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Default Berry Sweet Sapphics (A wlw Legacy!)

This is for all my yearning sapphics who wanna play a colorful little legacy that is so sacchartine, it rots your teeth.
Can also be played as mlm, although, well, look at my URL. The rules will be written with a wlw romance in mind.
You need Generations, University, Seasons, Supernatural, World Adventures and Ambitions!

I am playing this challenge on my tumblr (wlwsims4), so tag me there if you want! I'd love to see your gameplay!

General Rules:
- Money cheats are allowed, just don’t overdo it, it tends to rob the fun from the game
- Live anywhere, unless otherwise specified
- Each generation has one or more traits that I will give you, the rest is up to you.
- Your Wife’s career is up to you unless otherwise specified
- You don’t have to play berry, you can just have the generational color as a general vibe
- Cheating to have same sex pregnancy is ok, as well as adoption!
- Roll a 6-sided die each generation to see how many kids you’ll have
- You don’t have to max careers, but it’s a nice bonus if you do!

Generation 1: Nerdbians (Mint)
“In a world full of people, only some want to fly. Ain’t that crazy?”
(Think up Anger - Mutiny)

Trait(s): Green Thumb, Genius
Career: Scientist
- Meet your wife in Uni, have her be in the Nerd social group
- Max Logic, Gardening and Science
- Have your wife work as a freelance Inventor once graduated

Bonus Goal:
- Have your wife build a Simbot and treat them like your own child! That simbot will count toward your offspring roll (+1 if you rolled a 1)

Generation 2: Be gay, do crime (Yellow)
“Trust, my love, I’ll keep you safe from the wolves”
(Boy Epic - Trust)

Trait(s): Kleptomaniac, Rebellious
Career: Criminal
- Meet your wife at work! Pretend it’s a fire-forged romance, during a heist or something
- Max Charisma and Street Art skills!
- Be enemies with a Law Enforcement Sim

Bonus Goal:
- Befriend a Burglar that tried to rob you!

Generation 3: Happily Ever After (Cotton Candy)
“I just wanna tell you that you’re really pretty, girl. I just wanna know if you will let me be your world?”
(Hayley Kiyoko - Pretty Girl)

Trait(s): Hopeless Romantic
Career: Education
- Meet your wife as a teenager and attend prom with her!
- Max Charisma and Writing
- Adopt a Dog!
- If your Offspring roll is 3 or less, add one!

Bonus Goal:
- Go on a date or family outing to the seasonal festival every weekend!

Generation 4: Puppy Love (Purple)
“Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good. You’re everything Big Bad Wolf could want”
(Amanda Seyfried - Little Red Riding Hood)

Trait(s): Friendly, Daredevil
Career: Collecting/Consignment
- Meet your wife during a Full Moon and have her be a Werewolf!
- Max Painting and Schulpting!
- Adopt two Dogs and max Hunting on one of them! Your Wife needs a hunting buddy
- If your Offspring roll is 3 or less, add one!
- Pass Lycanthropy to your heir!

Bonus Goal:
- Max out your Wife’s Werewolf-ism and her Fitness!

Generation 5: You’re Magical (Midnight Blue)
“Guide me to your shores, leave my ruins behind, show me the way to light”
(Darkseed - Follow me)

Trait(s): Animal Lover, Dog Person (haha get it?)
Career: Gardener
- Meet your wife at the Alchemy Store, and have her be a witch!
- Max Fitness and Handiness!
- Adopt a Cat this time! Your Wife needs her witchy familiar!
- Have at least one minor pet!
- Turn your heir into a witch!
- If your offspring roll is 3 or less, regardless of your way of having kids, adopt a little girl in addition!

Bonus Goal:
- Be BFFs with your Wife’s cat!

Generation 6: Thirsty for Love (Red)
“Fluttering lashes, red lips and pearly white teeth”
(The Correspondents - Fear & Delight)

Trait(s): Charismatic, Great Kisser
Career: Alchemist
- Meet your wife at a Club, have her be a Vampire!
- Max Alchemy and Nectar Making!
- Take your Honeymoon in France, and max out your Visa!
- Be the only one your wife feeds from!
- Do NOT Turn your heir, but all your spares!

Bonus Goal:
- Finish the French Relics Collection!

Generation 7: You’re my “normal” (light blue)
“Lay your head down on my shoulder, human anything but free”
(Behind the Scenes - Human)

Trait(s): Brooding, Proper, Shy
Career: Journalist
- Meet your wife at a park!
- Max Fishing and Writing!
- Adopt a Horse! It’s time to get ridin’
- Go on a date with your Wife once per week!
- Buy a second property and build a cute little cabin there to get away from all the trouble every so often!

Bonus Goal:
- Have your Wife Max Riding and let her participate in races!

Generation 8: Young Love is sweet as can be (Green)
“Follow me down to the river, drink while the water clean”
(The Pretty Reckless - Follow me down)

Trait(s): Workaholic, Easily Impressed
Career: Business
- Meet your wife as a child, and be on max relationship with her until the day you die
- Max Cooking and Logic!
- Never retire
- Visit every destination world at least once. Your job pays well, yo
- Make the child that has the most combined skill points once they turn into a teen your heir!
- Buy out at least four businesses!

Bonus Goal:
- Have your wife be self employed, following her dreams while your work your office job

Generation 9: My beating Heart (Black & White)
“From the Darkness rises a Succubus, from the earthen rust”
(Ghost BC - Ghuleh)

Trait(s): Supernatural Fan, Bookworm
Career: Fortune Teller
- Meet your wife furing a full moon - When she’s a Zombie attacking your house!
- Max Charisma and Mixology
- Move to Moonlight Falls if you don’t already live there
- Buy the Witches’ Brew Elixir fro the Consignment Store as soon as youre able and become a witch!
- Have your wife be bitten/Turned into a Zombie each full moon. It’s her “time of the month”, I guess

Bonus Goal:
- Max your Witch skill and raise an undead arms, spearheaded by your wife!

Generation 10: Out of the Dark (Orange)
“You know how it is, when you’re just waiting on that bad, bad moon to rise”
(Hollywood Undead - Bad Moon)

Trait(s): Brave, Active
Career: Ghost Hunter
- Meet your wife on the job, after saving her from a spooky invasion!
- Max Guitar and Photography!
- Max out your Visa for Egypt, time to beat up some Mummies!
- Move out of Moonlight Falls once you become an Adult (Not YA!)
- Don’t befriend any Supernaturals, you’ve had enough of that in your childhood

Bonus Goal:
- Cure one of each Supernatural Type and/or cure every Zombie you encounter during full moons!
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This is really cute.
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I love this idea. This is adorable!
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