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#51 Old 14th Dec 2017 at 9:48 AM
Originally Posted by lkandak
I am using this mod with the Cats and Dogs EP and everything seems to work fine, which is awesome cause I can't play without it!

But I am still wondering if sims are slowly snapping to maximums as previously mentioned? For example if a sim is slightly overweight, do they keep slowly gaining weight even if they eat fine, or do they stay the same? It's hard for me to tell in game because I have the balanced calories mod so I am not sure if that is effecting the sims.

I am confused about which mods to get to go beyond slider limits in cas... I need and what? one of the files on no.20 of this post??

Also, do you if anyone has gotten the facial sliders expanders to work recently? The only one I found is outdated...
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#52 Old 23rd Dec 2017 at 8:41 PM
Default Updated and Released as a Mod!
Hello Everyone!

Here is an updated version of this, released as an actual mod:

Made with the most recent Cats & Dogs patch:

There are decrease and increase-range versions, versions for just fitness, versions for just fatness, and versions that go above the ranges available in the old posts.

Please read the mod's description for an explanation, and suggestions for other mods to compliment this mod.

Thank you!
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