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Mod Idea - Adding Jacoban and Peteran religious aspects
So I'm interested in creating a mod that would do only a small thing. It would be similar to the way that sims can "Ask sign" and then find out someone's zodiac sign, only it would be incorporating the Jacoban and Peteran religions introduced in The Sims Medieval. It would basically just be an interaction called "Ask Religion" and sims could either answer that they were Jacoban, Peteran, Agnostic, or even Atheist. This would come up in a little notification bubble, much like "[sim] has learned that [sim] is [religion]." This would make the sims react positively if they are the same religion, and negatively if they are not.
Of course, it wouldn't be that simple, because obviously every sim would need either a randomly assigned religion, or be automatically agnostic until they choose a faith... somehow. This would also beg the question if I should have two different modes in settings for this mod that would allow the player to choose if religions are randomly or manually assigned, or a bit of both.
I would also want to investigate if sims could have religion-related traits, like "tolerant" (i.e. they never lose relationship when asking about a sim's religion) or, conversely, "intolerant" (i.e. they lose LOTS of relationship when a sim belongs to a different religion). I would also consider adding some CC related to religions, like symbol tattoos, Jacoban and Peteran religious texts, and maybe some buy mode objects with religious imagery.
I would say potentially I could also have an add-on to the mod (I'm sure not everyone would want it because it could potentially be triggering) where sims with the Intolerant trait would have autonomous interactions such as scolding sims displaying same-sex romantic interactions publicly (or even scolding unmarried sims who are woohooing if they happen to walk in on them lol), would refuse all woohoo interactions while unmarried, and would react negatively and lose relationship if they Ask if Single with a sim and the sim's partner is of the same sex.
Now obviously the reason I'm posting and asking about this is because I have no idea where to start---I have an idea and no experience with creating mods for TS3. I basically pitch this out there as a way of asking if anyone has ideas of where to start, knows how to do bits and pieces of this idea, or just likes the idea and wants to "ditto" this idea.. I'm well aware if I start learning about how to work on this it won't happen overnight and actually creating the mod could take a long time, but I guess I pitch this out there as a starting point.
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Sounds promising but I have some doubts about that.
1. Why would anyone react negatively when finding out someone else's religion or lack thereof? I'd rather propose reacting neutrally no matter what a sim find out. Why promote animosities in-game? Isn't there enough intolerance, religious and ethnic conflicts in the real world? I don't want this in-game.
2. Tolerant/intolerant aren't exclusively religion-related traits in the first place. I know religious people who are tolerant, religious people who are intolerant, non-religious tolerant and non-religious intolerant people. It's too complex to include in a single trait or two.
3. Narrowing down the autonomous reactions to criticising same-sex interactions only is silly. It's a huge and unneeded provocation and simplification. W.H.Y O.N. E.A.R.T.H W.O.U.L.D A.N.Y.O.N.E W.A.N.T T.H.I.S?

What I'd love? A new rabbithole with an option to attending a mass/gathering/sermon and upon returning, a sim would receive the 'someone to watch over me' moodlet, Lucky or any other suitable moodlet. It would work like a movie theater with sermons at 5 PM on weekdays and 12 at the weekends. During the mass we would hear the Jacoban/Peteran music form TSM. Sounds like a little, nice and uncontroversial improvement.
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I actually have the beginnings of some code for a mod that adds the TSM religion features in the game through a custom career and hidden skill trait. I got stuck on setting up the sermon schedules for the pulpit in the game and moved on to something else so I'm not currently working on it but it includes an interaction where once you reach Level 1, you unlock the ability to ask Sims their religion and the game *should* prompt a text response of the target Sim giving their religion skill rank. However, I just have one religion as opposed to two like what you're proposing but sharing in case that's helpful.
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