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Default Noob question: Can I make a general tuning mod without a specific CAS or Build object
Hello, this is my first post. Nice to meet you all.

I am making a simple mod to change sim behavior. At the swimming venues, most sims change into everyday outfit immediately upon getting out of the pool (even if venue dress code is swimwear). This ends up looking silly with sims hanging out in a swimming venue in full outfits. In real life People hang out in their swimwear at the poolside even if they are not swimming. I found the XML tuning file that manages this outfit change. I have modified it so people will keep their swimsuits on when they get out of the pool.

Now my question is, how to put this modified tuning xml into a package file? I have found tutorials that show how to change the tuning of an object via sims 4 studio. But that seems like not the right thing for me because my mod is not modifying any object. The xml I have modified is just a general behavior tuning. It is sims.outfits.outfit_tuning.Tuning.xml

How do I put this tuning into a package?
Thanks in advance!
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You just import it after you create a new package:

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Originally Posted by MizoreYukii
You just import it after you create a new package:

Ah, perfect! Thank you.
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