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Default Set Default GEOM Slider CAS Value?
I and one other person have been working together on making an update of one of Cmar's old mods, the stallion junk mod. It was an older mod that added "boy bits" to male horses using GEOM-based sliders and a lod replacement; we wanted to improve the mesh and move it off of the lod it was currently on, so that we could reclaim the lod it was on for other edits. (it was originally on the lod with the horse's head).

We've re-made it more or less from scratch, and it's behaving basically identically to the old mod (only applies to male horses, rigs nicely, etc.), the only thing it's missing is that Cmar's old sliders seemed to apply automatically at about 75% to all horses by default.

I've gutted the whole of Cmar's original mod down to just the BGEO and the lod, and it seems like it retains this function, by all I can observe; this is also without the included script file she provided that enabled "gelding" of horses, etc.. The only reason we want to set the default value to above 0 is to prevent tediously having to go back in and "re-apply" the new slider to every male horse. Once it's set, it's the same as the old one for that horse, but it'd be nice to remove the initial "application" step.

Does anyone know how to or have a guide on setting a slider's default starting value?
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