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Default Changing PT Mod Custom Skin(s) to Defaulted Alien Skin in SimPe?
I downloaded an 8 PT mod because I love the faces, but I want to use the one alien default skin I downloaded instead of the 8 custom skins that all clash with my geneticized skins. I have not yet made my new game environment I want to use these in, so I don't have set sims in any hoods to mod with SimPe, so the various tutorials I have found are not super helpful to me. I'm a complete beginner modder. Can anyone tell me how to change the skin in the PT mod's character files to reference either my alien default skin, or perhaps the Eaxis skin, which will then show as my default skin once loaded in-game? This is the mod in question. I'm also 90% sure I am going to use the skin without ornamentation here, but I might swap out for another and would prefer to have the PTs use the general alien skin so I can swap out defaults as I wish.
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