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Default Roundabouts in CAW
Hello! I have decided to tackle creating my first world and I am highly inspired by a lot of suburban neighbourhoods in my country. A lot of these areas feature roundabouts. I have tried to search for a tutorial on how to create roundabouts in CAW but I haven't been able to find anything.
So my question is literally: is it possible?
If so, is there an available tutorial for it? Or perhaps if you can please describe how to make a nice looking and functional roundabout, I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks! :P
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I do not think it is possible in any realistic way, and closest is just do a circle with 4 intersections. .
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I agree with daisylee, there is no way to make a one way street in Sims 3 so the best you could do is something that looks like a roundabout, with no guarantees that they will go around it in the correct direction.

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Ah darn. Yeah I've been reading and watching road tutorials for CAW and it seems like the road systems are very basic and simple so I had a feeling that it wouldn't be too possible. Thanks for the responses! I'll have a look at creating even a circle with 4 intersections and hope its not too ugly!
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This is pretty much the closest thing you can get to a roundabout, visually. Sims just drive around it in whichever direction is closer for them to route, but sometimes it does appear they are using it properly, when it so happens that they use it in their own way that looks like it would be the proper way :P[IMG][/IMG]
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