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Default Objects with Included Normal Maps
Since normal maps are so rare in TS3 and almost impossible to incorporate into a project, does anyone know some good objects with normal maps that can be used as a base?

Off the top of my head:
- BG Sun Mask Wall Sculpture- Uses Phong Shader
- PETS Rocks (i.e. Ranch Rock)- Uses Landmark Shader
- PETS Hangman's Tree- Uses Outdoor Prop Shader
- WA Pyramid- Uses Landmark Shader
- WA Egyptian Column, Ruins (from my experience, these are sort of buggy when cloned)- Uses Landmark Shader
- WA Terracotta Soldier, Horse, Carriage- Uses Phong Shader
- Most Distant Terrains

@Naus Allien
Do you know any as well?
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Both vampire altars have normal maps. The sofa and living chair, bed and 2x1 coffee table from the Hollywood Regency set (Showtime) have normal maps.

Lots of Store items have normal maps (likely due to a higher budget). I remember lots of objects in the Kingdom of Cambodia set having normal maps. The hot tub in particular has one of the best normal maps I've seen. The shower, dressers, mirror, bed, fireplace, sink and even toilet have normal maps.
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