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Default 4t2 Clothes Hand in Texture
This is my thousandth attempt to convert Maxis made clothes from 4 to 2. So I've been following Vulrien Sims tutorial to convert fully body outfits from 4to2.

But when I put together the sims 2 body with the sims 4 mesh, fix the bones, and put the texture on it, the hands are right in the middle of the body texture. I'm not sure I'm wording this right but I've attached a picture for further information.
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You need to add a second group for the TS4 parts, and keep the "body" group for the skin parts. If you use a 4t2 tutorial it should have the steps you need to do in there somewhere.

The TXMT of the new group needs to be set up as "SimStandardMaterial" instead of "SimSkin" so it doesn't interfere with the skin.

(3t2 clothing tutorials also have these steps, and it's possible a 4t2 tutorial will link you toward one. The extra group is needed due to the UV maps of TS4/TS3 outfits being too much of a pain to rearrange to fit on a TS2 UVmap).

A few selections of 4t2 tutorials: (Part 1) (Part 2) (part 2B)

3t2 (most of the steps are similar, except extracting the mesh)

Rented-Space also has a mini tutorial on how to add groups to clothes the "easy" way (You have to make a new file in Bodyshop for the new group to show up properly in that file, it won't show for the original file)

If you're feeling adventurous, Skell has a tutorial (or tips) on how to avoid needing an extra empty texture for the skin parts, here (if you're not adding things like shoes and they don't interfere with the skin parts).
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Thank you for your quick reply! I followed all those tutorials and was able to get the mesh into Bodyshop. Yay! So I did the texture and the alpha for the clothes and blanked out the alpha and texture for the body BUT if you look in the picture attached, the neck and hands still have the texture from the original base mesh. I have also attached my projects folder to show you what I'm talking about.
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The original TXTR and TXMT needs to be called "body" or the file doesn't know which group they belong to (the other ones can be called "body2"). Also make sure the mesh groups match the group names (you didn't add the mesh so I can't check).

Looks like you're trying to work on the project file. You need to do "import to game" and pick up the finished file from SavedSims. That's the file you'll want to finish up in SimPE.

The files in the Project folder are templates and won't show ingame (not for you or anyone else). They don't always pick up all kinds of edits very well, and they can get borked if you mess too much with them, so it's best to edit the file(s) from SavedSims if you're adding groups.

It's possible the edits will stick if you do "import to game" on the project.
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