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Default The Longest Reign Challenge
The Longest Reign Challenge

This challenge is an alternative ruleset for the BACC with heavy influences from the prosperity challenge among others with a caste spin. The “goal” of this challenge is to expand a custom hood using Reign Points through 5 generations to see which of your founding families reigns supreme!

Starting Out:

Create a new blank neighborhood with townies.
You may add all of the Vacation Hoods.
You may add another sub-hood of any kind at any time (shopping/downtown/university) but it has to be blank. Sub-hoods can have townies but no playables. (see Uni)

Place 5 empty lots 2 x 2 lots in your neighborhood (or spread amongst your subhoods). Of the 5 lots, 3 should be residential. You can change the lot type (community/residential/apartment) throughout the game but the size of the lot must always remain the same. You can even bulldoze a lot completely to make renovating faster but its replacement must be the same size!

Create 3 CAS families. Their appearance can be chosen but randomize the number of members (min of 1, max of 8), ages, aspirations, personalities, etc of each family. Move these families into their own residential lots leaving you with 2 blank lots left.

The youngest sim in each family is considered generation 1.

Each founding family must be assigned (randomly) a family trait. (See Traits)


You must choose a Patriarchal or Matriarchal lineage system for your neighborhood. This cannot change throughout the entire challenge. Depending on the system – it may cause one of your CAS families to lack a heir for their family so choose wisely! I will be assuming you've chosen a patriarchal lineage system to make explanations easier to understand. Simply change the genders if you choose Matriarchal.

*Note: You can decide how you want same sex-marriages to work but these are my recommendations: (Patriarchal)
Male x Male: Choose one of them to leave their Clan to marry into his partner's Clan. He must follow his Husband's Clan traits.
Female x Female: Neither one of them can carry on their Clan name. They both become Undesirables.
In the beginning you are restricted to the number of lots you start the game with – 5. More can be earned as you play the hood. (See Lots)

New lots cannot be purchased with simoleans alone. You also need the required Reign Points. (see RP)

Each household should be played for the same amount of time. 4 seasons is considered 1 year.

All services are unlocked at the start of the game. Households cannot have fire alarms, burglar alarms, sprinklers nor car alarms. Firefighters and Police have to be called using the phone. This restriction never changes.

Careers are open to sims who have the corresponding LTW. Ex: A sim can only join the business career track if their LTW is to become a Business Tycoon. Careers should be found via the newspaper or computer. (no cheating your sim into the position)
You can “create” LTWs for custom careers but LTWs should be assigned randomly.
Sims in the Founder class can unlock career positions for their future descendants. (see Caste)

Elixir of life cannot be used by sims to extend their lifespan.

Townies/Npcs/downtownies/etc can only join the hood through marriage or pregnancy.

You cannot use mods/reload without saving in order to choose the gender of a sim upon birth or adoption.
No money related mods to increase household funds.

Servos are not sims and have no status.

Reign Points (RP):

Reign points are the only way of acquiring land for a Founding Clan. It also determines a Clan's status in the neighborhood.
+2 (Patriarchal) Marrying a female sim from another Founding Clan
+1 (Patriarchal) Marrying a female sim to another Founding Clan
+1 For every Founding class sim born (excludes adoption) into the family
+1 (Patriarchal) For every male sim who reaches the top of a career track for the first time. (max : 28 without custom careers)
+3 For the first birth (excludes adoption) of a new generation (max 12 points)
+2 When a Founding Clan member (including spouses) achieves a LTW (limit of 1 point per sim)
+1 For each individual business that reaches rank 10 (only earned once per business)
+5 For the Clan with the highest Clan Score at the end of 1 sim year (4 Full seasons).

Male and Female sims can cause a loss of RP for their families.
-1 For every sim who becomes Auxiliary class
-3 For every sim who becomes Undesirable
-2 For every sim who is adopted
-10 Every time a sim is adopted for the sole purpose of continuing the Clan name (as in you have no valid heirs)

The total number of RP acquired by a Clan (spent and unspent) is their Clan Score.
Points used to purchase lots are spent and subtracted from the Clan's pool of available RP. Meaning you can't use the same points to repeatedly buy more lots.
Available Points and overall Clan Score can go into the negative.
Lots already purchased by a Clan will remain in their control even if their Clan Score decreases.


There are three classes in this challenge. They are Founders, Auxiliary, and Undesirables.
To make things easier to keep track of, it is recommended that you change the surname of any sims that have a change in caste status. Only sims in the Founding class can earn RP (see Reign Points).

In general (Patriarchal), children take on the caste and join the clan of their Father. Similarly, wives take on the caste and join the clan of their Husbands. Divorced females go back to their original caste and Clan.

Founders: These are the CAS sims you start the challenge with. They are the most privileged class. (Patriarchal) Male sims in the other two classes can never elevate to Founder status. Female sims can marry into a Founder Clan thereby gaining Founder class.
  • They can own home and community lot businesses, other residential lots, and vacation homes.
  • They can join any career if they have the corresponding LTW.
  • (Patriarchal) Once a Founder class male sim reaches the top of a career they permanently unlock one position in that career for any of their descendants regardless of that sims LTW. If their descendant loses Founder status they are no longer eligible for this career position.
  • Founder sims can marry any other sim regardless of their caste though there may be consequences. (see Traits)

Founder class sims can lose their status in a few different ways. This loss in status affects this sim's future descendants. Their current descendants retain their status. (assuming Patriarchal)
  • Female sims who marry an Auxiliary class sim become part of his Auxiliary Clan. Her future children become Auxiliary.
  • Male or Female sims who violate their family trait become Undesirable. Their future descendants become Undesirables.

If one of your Clan's members impregnates another sim out of wedlock he can abandon the baby thereby forcing it to be raised by its Undesirable Mother without taking a hit to his class status. Otherwise:
  • Male sims who have a child out of wedlock and keep the child become the head of an Auxiliary Clan. They must move out with his child and can no longer represent their Founding Clan.
    note: This does not apply to alien babies. Alien babies do not cause a loss of Founder status. They are immediately accepted into the Founder Clan.
If one of your sims ends up pregnant out of wedlock you have 2 options. Option 1 is allow them to give birth but immediately put the baby (neglect) up for adoption as soon as it's born. Or option 2:
  • Female sims who have a child out of wedlock and keep the baby become Undesirable. She must move out with her child and can no longer represent her Founding Clan.

Auxiliary: These sims are the middle class. They consist of Undesirable Male/Females who elevated in status. They also consist of Founder class sims who lowered in status. Vacation townies and dormies are considered Auxiliary class by default.
  • They can live in the households of Founder class sims as servants/hired help.
  • An Auxiliary clan can own 1 lot of any size IF one is available/not owned by a Founding Clan. (RP not required, just simoleans)
  • An Auxiliary clan can have 1 business.
  • They can join a career if they have the corresponding LTW.

Undesirables: These are the lowest class of sims. There are two ways a sim can become Undesirables. Namely, through out of wedlock children or violating their Clan Trait. Townies/Downtownies/Npcs are considered undesirable by default.
  • They cannot own property or businesses.
  • They cannot join a career track regardless of their LTW.
  • They can work as employees/managers of a playable-owned business.
  • They can live in the households of Founder or Auxiliary class sims as servants/hired help.

Undesirable sims can become Auxiliary class by (patriarchal):
  • Female: Marrying a Founder or Auxiliary class sim.
  • Male: Giving $30,000 simoleans to a Founding Clan or Auxiliary Clan in exchange for one of their daughter's hand in marriage.


Only Founding Clans have traits. Randomly choose 1 trait from the list below. If your Clan makes it 1 full year (4 seasons) without violating their Clan trait – they can randomly choose a different trait instead of the one they currently have. Or , keep it the same. It is up to you.

There is no direct benefit to following your Clan's trait but there are severe consequences if your sim strays from the rules. Some of the traits are harder to adhere to than others. Traits are explained assuming patriarchal lineage rules.
1. Quiver-full: Sims in this clan always try for baby when woohooing – whether they are married or not!
2. Just enough: Each couple has as many children as it takes until they have a boy. If they have a boy on the first try then they can no longer have children.
3. Polygamy: Male sims can have multiple wives. These wives can live on different lots but they have to be owned by their Husband's Clan.
4. Arranged Marriage: Sims have to get married the same day they age to adulthood. (mmm double cake)
5. Good genes: Only male descendants with a particular genetic trait can procreate.
6. Nurture or Nature: A teen descendant takes the aspiration of the adult they have the highest relationship score with. (aspiration can never change)
7. Hopeless Romantic: Sims (male & female) can only marry someone they have a 3 bolt chemistry with.
8. High Standards: Male sims can only marry sims from other Founding Clans or Auxiliary Clans. (remember – vacation townies and dormies are considered Auxiliary class)
9. Fly the nest: Male sims can only get married if they own their own property and live alone.
10. Pure Bloodline (courtesy of litlegothcat13): Your sim cannot marry or breed with any supernatural creature. Alien babies and any custom supernatural sims are considered undesirable.
11. Symbiosis (courtesy of litlegothcat13): Your sim must marry or breed with a sim of a different species. (custom supernatural creatures included)


The 2 left over lots (after your 3 families move in) are considered public property. They can be purchased with simoleans by a Founding Clan, made into future residential lots for an Auxiliary Clan, turned into public community lots or made into apartment complexes (recommended).

Additional neighborhood lots require RP and simoleans to purchase. These lots are automatically owned by the Founding Clan who put forth the RP/simoleans to buy them however they can be sold to other Clans or donated to the neighborhood.

RP used to purchase lots is subtracted from the Founding Clan's RP pool. Simoleans used to purchase lots is done automatically if it's a community/residential lot – otherwise manually remove the cost of the lot using cheats or mods.

The RP cost of a lot is determined by multiplying the lot's length by width. 1 x 3 lots cost 3 Reign Points. 5 x 5 lots cost 25 Reign Points. Etc.


University is a special case. While you can add this sub-hood at anytime – it has to be blank. In order for sims to attend University the sub-hood must contain:

  • 1 Dorm
  • 3 Community lots of any type/theme (but functional!)

You can use your initial 2 leftover 2 x 2 lots to get a head start on this 4 lot requirement. The remaining lots have to be donated by your Founding Clans to the neighborhood (using their RP AND simoleans – cheat/mod away the cost of the lot after building it).

More lots can be added at your discretion.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far! Rules/point system subject to change as I am still playtesting my own hood. Any feedback is appreciated.
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Wow..this is pretty cool-I like your rules, although complex. I like it, though.

* Why is the youngest person in a family considered generation 1? Isn't that the founder's start? In most normal genealogy, the founders always have the 1st generation tab. All children are considered generation 2.
* Why no burglar alarms or fire/smoke detectors? Don't you want the people to survive to the next generation? At the first, the burglars will invade and steal everything because cops can't be trusted to show up. Besides, most burglaries happen at night when everyone is asleep. The house could burn down with everyone inside-and there goes the entire family. You have to replace them or blow up the scenario. (Most pixels are very, very stupid unless trained).

* The idea of "Founders" clashes with the idea of CAS pixels:
"Create 3 CAS families. Their appearance can be chosen but randomize the number of members (min of 1, max of 8), ages, aspirations, personalities, etc of each family. Move these families into their own residential lots leaving you with 2 blank lots left."

That is the entire Founder set-which means that these families are all founders, and not auxiliary pixels or lower caste. Who are they supposed to marry? Each other, right? Then that would make them into another caste, by doing so, or keeping them that way.
Unless you introduce other pixels into the neighborhood it will be a very small circle.

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Thanks for checking out my challenge To answer your questions:

1. Since you are randomizing your family members, there's a potential you could create 3 generations at the very start of the game if the oldest sim is considered generation 1. The challenge would end very quickly if that were the case ( ends with 5th generation )
2. This is to add extra difficulty. Tragedies happen! As someone who has struggled with getting a sim living alone to use the phone because of a forgotten fire alarm purchase - It definitely adds another danger layer to your simming. The cost of replacing stolen items will slightly curb your families ability to become crazy rich though burglars are pretty rare anyway.
3. Your Founders are indeed supposed to marry eachother. However, Males can marry female townies/npcs/downtownies/etc (who are undesirable) or vacation townies/dormies (who are auxiliary) without penalty. Females who marry into the family automatically become Founder class. Your female Founder class sims can also marry townies/dormies etc but they demote in rank to that of their Husbands. This does cause a RP penalty but isn't forbidden.
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This is similar to my BACC rules except that I have to add a nother lot before a new couple can be moved in and my town only started with two lot and both of the largest lot size as one was to be the community service center while the other was the homestead my first arrivals would be living on and building a house on.They could have a multi-alarm in case of fire though burglars will be disabled as the town was very isolated out west in the 1840's and only acessible by wagon trains or horseback.My sims must be farming or using other ways of earning money besides getting a regular job at least until the popultaion is at four couples or more.
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This actually sounds a lot like my plans for my tribal hood, Kulo Seeri, which is strictly matriarchal and already has three central clans. In fact, I have been working on a clan honour points system for it, but I just ended up overcomplicating it, which isn't my style at all. Mind if I adapt some aspects of your challenge for my personal use?

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Originally Posted by nuidyaforever
This actually sounds a lot like my plans for my tribal hood, Kulo Seeri, which is strictly matriarchal and already has three central clans. In fact, I have been working on a clan honour points system for it, but I just ended up overcomplicating it, which isn't my style at all. Mind if I adapt some aspects of your challenge for my personal use?

Sure! I did the same with over complicating it lol - I was originally going to add an honor point for every 3 elixir of life's "donated" but I thought it would be too easily abused with dates. (so easy to accumulate points by serial dating)
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I've got rules for inheritace modified to that it's the youngest child usually inheriting the property though all children inherit shares of the money because the youngest is ususally a teen just before the parents end up dying of old age and any child can carry the family name though that rule only applies if the couple had multiple children while a couple having only one child passes their property on to that child shortly after they age into a teen.Teens who aren't the youngest will often move out on their own as teens or adults depending onif there's room for them to stay or the house is too small.I'll have mine starting out in the colonial era of the 16th century and it's combined with my TOT challenge.
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Alright, you got my attention; I'm currently sick of my BACC (10 rounds in, 48 households to go through minus college rotations), but I don't feel like playing a pre-made hood or another legacy or apocalypse challenge. I'll give this a try.

A few questions:
-Can you only add 1 subhood at the start (either a Uni/downtown/business) or is it fine to add all three as long as they are empty?

-Do all the rotations have to have the same length? I know they have to be the same for all households, what I'm talking about is, can I do a 5 day rotation and then a 2 day rotation? I ask because my preferred way of playing is, play the first five days of the week, then come back and play the weekend.

-Related to the aforementioned point, I really think 1 year should be 4 seasons, period. Because otherwise, people can just play one day rotations and have a full year before a sim week is even over, which makes it really unfair for those who choose to play the whole week as a rotation. It'd also give players more freedom to switch rotations length like I like to do without messing with the year length. If people want an easier challenge, they could count 2 seasons as a year or something similar.

-Do all families have to be either matriarchal/patriarchal, or can each clan choose their own way?

-Is the fire sprinkler allowed?

-From my understanding, undesirables can live in apartment lots, right?

-I have a suggestion for another clan trait: pure bloodline. Your sim cannot marry or breed with any supernatural creature. For this clan only, alien children are considered undesirable. (if you're the type of player who also likes to play with custom 'species' like angels, animal people, the mermaid/ghost/genie mod, etc, feel free to also count them against this restriction).

-To go with the opposite of the above: Symbiosis. Your sims must marry or breed with others sims of different species (again, feel free to count custom species).

Also, I will play with a small tweak; the starting lots will be 3x3 instead of 2x2. This is mostly so I can make a decent sized community lot with everything I could need and a decent sized apartment lot, but also because I want to play around with having home businesses and little 'servant' shacks for my undesirables. I already have the creativity of a dead sloth when it comes to building, so 2x2 would impede me even further. Plus, players with ACR will get a lot of undesirables and will need that extra space.

I have the NPC careers available from this site, so I will let my undesirables/auxiliary sims work in them. This will be the way for them to be 'servants' without having to live with a founder. Undesirables can only get to level 1, and auxiliaries can only get to level 3. These levels barely pay anything, so this will actually make things harder for my undesirables instead of other ways they could make money (like painting, writing, selling craftables or produce from inventory). If they do live with a founder (must be in the maid/gardener tracks only), undesirables can get to level 3 while auxiliaries can get to level 5. They can use a monique computer to manage their funds separate from the founder household.

Thanks for the fun idea! Been a long while since a new challenge has actually peaked my interest.
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I'm glad you find it interesting!

- Yes you can add however many subhoods you want as long as they are empty.
- No rotations do not have to be the same length in that sense. I tend to play from Monday - Wednesday, Wednesday-Friday, then the weekends!
- Yes that's a good correction to make in my notes. Even in my game I make 1 season equal to 7 sim days. I'm so used to this set up that In my head I use season/rotation/week interchangeably but not everyone does!
- To make the rules easier for people to follow I wrote it so that the entire neighborhood has to follow the same lineage system. However, If you want to to tweak it to per family that's fine too. Just make up your own rules on who takes the "subservient" role when couples get married.
- Ah I knew I was missing one. No fire sprinklers! Feel the doooooom. lol
- Yes undesirables can live in apartments. I recommend one of your 2 extra lots should be an apartment.
- Woo nice family traits, I'll add them!

- No problem. Restrictions make things more fun for me but it's more of a new/different playstyle that's the focus of the challenge I'm incorporating some of the ideas into my premade playthroughs also HA. The Goths "own" basically everything XD
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@ec190 -I've been doing this idea and thinks it can be incororated into a few of my other games including my TOT and BACC games though the BACC one is set in the 1840's and the TOT one is set for the 1520's as a 16th century attempt at colonizing the new world after the Europeans had bee at war with the Turks to drive them out of Europe.I did put a new spin on setting up the town where I'm only allowed two lots before moving my first couple in and both must be the largest lot size as one is a homestead for my settlers and the other is the community lot.I'm also to start with a shopping district first when the main town is getting too crowded and that will become a new farming district.I can add a downtown after the second shopping district is added once the main one starts to get filled up again.I'm actually restricting smaller lot sizes until sims are starting to take full time jobs as the town's population grows and apartments in the form of the boarding house will be there before the smaller lots are added in as I'd need that for sims arrving in seasons other than spring.
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Everyone always forgets the sprinkler when making these challenges; absolutely everyone.

I'm still in the process of building the required buildings and a few extra ready to purchase when get enough RP (done with the University requirements). Doing that made me add a few extra tweaks: first, undesirables can't go to University at all (which means if they rank up it will still take a generation for the clan to actually get Uni locked jobs; I use the mod here that makes a lot of tracks locked by it) and auxiliaries have to pay 10,000 per child. Teens may use their scholarship money to deduct from that amount, but given I have the no 20k handout mod, that means less money for them when they graduate.

Since I play with Hexagonal's trait mods (it's a mod that ports TS3 traits system to TS2 if you're unfamiliar with it), clans with the Nurture or Nature trait must also inherit a trait from the sim they are closest to along with aspiration.

The final tweak is that I've done away with the founding clans having to pay for lots to get built; as long as they donate them to the hood that is. Private lots for the clan still have to built with the clan's money. However, I've made it so that marriage isn't free. The ruling gender must always pay for the hand of their opposing gender spouse (so assuming a patriarchy, a male must always pay for a female's hand). If the spouse is a townie of any sort, then that money must still be gone, either by familyfunds, monique's computer, buying an object and giving it away as a gift to another townie, etc. Undesirables cost 5,000, Auxiliaries cost 10,000, founding members cost 15,000. Also undesirables, can never pay for a founding member's hand, and an auxiliaries' hand still costs 30,000.

Same gender marriages don't have this restriction, but they must adopt to continue the family, which always costs RP. I might also make it so only clans with the Symbiosis trait can have alien children with no penalties, and for other clans those aliens always become auxiliary.

I'm also thinking of making a tax system, but only with apartment lots owned by founding clans; anyone can live in them, but auxiliaries must donate 10% of their household's funds to the founding clan, and undesirables must donate 30%. If I implement this, then I might make it so founding clans get money for each lot they donate, so they have an incentive to donate them instead of building apartment lots and making money that way. Or perhaps I'll do away with donating lots entirely. That'd make only having one apartment lot with the initial 2 free lots you get extremely challenging. I'll need to play for a bit before I decide. Perhaps 25,000$ for a 1x1 lot, 100,00$ for a 2x2 lot and so on.

Can't wait to get done building. I already rolled for the clans and I got a clan with a single male teen, one with three adults ( 2 males, one female), and the last one with a male teen and a female elder. I got lucky and didn't get anything bellow a teen, so the generations are fairly even. I also decided to make them all patriarchies since I only got one breedable female. Makes things simpler.
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@litlegothcat13 -I've got sprinkers listed as being required items to even be allowed to have any stoves or fireplaces in the home and one is required for each stove,toaster oven,microvave or fireplace unless two if thise items are on neighboring squares.Mine has no school and children will not likely got to school in the first generation so there will be no campus either though some children might be homeschooled because teens will be taking jobs because most will be moving out on their own as teens.I do use a skill limiting plugin for SimBlender to help with restrictions for some families.
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Okay maybe I am confused, but how do you get the other two classes? Do they just happen as you play or do you make them with your founding 3 families. Tia
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#14 Old 30th Dec 2020 at 6:39 PM
I have society classes become a part of things as the population grows becuase mine is starting with just one couple settling as a test case to see if they can adapt and survive there.Founders are like the first couples to arrive in the colony while extras are more like later settlers and undseirables would be sims who are criminals or getting into fights with everybody like they tend to start the fights or to behave in other disreputable ways.One way of becoming an undesirable is abusing children just because your pregnancy was unplanned and happened before you were ready for it.It would be better to end the pregnancy or to give the baby up for adoption if that was the case or the child was born out of wedlock to a young lady and not because the baby's dad died.
I also have economic classes which can afftect where they live and what they live in as the poorest are likely to live in boearding houses,apartments or on homesteads when they can finally afford home ownership or they'll live on a smaller lot and be crafters.
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Originally Posted by Twixxx1
Okay maybe I am confused, but how do you get the other two classes? Do they just happen as you play or do you make them with your founding 3 families. Tia

They happen as you play - and happen quickly if you play with mods like ACR lol.
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There is the MCC-the Medieval Charter Challenge, to also play if you adapt both to mesh together.

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#17 Old 31st Dec 2020 at 5:49 PM
My undesirables are mostly from bad behaior like engaging in criminal activities,committing child abuse,forcing woohoo on another sim wthout their consent,attacking another,starting fights on community lots or apartments or visiting another household.They can rise up from that caste by just remedying their bad behavior like learning to be less tempermental,by takng care to not get pregnant before being ready and by either ending any unplannned pregnancy or putting the resulting baby up for adoption if it's born and they're still not ready.Having a baby out of wedlock because your spouse died before the baby was born isn't a disgrace or having a child out of wedlock if you're getting on and decided to do it through a donor out if desperation because time ran out to do it in wedlock.
Townies are playables who are mostly background or extras who get played though there's not a special story in mind for them.They are still a part of the town and can become major residents and founders are those who arrived in the fomration of the town.These don't happen until the town finally gets multiple families and they start to have some children as more arrive.It starts with one couple testing the settlement site out for at least a full year and eventually grows as the other couples arrive over the coming years.I also restrict my lots to the largest size except if it's an aprtmentor a corner shop until after the first six couples are installed and they finally decide that an aprtment lot is needed for couuples arrving in the wrong seasons.Other lot sizes for residential lots can be added later as the town's population grows and other neighborhoods are only added as needed.School won't be added for some time as mine would be starting in colonial times in the 16th century which was long before they even though of schooling as most of the settlers weren't educated and were from poor backgounds.
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