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Default Ghost Pics
Since I didn't see a thread for this - here is a thread for those who document ghost sightings in their hood, please post pics - info on who the sim is, where they haunt and how they died optional

Samantha Cosgrove sighted haunting the Cosgrove Estate. She died of Natural causes. This was one I edited to give off a more spooky feel.

Evan Elberts was only a teen when he burst into flames from staying in the jacuzzi too long one summer. Here he is, floating around the place of his death (the jacuzzi was removed because it brought on too many bad memories for the family)

Jana Orbinson appears before her husband and scares the piss out of him when he awakes to some odd noise. She also died of natural causes and is just waiting around for her husband to kick the bucket too.

Aaron Piper spotted in outside the entry of the King Station Quay apartments. He had died in an apartment fire a few months ago.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Angel Hart basically came to Widespot to die. Having been diagnosed with Rodney's Sudden Death Syndrome, for which there is no cure, she indulged herself in her final months. Now that the illness has carried her off, she returns frequently to check up on her family and reenact her death all over the house that was built and decorated to her specifications.

Her husband's second wife, Mary, loves the smell of cleaning products in the evening. Angel thinks she overdoes it.

Since she and Valentine always had an agreement about side-dating when he was on the road, and Angel may be regarded as permanently on the road, she doesn't have much grounds for resenting Mary. But a remarriage wasn't what she expected, and she's - curious.
Baby boy's asleep, little girl's in bed, so it's tickle time - right on schedule! It's as if he's reliving it all - only he picked someone as much the opposite of Angel as it was possible to get and retain the same gender, and he's home all the time. She's not sure she could have taken having him underfoot as much as he is with Mary.

"Why is it always so cold in this hall at night?"
"We'll call a repairman in the morning. In the meantime, I'll warm you up."

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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19th Sep 2014 at 3:37 AM
This message has been deleted by grammapat. Reason: must have moved the pics
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This is Eric Garcia-Lopez. Eric, as you can plainly see is dead as a door nail, but it wasn't always this way. At one time he was a caring husband, a wonderful father to his five kids, and with age, he even became one terrific grandfather. His family adored him, though none stood out like his youngest daughter Catalina. She was the apple of his eye.

Which may or may not be the answer as to why once he died she became the target of all his ghostly misdeeds. Catalina lived with her sister's family at the time, so there were plenty of unwilling victims to target, but Eric seemed to follow Catalina everywhere she went.

It happened so frequently that poor Catalina's poor little ticker just couldn't take the fright, and so she died right at the dinner table...surrounded by her grieving niece and nephew. Thank the stars someone pleaded for her---and won! Score one for the living!

This young man-ghost is named Garner, and he is what I would like to call one unfortunate little guy. With his wife just having given birth to their first and only son (seen as a teenager in the background), money was tight. So when the family computer broke, Garner wasn't going to shell out a single simoleon to call in a professional. He had plenty of mechanical skills and was so sure that he could fix it with ease. Yeeeeeah so my bad. He died. Did I mention that was my bad? Yeah. So his wife is just grief stricken, so I do them a solid and have her resurrect her hubby using the resurrect-o-phone. That SHOULD be the end.. but no. I turn away to play some of the other members of the household and something is amiss. Garner's portrait icon-thingy is missing. Curiously I scroll the lot only to find his urn on the kitchen floor. It hadn't even been a full sim DAY and he was dead again. This time I just let him stay dead. So sorry that the poor boy had to miss out on his son growing up. I assume he died in a kitchen fire, but am unsure why the ghost isn't red. *shrugs*
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Christy Stratton, who you may know as a townie, trying out her scare tactics by attempting to possess semi-famed musician Cleo Shikibu (who was visiting the cemetery to record her first single in a suitably sad environment). Christy feels she has a right to be cranky, as she was pretty much fed to a cowplant at a toga party she was a guest at out of nothing more than curiosity on the part of the students. That crankiness makes her a great occupant of Small Watchers...

Since possessing Cleo didn't work out too well, she shifted to haunting the tent used by ghost-hunters. Scaring one into wetting himself was quite satisfactory!
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Sometimes, Valentine Hart swears that he feels a chill run through the room. As if someone is watching him. But whenever he looks, he can't see a thing...
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This is Marisa Bendett, the townie who fugitive Consort Capp caught reading the newspaper on the doorstep of the trailer he was hiding in. He quickly lured her inside and disposed of her as knowing too much and being a Monty employee; her shade bided her time, waiting until the moment was right, when she emerged with her first spectacular haunting -- that of Dustin Broke's pinball machine!

Next item to be haunted -- the microwave purchased by her killer. That was dropped with a loud crash, creating just enough distraction to tip the balance of power in favour of the police struggling with by now vampiric and power-tripping Consort.

However, even when Consort had been reduced to a pile of dust on the kitchen floor, Marisa's quest to avenge herself did not end. Popping out of the toilet was enough to cause Brandi's brain haemorrhage -- caused by the beatings Consort had earlier given her for the tiniest slights -- to turn fatal. Then, as her eldest son and his unlikely allies tried to revive her, she turned her wrath on Beau.

And she kept at it, not even letting the Reaper's repeated visits disrupt her haunting.
By the end of the evening, she had caused the death of all residents of the trailer older than child age (Beau would probably have died too were he a day older!), caused the younger children to be taken by social services, caused the dog to be taken by animal control, given everyone who was in the trailer that night and survived it good reason for PTSD, and left three more ghosts in the place who likely also rue their untimely demises... Pity anyone who thinks the abandoned trailer with crime scene tape still littering the deck, one the bank now owns but can't sell, is a good place to squat in!

(Marisa wins the prize for most vicious ghost ever seen in my game. Though of course, she has good reason...)
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And now for a classic: Jenny Smith and Polli Tech 9, who sometimes is not very nice haunting the currant residents, his grandson Johnny2 and his quads. I don't remember Jenny obsessing about toilets...

Cyd Roseland married Eldon Hick, and adopted Georgia Newson. They lived with Julian Cook and HIS partner, Ajay Loner - who adopted Garrett. Garrett and Georgia are all that remains of the Newsons, but even though they were toddlers when adopted, they have no memory of being related. When the adults died, Georgia and Garrett just felt like they belonged together. Georgia often sees the ghost of her father Cyd, but even when he's grumpy she's not afraid.

But she doesn't see Eldon, even though he still loves her...

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Marisa thought she was done with the intrusions of the living when the Social Worker removed the surviving Brokes from their trailer. (Nice expression of disgust, SW!)

No time seemed to have passed at all when a rag-tag pack of kids moved in. So they claimed to be renting it from the bank? Hah! To Marisa, everyone with a pulse was a squatter, and obnoxious teens were especially unwelcome. They reminded her of that useless Dustin Broke...
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I'd never seen this before:

a ghost sim, playing with the ghost of his pet.

The sim pictured is Girard Savage, spouse to my first Gen torchholder in the Savage legacy. mainly he just plays with the ghost of his cat, something I'd never seen before. He never scares people, Cinnabar, his wife, the torcholder who died platinum is whole different story. She loves to terroize the spouses, dates, and lovers of her descendants.

Check out my simblr

Click the link, you know you want to. ;)
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So I completely remade the Curious house once Pascal's daughter Xenon moved in with her fiance. I was really happy with the results. Pascal and Vidcund have a different opinion however. Apparently they really liked their beds.

The next night, Pascal decided to illustrate what an awesome father he is. You see, Xenon just gave birth to twins. Shortly after this, Lazlo passed away. Xenon's obviously having a rough day, so Pascal decides to scare her too
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Ghosts can scare grown-ups to death, so why should a KID be afraid of the doggy he loved?

Because they has TEETH!
This was a surprise to me TOO, so excuse the grid...

Namaste... or "go"
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I allowed Skye Weiss to die in the Widespot RFD attached to my Genderswapped Uberhood, and he returned almost at once. He's delighted to find that Rhett Hart is not sleeping in his bed.

Skye's grandson Bud has a sudden inexplicable urge to do dishes and get on his homework.

Skye headed to the bin with the old newspaper, but both he and it vanished before they arrived. Penny and Bud will have to be faster composting them.

In my regular Widespot, Skye is still alive, but Daytona Beech died and is now trying to figure out how to rule from beyond the grave.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
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I'm starting to get the feeling that although blatant murder is not allowed by the vanilla game, Sims who have died violently are notably nasty ghosts. Note how Stella Terrano attacked Escalus Prince (and Chester Gieke, but I didn't get a picture of that) as soon as he returned home after marrying the woman who had engineered the fire she burned to death in.

Dustin Broke died of a heart broken by grief and stopped by terror as Marisa Bendett (much seen above) rampaged through his house on her mission of revenge. His restless spirit was roused by lightning striking his grave, and he wept for his terrible fate and how quickly he'd been forgotten. Though his body mouldered in some potter's field, the torment of his last hours bound him to the house... (I hid the gravestone in some bushes in the yard, because a place where so much horror of both natural and supernatural varieties has happened is bound to be haunted!)

Calpurnia Caesar believes her great-great-granddaughter is unworthy of residence in such a grand and mighty house, let alone the position she bears. If only she knew how powerless Hermia really is...well, she'd still think her a slut. The poor girl really is the target of far too many ghosts...
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Being a teenager with raging hormones is bad enough, but when your grandmother interrupts...well at least no one pissed their pants..
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Had to kill this poor girl because her skin was malfunctioning pic here.

"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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Believe it or not, this lady is Lyla Grunt, haunting at the Specter house. If this is what she wore when she was married to General Buzz, I'm not so shocked things didn't work out. I can't imagine a less military-friendly style

I also love how the hair sticks through and makes her look like she has the oddest beard in the world.

#17 Old 29th Sep 2015 at 9:31 PM
idk what Lyla's original hair was but before that stuff pack was installed, she always showed up as totally bald. Then with that stuff pack, her hair randomized and it chooses one from that stuff pack usually. Think it's the Bath Design stuff for some reason.

I've also noticed her outfit will randomly generate.

"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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Default Mother Ghost

Mother died in childbirth and came back as ghost in my story "The Life and Times of Ralf Wylde".
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More people in this house? Another cat in this house? Why could the dead not be left well enough alone?
(Between clipping cat-play and ghost, this is turning into a rather surreal gathering, isn't it?)


PT#9 didn't have the foggiest idea what Matthew Hart was freaking out about. Johnny's fraternity brother had been a bit off the wall in college -- more than a bit if Johnny's story about him setting the yard on fire trying to cause a storm was correct -- so it wasn't much of a surprise that he was screaming about an exterminator after him...was it?
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Once upon a time, a group of college kids moved into a nice house at the university. But what they (and I) didn't know was that the house was haunted by Professor Yngve, who had died there, of starvation.

I am Error.
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While Michael Bachelor is nowhere near as vindictive as some ghosts, he is dangerous in his own right. While he has ignored his widow and her child by his brother-in-law, he devoted himself to tormenting Nina when she got pregnant. This eventually caused her death, which was only the start of yet more somewhat sordid drama...

Olive Specter is quite the opposite type of ghost. So Grimmy claimed her -- no problem. It happens to everyone, and she got far more of a life than many have. She also didn't mind at least the first new resident in her old house. Tattoos and messy hair aside, the girl had respect for the property.

A prime example; she held parties on the patio, and at an hour that Olive could attend and bring her own...guests. How could the woman who had made her fortune as a professional party guest object to such use of her credit cards? Even that snotty Lyla Grunt was impressed, in her own way.
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Ghost of Tessa Delorme (née Diop), one of Granville-la-Neuve founders.
She's haunting in the cemetery for the first time since her grave was sent here.
Died of old age
-.-- -.-- --..
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Some of the ghosts in Olive Specter's garden.

I had to build a moat to keep them in!
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This is the ghost of Jack Hanby, a townie who married Gabriella Newson. He was a very grumpy sim who worked as a criminal. He and Gabriella died of the same illness, leaving their two children orphaned. The afterlife doesn't seem to have improved his grumpy nature.
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This ghost child likes to sit on random chess playing sims lap.

When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow.
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