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Default The Homeless Emperor
So this is a simpler challenge that I came up with at work based on an IRL Historical figure who was the only emperor of America. His name was Emperor Norton, a rich man who lost all his money and became a celebrity. His charm and whit wooed the San Francisco area and local newspapers absolutely adored him. I remember learning about him in school and finding him absolutely fascinating. So I wanted to try a challenge based on this mythical man. The rules are pretty simple.

Max Charisma Skill
5 star Celeb Status
25 friends

Is never allowed to visit home lot EVER.
You cannot buy anything from Build/Buy Mode
No Jobs or ways of making money, A.E. Painting, collecting items
You can collect items but you cannot sell them
No marriage
Must be best friends to spend the night at someone's house
You can only spend the night 2 times per week
During winter this number is 4 times per week
No marriage
No kids
Have at least 1 negative trait for your sim.

Challenge ends when all three goals are met, keep track of the week you finish and let me know if you enjoyed the challenge! Have a good day.
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