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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
siriussimmerAutonomous Beekeeping Club Interaction (Overrides)
MartinaRaiderBeginning Starter House - no CC - Ultimate Collection needed (Residential)
daggerPaint from free reference (Miscellaneous)
shiningmoonmodsPhysical/Mental Health System Overhaul-Illnesses Blood Types Dieting and more! V1.1 (Traits)
Sim State & CoSim State - The Sims 3 Open For Business Mini Expansion v1.4 (Script & Core Mods)
TudTudsSectionals Sofas Override - Fix for the light issue (Overrides)
ZafireToddler Timeout with fixed animations. (Overrides)
dappersimsMusic Producer Career (Careers)
losson370More Sims In The World (Overrides)
Sims2BuilderNoCCThe Chill House 3 bedrooms no CC (Residential)
MoonFeatherEren Eyes (attack on titan) (Eyes)
Simsonian LibraryArchaeology Kit (Script & Core Mods)
baby_nyxMystic Treehouse (Residential)
EvelynnMamaMinimum Wage Remastered and Realistic (Overrides)
lasagnaestranjaUpload Viral Video Multiplier No Cooldown Never Fails (Overrides)
SonyaYUZerbu's Ultimate Careers Updated (BETA) (Script & Core Mods)
ApplepiSimmerBakery Rugs! (Decorative)
thelostyouLoading Screen Tips Replacer Mod (Overrides)
cheybabyxxWater Color Owl Tattoo (Tattoos)
BrandCity Modern: Tucson (Residential)
MxPlumbobGrilled Cheese Aspiration in CAS (Miscellaneous)
kalthesimsKal's Slider: Sliders for Muscular Male Sims v.1 (Miscellaneous)
seerleenapaint clown Pennywise (Decorative)
kaycee34Large Farmhouse with Outdoor Garden and Greenhouse (Residential)
dratsabDream Home Decorator Shoes functioning as a Remove Shoes Sign (Decorative)
CreedsI-feng Mansions 25 Apartment Units (NO CC) (Apartments)

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6th Jul 2021 at 7:32 AM
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