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Default Hair Color Swatches
Hi all.

I'm looking to create some albino sims and having a heck of a time finding suitably pale colors for both skin tones and hair.

Is there a way to make swatches to add to CAS so that I can simply click the color of hair/skin that I want to use rather than recoloring each hair that I may want to use or recoloring a skin? Or is there a way to extract a swatch from other hair/skin cc to use in CAS?
Thanks in advance
Ms. Byte
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Sure, you can make your own skin color and hair color. Hair colors will only apply to one hair, though.

For a skin color: Use TS4 Skininator, clone a similar skin color, export the texture, modify it, import it.

For a hair color: Use CAS Tools or Sims 4 Studio, clone a hair, export the texture, modify it, import it.

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Thanks for the information. For some reason I didn't get a notification of this reply.
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