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Default Cursed Birth Challenge
You have been cursed with having a child born immaculately. The women will always have a mysterious pregnancy where they just become pregnant randomly it is always a girl and the women are always infertile after the pregnancy. The pregnancy starts when you start the game no cheating to make the pregnancy faster. need the mc command center to be able to create a random pregnancy and make the baby a girl. The goal is to create a story of your own and to stop the curse. The curse can only be lifted after the 13th generation and when the heir finds true love and becomes pregnant before the two days are up in the young adult phase will they lift the curse.

The child is a clone of the original sim so you should not be changing the sim. Though when I played I had to cheat to fix the sim and make them look like the parent because it is tricky to do the mc command center. for some reason it makes you choose a partner so you just have to go through that and fix anything with the sim to make sure they are identical because that is part of the curse.

Note that if your sim, before the 13th generation, has woohoo with another sim then your sim's partner dies especially if the sim is a teen. though you may be with any gender you like but if they are male they will die because your sim can not get pregnant from another sim.

During the generations, you must have a career of your choice and you must focus on skills throughout being a toddler to a young adult as soon as your sim has the baby it is important to focus on the new sim.
Toddler 2-3 skills
Child 3 skills
Teen 4 skills
Young adult 5 skills
You have to be put on a short life span while completing the challenge. It will make it difficult to do to master so many skills and have a promising career.

Cheats are allowed within reason, few things you can not cheat are pregnancy phases and Skills or if you want to make it hard can't cheat University or Career.

Sims is about having fun and creating your own story. So have fun and make an outrageous story. If you wish to share your story I would love to read all about it. I had so much fun playing and making this challenge that I hope you will too. Please only nice comments, This is my first time making a challenge and I tried making it awesome
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WHOA SICC imma try this out
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