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Default Help on coding the correct type of mod...
Hi, I'm completely and totally new to making my own mods - I have downloaded and used plenty of mods and cc on the net but have never made my own.

I wanted to make stop motion house builds in the sims 3 with the help of the Free Camera Mode. However, you cannot go into Free Camera Mode from Build/Buy mode, doesn't matter whether you have moved a sim into the lot or editing a lot through edit town. I just wanted to make a mod that allowed entering Freecam mode in build buy mode since I couldn't find a mod similar to that elsewhere.

There is a TS4 version of this mod by TwistedMexi - Buildcam mod. I essentially want to make a Sims 3 verison of that mod.

What type of mod (script, XML, etc) will I have to make (to get the appropriate tutorial for that) and what file swill I have to edit? Thanks
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