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Default Can I expand my lot?
Hey I'm not really good at building things so I often run out of space before I have all the stuff I want for my Sims to do to earn experience or having it look right. I want to build a really nice barn with 4 stalls, big pasture, 2 good sized riding rings, a garden of some kind, a pool, outside kid area, and a nice sized 3 bedroom 2.5bath house. So I need a REALLY BIG lot. And I can't get any lots big enough for all those things. Even the 64x64 is not big enough! So is there a way to make a bigger lot, or to expand a lot? Thank you SOOO much for reading this!! I hope to hear from someone soon but NO pressure!!
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64x64 is the max. If you need more space you have to separate your lot into several lots. Perhaps it's doable with the TS3 open worlds? Have you tried?
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