in and is pregnant. Their house is getting crowded now especially as Connor can't stop adopting cats.

Erin Kennedy and Gobias Koffi are both gay, but a drunken fling resulted in the birth of Silas Kennedy. The Keaton's also had a baby boy, and Hank and Pauline are currently pregnant.

As teenagers Miraj Alvi and Kaylynn started dating and are currently in a relationship. VJ Alvi is dating Lisa Bunch and she recently gave birth to a baby girl named Baby, though her whole family hates VJ. Parker Langerak dated River McIrish, got her pregnant then cheated on her. Ethan Bunch is dating Bebe Hart and Michael Bachelor is dating Holly Alto.

Vita and Nick Alto decided that Holly wasn't a competent heir and gave birth to a boy named Augustus. As for other pairings, Xander Clavell is currently interested in Tamara Donner, and I plan for Emma Hatch and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd to end up together. To help Molly French with her lifetime wish I will soon pair her with Jared Frio. When Malcolm Landgraab and Darlene Bunch are older they will start dating.

So yeah, there's probably more that I can't think of from the top of my head and sorry for the long post but I only recently started playing ts3 again after years of preferring ts2. I also realise this is an old thread but couldn't help myself
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Goths: Not much yet; Mortimer is still a teen. Cornelia and Gunther are still alive but are now elders

Crumplebottom: I revived Erik Darling and he and Agnes got married and had a son named Matthew

Alvi: Iqbal is dead by now; VJ married Lisa Bunch and had triplets, Natalie, Ananda and Jimmy. Miraq is a teen and lives alone.

Frio: Ehhhhh, never really did anything with them.

Hart: Gus and Dorie are both dead. Bebe married one of my CAS Dustin Ruske and had a daughter, Telephassa

Jolina: Jamie had an affair with a CAS of mine, Gianno and had a daughter, Fidelia. Later she married Leighton Sekemoto and had a daughter named Kristen.

Keaton: Marty and Justine have two sons, Glenn, who's their birth son, and Sebastian, who's adopted.

Kennedy: Erin grew old and died alone. Kind of sad, but I never had any interest in her.

Koffi: Gobias had a brief affair with Pauline Wan and they have a daughter, Yvonne.

Roomies: Tamara, Emma and Cyclone were killed off in the Purge;

McGraw and French: Stiles married Molly French and they had a daughter named Alana. Sandi is now a teen

Sekemoto: Yumi is dead. Sam is now a teen. Leighton I already mentioned.

McIrish: Fiona married Gianno Milano, who was much younger than her, and had a son named Alec. River went to college, married Parker Langerak and had a son named William.

Steel: Chris married Madison VanWatson, who already had a child, Joseph, with Hank Goddard. They have a son, named Brandon

Ursine: Claire had Jared's daughter, Alice. It's just the two of them.

Wainwright: All died during the Purge.

Wan: Pauline and Hank had a son named Hal but broke up and both have had other relationships.

Wolff: Thornton and Morgana have a daughter named Marina. They're still together, which surprises me.

Working Friends: Monika had an affair with Xavier Clavell and had a daughter named Kelly and later married Ethan Bunch. Madison I already mentioned. Tori married a CAS of mine, Hunter Day, and had twins, Hope and Faith. Ayesha died in the Purge.

Clavell: Bessie and Buster are dead. Xavier has had many short relationships including the one with Monika. He's a deadbeat dad and lives alone.

Bunch: Arlo was killed by me. Darlene is a teenager now.

Andrews: died in the Purge

Bachelor: Bella is now a teen. Micheal went to college, married Holly Alto and had a son named Edward

Landgraab: Malcolm is now a teen

Alto: About the same except for Holly.

Langerak: Kaylynn is now a teenager. Zelda married an SP-created sim named Manu Houck, which is the only reason I didn't kill him and had a son named Falcon.
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I really messed with the Landgraab family. I had Malcolm and Bella become really good friends while they were children, and while Malcolm was away, his father Geoffrey was flirting with Jamie Jolina and they had a secret love child. While back at home his wife, Nancy was doing the same with once sworn enemy Nick Alto. Vita had no clue. Nancy quickly woohooed with Geoffrey to cover up the love child. This big secret went on until Malcolm was a teenager and he found out his dad was messing around on his mom not once, but twice Geoffrey and Jamie had two secret love children. Geoffrey couldn't take the guilt and confessed to Nancy who was upset but then confessed to her own cheating and her secret love child. Nick showed up after the confessions and him and Geoffrey got into a huge fight. Poor Malcolm witnessed it all and he "ran away" to Bella Bachelor's home to clear his head. Nancy eloped with Nick after the divorce with Geoffrey and Nick moved into the Landgraab estate, while Geoffrey moved in with Jamie and their two children. Malcolm was so angry with his parents and became so close to Bella and her family he decided as a teenager to move in with them and never speak to his parents again.
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3rd Apr 2018 at 5:42 AM
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Aging is not part of story progression; you have to disable aging separately in the options.

ETA: And necroing old threads is against the rules, especially when it doesn't even contribute to the topic
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I don't really 'play' Sunset Valley much, unless I am playing my own sims in there.
Biggest 'story' that happened was my sim talked and became friendly with Mortimer Goth at the big park one day, and then he turned up for a visit at her home at 4 AM... I figured maybe the missus got annoyed that he got along so well with my sim and threw him out.
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Alto: After dating Michael Bachelor a couple times in high school, Holly grew up to marry Stiles McGraw (who I don't think is boring as his bio says he is. He's more entertaining to me than, say Cycl0n3 Sw0rd or Tamara Donner.). She now owns this lot with Ani's Business as Unusual bistro mod as a tea shop/restaurant. She and Stiles have a baby girl named April. Meanwhile, Nick and Vita had another child, a little girl named Erica who is frustratingly for them showing signs of taking after Holly. Nick quit his job in the Business career track to follow his dream of becoming the Emperor of Evil, but he's only on level 2 right now. Vita is unhappily unemployed after Sunset Valley got tired of having someone evil in office (I fired her with NRaas Master Controller). I might use Arsil's Custom Role marker to make her hang out at the fanciest bar in town for her "job".

Andrews: For some reason, Beau apparently thought he could do better than Victoria and she caught him flirting with other women. She kicked him out and married a nice young fireman. Beau ended up living with Fiona McIrish, but I found him just too boring to play, so I killed him off.

Bachelor: Simis's Inappropriate trait caused him to flirt with other women until Jocasta had enough and divorced him. He's living in a small two-bedroom house with space for his kids to visit him on the weekends. He dated Erin Kennedy for a while, but that ended in disaster (I can't remember, but he was probably flirting with other women again). Meanwhile, Jocasta quit her part-time job because the bookstore crowds were stressing her out, and decided to work on gardening full-time. She also found new love with Iqbal Alvi, and he and his boys moved out of their crummy house and in with them.

Michael's attending university locally, and is dating a nice townie girl. I made him Chris and Melissa Roomies in hopes that he would fall in love with one of them, but he and Chris were never attracted to each other, and every time he flirted with Melissa she changed the subject. Oh well. Bella is dating Mortimer Goth in secret, because both families don't want them to date until they're older (they're both only 13 right now).

Alvi: Iqbal fulfilled his lifetime wish of the Perfect Private Aquarium. VJ was shipped off to private school after causing too much trouble at home, but it didn't seem to improve him much. He's also attending university locally, and is involved with his high school sweetheart Lisa Bunch. Miraj is in college too, and is going steady with Melissa Roomies. He's going to go into the Law Enforcement career track after he graduates.

Bunch: Jack and Judy are doing well, and Judy has finally lost weight! Being one child short of her Lifetime Wish of raising five, they adopted a little girl named Amy, who is a toddler. Ethan dated babysitter Candy Ashleydale in high school before realizing he had stronger feelings for River McIrish. They've been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now, but frustratingly for me they have no signs of wanting to get married. He's a teacher now, and living with some friends, including Parker Langerak. Lisa is going to go into politics once she graduates, and is romantically involved with 1. Abraham Finkel, a townie she isn't attracted to but doesn't get tired of her bragging, 2. Parker Langerak, whom she dated in high school, 3. VJ Alvi, whom she's always been attracted to, and 4. Jared Frio, I suppose because of his Inappropriate trait. It'll be interesting to see how this progresses....

Arlo is doing fine and has never dated anybody. Darlene grew up into a rebellious teenager. She and Arlo mended their relationship on their own with no help from me.

Langerak: Iliana and Dustin had another girl named Bailey who is now an athletic, extremely girly child. Zelda Mae is dating a townie who's also in the music career track. I'm going to have to move her out and in with Jamie Jolina (as friends), because I can't find time with all the other Langeraks to throw her parties like she wants. Parker is in the Medical career track and dating Lisa Bunch, not knowing of all the other guys she's involved with. Kaylynn is involved with Malcolm Landgraab.

Wolff: Morgana wanted kids badly. Thornton didn't. They had two sons, Alden and Max. Although Thornton would interact with them on his own, he still hated the whole concept of being a father. He went on a couple dates, but Morgana never found out. When Alden turned into a child, he wanted to ship him off to Smuggsworth Prep- or any private school. This may have been the last straw for Morgana, because Alden is very sensitive and needs extra care and reassurance. They divorced, and Morgana and the boys moved out. I haven't had any mention of Thornton maintaining contact with the boys.

Landgraab: Geoffrey got tired of Nancy's obsession with her career, money, and the whole Landgraab legacy, and got divorced. He and Malcolm moved out, but Nancy visits Malcolm from time to time. After Morgana had been divorced from Thornton for a while, he fell in love with his friend and they got married. She moved in with him, taking her two boys with her. They're all quite happy, and Morgana is hoping for more kids after Malcolm graduates and moves out. Geoffrey is a stay-at-home dad now, after his job got this weird glitch (it would always say he was "missing work", even when it wasn't his work hours).

Clavell: Bessie finally kicked Xander out of the house. He's living with his girlfriend now, Ayesha Ansari, and doesn't show any signs of reconciling with his parents. This isn't good, as Buster's time is about up. My plan was for after Buster died to move in newlyweds River and Ethan Bunch, since River has always been like a surrogate granddaughter to Bessie. But, like I said, they don't show any signs of wanting to get married. I may have to give them a little push.

(By the way, I have some Sims that are too boring for me to really play. Xander and Ayesha are one such household. I also forbid those families from having kids.)

Crumplebottom: Agnes has maxed out her painting and writing abilities, and writes romance novels for a living. I didn't like that Erik Darling didn't match up with the Sims 1 continuity where her husband was a philanthropist named Robert Crumplebottom, so I renamed him and gave him the Good trait. They remarried, with him still as a ghost, and had two ghost children, Robert Jr. ("Bobby") and Agnes Jr. ("Aggie"). I got tired of "Saw a Ghost!!!!1" clogging up my Sims' memories, so I changed them all into humans. I'm making over their house- that ultra-modern look didn't fit her at all! I'm going for a gloomy, spooky, formal, old-fashioned feel.

Goth: So, back to Sims 1.... In that game, Cornelia was older than Gunther, or at least appeared to be, looked different, and acted different. I aged them both down to young adults, made them over in an old-fashioned way, and changed everyone's traits. I also made over their house to be less gloomy. Not long before Mortimer turned into a child, Gunther and Cornelia had another baby, a girl this time, named Evangeline. She's a child now, and I'm trying to make her friends with her cousins. Gunther is the assistant principal of the local high school, and Cornelia is on the Sunset Valley city council. Before that, the game had drafted her into the Culinary career track. This turned out to be a good thing, since she maxed out her Cooking skill, she can make the fancy food they like with no need for a butler!

Frio: Jared was happily married to Emma Hatch... for a while. She got fed up with his temper and divorced him. Connor married Blair Wainwright, who understood his need for some alone time every so often. He quit his journalism job and is now an author full-time. They recently had a baby, Chrissy.

Wainwright: Haven't done much with them, but they love their son-in-law and don't think Blair could've picked better. I'm trying to get them close to their granddaughter.

Hart: This is, for me, one of the more boring families. I think the only reason I haven't killed them off is I get a kick out of seeing their crazily-painted cars around town. Anyway, Bebe's a young adult now, and is also a professional author. She's dating a nice CAS guy who didn't hold my interest.

Jolina: Made it to adult without a mid-life crisis. She's romantically interested in both Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and Jared Frio. Other than that, not much. She doesn't interest me much either. (No, EA, I don't think she's amazingly beautiful or amazingly intelligent.)

Keaton: They had their baby, which EA named Harris, and whose name didn't bother me enough to change. Thanks to Yumi Sekemoto's Inappropriate trait, Marty accepted some flirts from her without my knowledge, and Justine divorced him, also without my knowledge. I made them get back together. Everything's okay now.

Sekemoto: Whoa. Okay. IIRC, what happened first was when my Story Progression settings were different, Leighton got his girlfriend Madison VanWatson pregnant. I didn't want her to have to raise the baby alone, so I moved her in with them and sooner or later they got married. The baby was a little boy named Ben. Before Yumi flirted with Marty Keaton, she was for some reason involved with Xander Clavell. Ew. Between these two, she met a nice elder townie (John Irvin), married him, and he moved in with them. This was helpful, as the game had drafted Yumi into the Scientist career, so she wasn't always available for Sam and Ben. But, like I said, she later flirted with Marty Keaton due to her Inappropriate trait, which I have since removed. I had them get back together. Since Leighton wanted more kids, Madison agreed to get pregnant again... and then something happened to their house with invisible objects blocking things like their stove. I moved them out, demolished their house, and gave them a nice Japanese house with extra room. They've since had their baby, another little boy named Andy.

Kennedy: She dated Simis for a while, and was attracted to Geoffrey Landgraab when he was single, but nothing ever came of it. One day, though, one of her air force friends who had named her godfather of his son died, leaving her with a little boy. They adapted to each other pretty well. The boy, Dechen, is now a teenager and recently found out that he was attracted to Darlene Bunch. Opposites attract, I guess, because he's an Angler, Athletic, Disciplined and Brave, while she's Brave, Unlucky, a Daredevil, and Rebellious.

As for Erin... I'll try to make this brief. I wanted Bob Newbie and Betty Simovitch in Sunset Valley, but I wasn't interested in their Riverview parents, so I made them all myself. Betty's story goes that her father, Bill, divorced her mother, and took her and her sister and moved in with his younger brother Byron. Part of my motivation in making them was so that Erin and Fiona McIrish could meet some nice guys. I let them choose who they wanted to date, so Erin, who hates art, ended up with Bill, who's a comic book artist. They're romantic interests right now.

Single Moms: Molly French ended up with Christopher Steel and got married to him before I noticed what a huge age gap they had between them. Molly and Sandy moved in with him. Fiona McIrish dated Stiles before he married Holly, then dated Beau Andrews after his divorce, he moved in with her, I killed him, and now she's dating Byron Simovitch (see above), a sculptor.

Roomies: Tamara is dating the butler. It's not serious. Emma Hatch moved back in with them after divorcing Jared Frio. Cycl0n3 Sw0rd went back to his birth name, Clay Schwartz. Tamara and Clay are always arguing, then wanting to be friends again. Thankfully, they're not attracted to each other. That'd be a pain.

Ursine: Claire had her daughter, Joan. She's a cute little tomboy who wears overalls. Claire quit her job as a criminal to be a fisher. That way, she could do what she loves and take care of Joan full time. After several years, she met a nice French tourist (Gaston Depardi) and married him. He's a good stepfather. They're probably not going to have any kids, because Claire's getting up there. Yes, I know to a point that doesn't matter in Sims, but it would bug me if I didn't take her age into account. (That's also why Judy Bunch adopted instead of having another biological child.)

Wan-Goddard: They broke up.

Okay, details. IIRC they were both cheating on each other, Patricia with a fellow bandmate, and Hank with... someone else, I can't remember. (This isn't one of the households that interests me. Shocked? ) He moved in with his new girlfriend, Monika Morris, and Pauline still lives by the beach.

Working Friends: Tori Kimura has made it to mayor. I made her a nice CAS guy that I thought she'd go together well with (he's rich and easily impressed, she's a snob), but for some reason they're not attracted to each other. Rrrgh!

And... that's about everybody!

Hey- if you said something to me in a post and I didn't write back, I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't feel good enough to post and by the time I'm able to the thread's old enough that I feel kind of weird about bumping it just to post one or two sentences. So please don't take it personally! :)
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