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Default Service situations
Does anyone know of a non-core mod that's added or changed service situations for an existing service? I'm wondering if it's possible to make police or social workers come and take children to new homes by adding a new PoliceSituation- or SocialWorkerSituation-derived situation, or if it would be better to make a new service just for that instead, and I've got examples for how to do the latter in douglasveiga's mods but I'm not sure about the former.

Or, as an alternative question: is using service sims even the best way to go about what I'm trying to do? What I want is for all the minors on a lot to be picked up by an adult (preferably in a police or social worker car and uniform just for the appearance of it) and escorted to wherever they live now, and my first thought for how to do that was to see how the game rounds up teens breaking curfew, which it does with a PoliceSituation; but that might be an overly complicated approach.

[EDIT] Status of this: I went with creating a new service using SocialWorker and Police and douglasveiga's Gardener and their respective situations as guides, works fine!

A note: the new service seems to not be available unless I create an instance of the class on world load.
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