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Default Idea - creating alternative adoption system
This is more a speculation about possibilities than a question, but I was wondering - has anyone tried making an alternative child protective services system, more like the TS2 one where kids taken by the social worker still exist in the neighborhood? I had the idea of using certain categories of sims' households as group homes or foster homes (sims in a certain career/profession, maybe) and writing scripts to add sims to those households when needed and transfer them out if they age up to independence or someone takes custody of them. Children and below getting taken by the social worker when their needs get too low could be circumvented by using a tuning mod or NRaas Retuner to set the threshold that triggers the social worker so low it's impossible to get there, and it might be possible to prevent children from being taken when the last adult in the household dies if I can find a way to make an event listener that transfers the children to a group/foster home fire before the social worker is summoned to take them. I'd have to test it. If it works those changes should effectively disable the child-disappearing standard child protective services system, and replace it with one that keeps kids in the world and can be adjusted to include teens and allow things like temporary foster care, or voluntarily surrendering a child to the system, or regaining custody of a child once the parent's situation improves.

I think I'm going to try this as a break from other mods I'm working on, just to see if it works.
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This works in a very basic form! Automatically adding all children in a household to a different household from a register of households participating in the system - and removing them from the original one, you have to do both - when their last adult guardian dies does prevent them from being taken by the social worker. Seems like the reason is that the social worker is called to a specific household, and if that household has been destroyed because all its members were removed from it and placed elsewhere, then there's nothing for the social worker to do anymore. And setting impossible hunger/social/heat/cold thresholds keeps the social worker from being summoned for neglect.

So that first proof of concept is a success! Also, having looked deeper into the social worker code while trying to figure out how to escape them, I think it's possible to cancel EA's response to neglect on a case-by-case basis without changing any tuning (by running Houshold.ResetSocialWorkerTrigger() - that method removes the alarm on a household that will call the social worker if the children's needs remain dangerously low), which could be useful for flexibility.
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