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Default From Rags to Riches Homeless Challenge
This is a combination of Rags To Riches and Homeless Challenges, modified by my wishes to make it as hard and game pack feature including as possible.

Theme: Start with nothing and get all.

Challenge goal: Your sims must meet all of the main goals. The mandatory steps must be met before completing some of the main goals.

Based on: snootysims' R2R challenge:
and the common concept of a homeless challenge, not any specific one though.

Main Goals

Home: A fully furnished, comfortable, estethically pleasing in itself and according the surroundings, and routable home, in a good neighbourhood, with:
• Bedrooms enough for all living there
• A functional kitchen
• A dining room/place to eat comfortably in kitchen
• Bathrooms enough for all living there
• A living room for relaxing, socializing, skilling
• A study if the occupation demands it; furnished appropriately
• A garden for food or flowers with a minimum of 5 perfect plants
• All furniture for living a good sim life
• Skill objects appropriate for your sims's work and hobbies

• Get married to a sim (you can create a sim or marry one already in game but you must get rid of all of their possessions and money before you marry).
• Have your own child, living within your household, age up to YA
• Be Friends with all your offspring.

• Pick any career of your choosing, you can use Get to Work, or any regular job. You may also run a restaurant, or store.
• Reach level 10 of the career branch of your choosing/Or if you are running your own business earn $100,000 with your business and have your employees be fully trained.

Money and house:
• Complete both of the Fortune Aspirations in the game:
Fabulously Wealthy
Mansion Baron

Personal Life:
• Complete at least one aspiration apart from the ones mentioned in the rules. Do the same for your spouse.
• Be skilled at level 7 of a hobby (painting, photography etc), not one of the required skills.
• Purchase at least 3 lifetime rewards for your sim, (excluding the potions and the ones already mentioned in the rules/goals).
• Read every book available in the game, excluding the skill books and player made books OR have a university degree.
• Reach level five of the basic skills available in game, not already listed in the rules: Charisma, Logic, Cooking, Fitness/or Wellness (Spa Pack)
• Go to therapy to lessen your initial 'bad' behaviour (Reward Store, re-trait potion, echange the initially required 'bad' traits for others).

Mandatory Steps

Before you can complete the main goals for this challenge you must meet the qualifications listed below. Once you have completed one of these steps you can move on to the main goal it is paired with.

Mandatory Steps for Building a Starter Home:

• You must have level 5 in handiness skill; level 3 in Logic; level 2 in Fabrication, level 1 in Painting (first painting must be Figure Painting, 100 simoleans);
• You must apply for a building license, and have your floor plans approved: 1000 (give away).
• You must have one BFF in your own neighbourhood, and one Friend in another neighbourhood.
• If you have EL: you must have voted in one NAP.
• You’re not allowed to build anything on your starting lot or to buy anything that you can’t carry in your inventory before you’ve applied for the building permit.

Neighbourhoods acceptable for starting lots:
Spice District, San Myshuno
Foundry Cove, Willow Creek
Bedrock Strait, Oasis Springs
Port Promise, Evergreen Harbour

Mandatory Steps for Building a Garden:
• You must complete the Mandatory Steps for Building a Starter Home.
• You must have your gardening skill to level 5 before you can begin building or placing items outside.
• You cannot have an indoor garden or sheltered plants outside, while living in a starting neighbourhood.
• In the starting neighbourhood, the garden can only be maximum 3 plants. You are not allowed to use the planters in the starting neighbourhood; but have to plant in the ground.

Mandatory Steps for Building a Final Home:
• You have to have built a Starter Home, furnished and decorated according to the neighbourhood standard.
• You must build the home in another neighbourhood than the starter neighbourhood. The neighbourhood you move into cannot be any of the neighbourhood acceptable as starting neighbourhood.
• To be able to move into a richer neighbourhood you need to be Friends with at least 1 sim living there if there is only one sim; or 2 if there are at least 3 households living there. You cannot move into a neighbourhood where no sim is living.
• You need to have reached at least level 5 in a career/have sorted out the basics in an owned business: levelled up at least 1 employee to the highest level.
• Any intended spouse living with you must have reached level 5 in their chosen full-time career. You cannot run the business together.
• You must be Friends with any offspring living with you.
• You must apply for a building license, and have your floor plans approved: 2000 (give away).
The house needs to architecturally and aesthetically fit the surrounds; you cannot build a dump in a nice neighbourhood.
• You cannot move into an empty lot. You can (in Manage World mode) build a shell that fits into the neighbourhood (approximately to a cost of ? simoleans) and then pay to move into it; to decorate the inside while living there.

Mandatory Steps for Getting (and Keeping) a Job:
• Your first job cannot be a full-time career.
• You must have a home address before applying for a job. Complete the Mandatory Steps for Building a Starter Home. You don't have to have built the actual house structure to apply for a job.
• You need to buy proper clothes and a good haircut for job interviews, cost 200 simoleons, and a trip to CAS.
• Go through a trial period, exemplified by taking 3 Skill Classes (through the phone) - that means paying for them. If you don't have UL, level up 3 skills to level 1, and pay/gif 1000 simoleans.
• Have level 3 in 1 appropriate skill for the job. Google it, or go on intuition.
• Have the basic necessities for sim life sorted effectively – you cannot show up to work with orange needs in any of the basic bars: Hunger; Hygiene; Energy; Fun - more than 5 times; or 2 times in a row – or you will get fired (have to Quit job on the phone).
• Have a Good Reputation.

Mandatory Steps for getting and progressing in a full-time Career or business:
• To apply for a career in a full-time job/start a business you have to have reached level 3 in a part-time job.
• Go through a trial period, exemplified by taking 3 Skill Classes (through the phone) - that means paying for them. If you don't have UL, level up 3 skills to level 1, and pay/gif 1000 simoleans.
• Have level 3 in at least 1 appropriate skill for the job. Google it, or go on intuition.
• Have the basic necessities for sim life in your home: bed, bathroom, kitchen appliances.
• Have a Great Reputation.
• You need to buy smart clothes and a good haircut for job interviews, cost 500 simoleons, and a trip to CAS.
• You cannot progress further than level 5/the level before the path divides; if you have no university exam (UL) OR skill level 7 in appropriate skills + level 5 in Research and Debate. To be eligible for a university education you need to be fully supported by stipends.

Mandatory Steps for Having a Family:
• Before you can move in a sim into your home/household you must have a home for them to live in that will satisfy their basic need bars.
• You may not move into another sim's household, get married or be engaged before you have fulfilled the mandatory steps for a building a final home. You can however have a baby whenever, see the rules for woohoo.
• To age up a baby into toddler your sim must have level 3 in Parenting skill. Same for the baby's other parent if they live with you. If you don't have Parenthood pack you have to wait 1 full sim-week.
• To age up a toddler into a child you must have level 5 in Parenting skill, same for the baby's other parent if they live with you.;and the toddler to have maxed all skills. If you don't have Parenthood pack, you have to max the toddler's skills, and wait 2 full sim-weeks.
• To age up a child into a teen your sim must have level 10 in Parenting skill. Same for the baby's other parent if they live with you.
If you don't have Parenthood Pack, the child have to have perfect grades in school and level 5 in Charisma and Logic.
• To age up a teen into an YA the teen have to have all Character Values maxed and perfect grades in school. If you don't have Parenthood Pack, they have to have perfect grades in school and level 10 in Charisma and Logic.
• While living in the starting neighbourhood your teen cannot age up to YA while living with you. They are allowed to move out of the household (move them into another household).
• You can give away your child from the ages of baby to child (move them into other households). You can do this after they have fulfilled their age's steps to be eligable to age up, but before actually aging up. To compensate, your sim have to complete the aspiration Successful Lineage, on top of any other aspirations mentioned in the rules, counting towards Personal Fullfillment Main Goal. The completion has to be done sometime during their lifetime. If you give away a second and third child, the other two family aspirations have to be fulfilled as well. Any twins/triplets being born while living in the starting neighbourhood does not each count as a child given away. All children counts as offspring; se rules for Main Goales, Family.
• While living in the starting neighbourhood you can only keep one child per pregnancy; if you get twins/triplets, you have to adopt away the extra (move them into other households). You can have several children/pregnancys after one another.

Mandatory Steps for Personal Development:
• You have to live in a richer neighbourhood to be allowed to go to therapy (retrait yourself, reward store). You have to have the points to buy the reward + pay 5000 simoleans. If you want to remove any other traits, the same simolean sum apply, per trait.
• You have to live in a richer neighbourhood to be allowed to go to therapy to remove any Lifestyles you do not want but have contracted (SE). You have to pay the game cost (on the computer/reward store) + 2000 simoleans, per Lifestyle.
• You have to live in a richer neighbourhood to be allowed to have plastic surgery (choose Change Sim in a mirror), to remove any features applied in CAS to look the part of a homeless sim. Cost: 5000 simoleans.


• Your sim's life span can be set to anything you wish/ or with aging off.

• Your sim's age, looks and story can be whatever you want, but clothes and appearance must look as cheap and worn as possible, until rules state otherwise. You may choose your style and make it suit your background - just remember that if something looks more elegant than shabby, it’s not accurately homeless.

Until applying for a full-time career your sim only gets new outfits when the rules states so. After starting a full time career you can give your sim new outfits whenever you want. Each outfit costs 100 simoleans, except Formal and Party, for which each costs 200 simoleans. For toddler-teen it's 50 simoleans per outfit. Knitted outfits does not cost extra (except the game cost for starting them).

• Your sim must be human (otherwise it is too easy).

• Starting aspiration in CAS cannot be one of these (because of the permanent trait given):

• Your sim must have at least two of these traits, gotten by randomizing in CAS until one of them sticks the first time. Then choose the third trait, whatever you want (except if they are disallowed by the randomized one):
Hates Children
Hot Headed
Lactose Intolerant
• Your sim can have any gender in CAS; but you have to pick the choice of: 'This sim will be able to: Become pregnated'.

• You can only start in the poorest neighbourhoods.
Neighbourhoods acceptable as starting lots in a new game:
Spice District, San Myshuno
Foundry Cove, Willow Creek
Bedrock Strait, Oasis Springs
Port Promise, Evergreen Harbour
If your world has another setup of poor/rich neighbourhods, you are allowed to fit/use that. The same rule applies of not being allowed to build anything loooking off/different in that neighbourhood.

• You are not allowed to pause the game during gameplay.

• If you have the packs for it, you have to fully utilize the Lot Trait feature on every lot you live on, that is, fill up all the slots for lot traits, unless they are forbidden in the rules.

• In the starting neighbourhood you are not allowed to have a Lot Trait beneficial to the particular career you have chosen.

• In the starting neighbourhood you have to choose at least one of these lot traits:
On Ley Line
Creepy Crawlies
Mean Vibe
Quake Zone
Volcanic Activity
Simple Living

• Lot traits not allowed for starting neighbourhood:
Great Soil
Good Schools
Child's Play
Penny Pixies
Off The Grid

• Skills can not be built by reading books or using the research machine while in the starting neighbourhood; your sim have to use other means, like practice with a skill object.

• There are certain main goals you are not allowed to complete until you finish the Mandatory Steps that go with them, these side challenges can be found in the Mandatory Steps section. You must complete mandatory steps before you can get a job, build your home and start your family.

• Do not use any cheats. In the beginning of the game move into an empty lot and then get rid of all of your money. (Gift the money and bulldoze any building on the chosen lot). Cheats are only allowed for making life harder fo your sim, like giving them bad Character Values (Parenthood) etc.

• You may not place anything on your Sims lot until you have unlocked the mandatory steps for building a home. Items your sim can carry in their personal inventory are allowed to be set down or used on your own lot.

• You are not allowed to place items outside the walls of your home or use seeds until you finish the Mandatory Steps for Building a Garden.

• Before you own a bed you must use public places to sleep, and you may not place a good bed on a public lot. Outdoor retreat users may use a tent if you want but you must earn the money to buy it and it can not be placed on your home lot. You can build/download lots built for homeless living, for the immersion of it; but the furniture must be of the lowest quality, and stoves and proper bathrooms are not allowed, only grills and public restrooms/bushes. You are only allowed to stay indoors at a public lot for a couple of sim hours at a time, once every sim week.

• If you have Seasons pack, and your computer can take it, all weather and weather effects must be enabled. Your sim cannot use the appropriate clothing outfit choice for warm/cold weather before having a starter home. Your sim must declare hate for a weather type. They cannot declare love for a weather type until they have a starter home.

• To make money before you are allowed to get a job take advantage of the things listed in the Making Money section. Your spouse is not allowed to work until they have met the mandatory work requirement for a full-time career. If you have more than one working sim in your home they must each meet the requirement.

• Friendships: your sim can introduce themselves to any sims, but before having a home only delibrately build a full friendship bar with a sim living in their own neighbourhood.

• You are allowed to stay with another sim in your own neighbourhood. The Friend Bar with them must be full before you do so. You cannot build the friendship bar while at their house. You are allowed to stay in their home max one night a week (24 sim hours). If you have the store reward Always Welcome, you can use their facilities.

• You are allowed to stay at a sim's home, living in a richer neighbourhood. You need the Reward Store trait: Always Welcome; and to be level Friend with one sim in that household. You cannot build this friendship in their home. You must look presentable to be allowed to do this: create an extra outfit in CAS, not too fancy, and pay 150 simoleans for that, before going there the first time. While in their home you must do activities to benefit them: upgrade appliances, cook food, take care of children, clean etc. You must do at least three such activities per time being there. You are allowed to stay at such a sim's house two nights a week (24 sim hours at a time), but not directly following upon eachother. As a 'pay' for your work you get to sleep, shower, eat, and use their fun and skill building objects. You can make one plate of food before you leave their home to take when you go. You also get 200 simoleans per day being there (24 sim hours). You can either give yourself these money by cheats; or to subtract them from your future building licence etc. If you have the trait Kleptomaniac you are of course allowed to make use of it in their home. If you get caught your fine is to stop 'working' in that particular household, and to pay double the amount of the item value stolen, within a sim week.
You can keep this job oppurtunity while having a part-time job. When you have a home and don't need other sleeping arrangements, it can be treated as a proper job, with shorter hours: you can work every day, for 6 sim hours. Same rules apply for activities and pay. You cannot keep this job after having applied for a full-time career.

• If you decide to add any other sims to your household, besides the spouse and kids; they may not work in any way or earn money with hobbies like painting.

• The club system, GT, makes gameplay too easy. It can be used for immersion, but not just to facilitate skilling or economics. You can only start a club when living in the nicer neighbourhoods.

• If you have EL, you have to have/vote on one NAP every week in every neighbourhood you live in. You can turn off NPC voting in settings if you want, do it before loading the save the first time.

• In the starting neighbourhood you have to have/vote in at least one of these NAPs, the first voting period/when you have the points for it:
Roughhousing Encouraged
Juiced Community
Sharing Is Caring (The advise is to not have this one in a save where you care about the buildings, see the bug reports)

• In the starting neighbourhood you cannot have any of these NAPs:
Modern Development Port Promise, Evergreen Harbour
Green Initiative Port Promise, Evergreen Harbour
Free Love

In any richer neighbourhood you have to have/vote in at least 2 of these NAPS:
Power Conservation
Water Conservation
Eco-Friendly Appliances
Clean Energy Production
Back To The Old Days
Green Gardening

• All offers that the game throws on you is off limits. All money must be given away, and all friendships must be started from your sim's initiative. Some things can't be helped because of how the game works; but turn down all offers of clubs, parties, visits and challenges etc, until you live in the richer neighbourhood. Then you are only allowed to accept what feels intuitively appropriate, in terms of friendships. Money gifts are never allowed.

• You are never allowed to use the interaction Woohoo/Try For Baby, without first following these limitations:
Each time your sim is about to woohoo with any sim, no matter the gender; you have to turn a randomizer for pregnancy (you can use a online randomizer, a dice or mod or whatever you want):
When living in a starting neighbourhood: the chance of getting pregnant is ½ (50%). When living in a richer neighbourhood: the chance of getting pregnant is 1/5 (20%).
If the outcome says pregnancy, then your sim must use the interaction Try For Baby, with that other sim, that same day – instead of woohoo.
When living in a starting neighbourhood: whatever the outcome of the pregnancy randomizer is, it has to be accepted.
When living in a richer neighbourhood: abortion is allowed. If the random outcome points to pregnancy, your sim can have an abortion: Pay 3000 simoleans, and don't do the interaction Try For Baby. The money has to be paid within the same sim week.
Your sim have to woohoo at least five times when living in a starting neighbourhood; and at least twice before having built a home. Woohoo while already pregnant does not count towards these numbers.
Your sim can only instigate woohoo once a sim week when living in a richer neighbourhood.
To change this situation, that is, make abortions and contraceptions and fertility free for all and easily accessible; your sim has to reach level 10 in the Political career, in the Politician path; and vote in the NAP Free Love in their neighbourhood. After that there is no risky woohoo; and Try For Baby is allowed to be used without limitations. If you don't have CL or EL, your sim is out of luck until I can think of a substitute.

• Your sim cannot shower more than once a sim week at any public gym.

• Extra hard rules for those with EL: any item found/made that goes into Household Inventory, cannot be sold from there; but only recycled.

• If your household gets sick before you sim has a full-time career, you cannot use any medication bought from the computer.

• You cannot choose toddler trait: Angelic. Your first toddler must be Fussy.

Helpful Hints

Download/add a sim to the household, that has unlocked outfits. Then remove them/move them out. The outfits will stay unlocked with the remaining active household members.

Removing Funds:
Buy trees etc with no Decor value; give gift to sims, including simoleans, in Friendly Interactions; or Purchase gifts, option on the phone or buy furniture in Build/Buy mode, place the items in Household Inventory, recycle or destroy them or leave them at public lots afterwards. Charisma level 3 opens up Online Charity, to gift money through a computer.
If you don't have these features, cheat: Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console. In it, (top of the screen) write:
 testingcheats on 
and press Enter. Then write:
 money amount (write the sum with numbers: 0)
and press Enter.

You can rummage for food, Dive for Meals (EL), garden public plants or cook on the outdoor barbecues until you have built your home.
Some traits are more beneficial to the cheap living standards, like Slob, or Freegan from EL.
Wash Hands and Brush teeth in public sinks; shower at gyms (see rules about gyms).
Read books at Libraries, watch TV at Bars (see rules about public lots).
Nap on benches, and when you have the Always Welcome reward trait, in other sim's homes.
Outdoor Retreat: tents fit in inventory. Vacations to a stripped down Camping lot would be cheap (Remodel it in Manage World view before taking a vacation); and the aspiration Survivalist would help the mood, and garner funds while progressing.

Making money/Saving money:
• Gardening (collecting from community lots/the world etc)
• Painting (Find a lot with an easel and begin painting. If you can’t find an easel around town anywhere I suggest placing one in the park or on another public lot.)
• Comedy (The nightclubs/lounges has a mic stand that you can use.)
• Musical Instruments (You can make tips by playing the instruments provided for you in town or buy your own once you have built your starter home.)
• Collecting (Metals etc found when digging piles in the world.)
• EL: Dive for Deals, dumpsterdive for furniture in the big dumpsters. Electric appliances can be repaired and cleaned, and some furniture are whole to use, and some just have animal scratches that can be fixed for a sum. Sell the remaining blacked out furniture from within Household Inventory (otherwise they give 0 simoleans).
Knit instead of choosing clothes in CAS (Knitting pack).

Gameplay immersion:
If you have a Beauty Salon, and the packs for it, go there and Gift Simoleans to any sim there that would give you a makeover.
Download lots from Gallery with the right look, parks etc, made for homeless sim living.
If you have a prison, send your sims there when they cannot pay any required sum.
If you have the Kleptomaniac trait you do of course get extra benefits when being a hired help.

To add:
Any suggestions of changes are welcome. Resurfacing the thread is okay, for the OP at least.
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