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Default Let's Build a farm!
One of my favorite worlds, Moonlight falls, has lots of open spaces. I figure this would be the perfect opportunity to turn the place into a farming community and make it easier to acquire alchemy ingredients and other things. So for this build challenge, There's going to be something a little unique. You can make your farm a residential OR a community lot!

General rules:
-Must have at least 5 varieties of harvestable plants.
-Must have a small pond for fishing.
-Must be on a 40x40 lot or larger.
-Store farming items like the chicken coop, the dairy coral, or the tractor are not required, but you are free to add them in if you wish.
-Also if you have the Pets pack installed, you may wish to have a barn for horses, but it is not required.
-If you have the World Adventures pack, you may wish to include nectar-making stuff, but nectar presses and storage racks can ONLY be placed in basements.

If the lot is to be RESIDENTIAL:
-There must be an included farmhouse with at least two bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, and a living/dining area.
-Said farmhouse is to be designed in a typical American farmhouse style.
-Said farmhouse must not take up more than half the lot.

If the lot is to be COMMERCIAL:
-The lot must be set as either a large or small park (your discretion as to which)
-There must be a "rest station" with at least one bathroom.
-It is not permitted to have any WA vendors on the lot. No Cash registers! You can however include a children's baking station or lemonade stand.

Have fun!
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