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Default Return of the Occult Challenge
This is intended to be a part one of two. This challenge can be played separately from part two (which will be posted at a later date) and vise versa. Along with that, each section of this challenge can be changed in order or skipped completely if you don't have the pack needed or just don't want to play that part of the challenge. This challenge is more for fun and for people to follow a loose story while developing their own story in the process. I tried allowing as much freedom to go about each story how you wish while still completely the set goals. Goals do not need to be met in the order they are listed unless states otherwise. I have yet to fully playtest this challenge so if there's something I missed or messed up on, feedback would be helpful for making this challenge better and actually work. Without further ado, the challenge:

Back Story-

In the modern world, Sims have forgotten about the occult, and the majority believe the occult don't exist and never have. Ghosts? Completely explainable as something else. Vampires? Just stories told in medieval times. Magic? Only kids believe in that stuff. Mermaids? Just stories from drunk sailors. What about Aliens? It's possible, but impossible for them to get to us even if they exist. It's all just explained away by sims now, no one tries to believe these things might have been real, and are still real. Of course some believe, but they're ignored and waved off by the rest of the world.

This didn't all happen for no reason though. Oddly enough it seemed like every form of occult started to disappear around the same time. Vampire sightings stopped and their alleged home rotted away and was replaced with new houses of regular sims. After centuries of sims being scared of vampires and trying to kill every one of them, it all just disappeared. Spellcasters found a different fate. They willingly disappeared from the world and created their own magic realm to be free to do as they pleased. Mermaids withdrew from the wide oceans and settled in the small islands of Sulani. The forbidden fruit went extinct, causing the Plantsims to no longer have any ways of growing in numbers and they soon died out. Ghosts weakened in their ability to connect with the living world, so now only stronger ghosts remain, but they still can't interact with living sims. The Grim Reaper has stopped appearing to mortals, they had to start sorting out deaths themselves. creation of living skeletons became a lost art, and now the only remaining ones reside in temples of Selvadorada.

In just a few years, everything disappeared, and normal Sims slowly forgot about the Occult.

  • Choose which stories you want to follow.
  • Delete all vampires, spellcasters, mermaids, and all other occult from the worlds.
  • Bulldoze the Spellcaster HQ in the Magic realm.
  • Bulldoze the mansion in Forgotten Hollow and two of the other houses leaving only one house.
  • Place normal sims into all but one house in Glimmerbrooke.
  • Sulani's conservation level must be at the start of the story-progression, meaning trash and stuff everywhere.
  • If any Servos spawn, delete them. Same with Aliens.

Vampires- With all vampires gone from the world except two, it's up to them to rebuild the clan. Vampires have been left to be forgotten for hundreds of years now, all that remains is an elderly vampire and a child vampire. This elder saved the child from death when they were a baby and went into hiding with them for all that time. Now that the child is old enough to learn the vampire ways, the elder moved to the Clan's old town. Forgotten hollow was built by the vampires, unfortunately they can no longer call it their town anymore. There are sims living there, but only normal sims. The elder and child must do their best to blend in with normal sims until the child is old enough to awaken their power and take back the town from normal sims.

  • Create an Elder Vampire and a Child Vampire
  • They're clothes should look like a mix of old Victorian and new clothing, as if they're trying to blend in but obviously don't know how.
  • Elder must have the Gloomy, Perfectionist, and Mean traits. The child is up to you based on what kind of vampire you want the child to grow up to be.
  • Move them into the only house in Forgotten Hollow.
  • Start with all Vampire Tomes

  • The Elder must teach the child about all aspects of Vampires. The child must master the pipe organ, grow a garden with vampire plants (even if you don't use plasma fruit for thirst), be a master vampire by the time they are a young adult, and must have enough money to buy and build a mansion where the former vampire mansion was.
  • The elder must feed from sims, they can not, or rather refuse to, eat plasma fruit.
  • When the Child becomes a teen, have the Elder die (however you choose to do it in your story). This leaves the Child alone to try and figure out everything on their own. Whether they lose their way or not is up to you.

Once the Child is a Master Vampire, they will find themselves in a big mansion all alone. Now that they've mastered their skills, it's time to grow the clan once more.
  • The Child must find a spouse and start a family and will be the clan leader.
  • The Spouse must be at least a level 4 vampire.
  • Clan Leader must complete The Vampire Family and Master Vampire aspirations. (Good Vampire is optional depending on the type of vampire you go for).
  • They can also turn sims into vampires now and get more houses built in Forgotten Hollow as the clan builds. Each vampire created must move in with the Clan leader to learn the ways of a vampire.
  • Every vampire created must be at least a level 3 vampire before they can move out to one of the other houses in Forgotten Hollow.

After all the work put into building the clan, when Forgotten Hollow is once more full of Vampires, the Clan Leader will go into a deep Hibernation to restore their power after so long of using it to build the clan. And this concludes the Vampire part of this challenge.

Spellcaster- Using magic to create your own world really takes a toll, and maintaining that world takes an even greater toll. Long ago had the grand spellcaster that created the world passed away, leaving three spellcasters to use their magic to hold the world together. Eventually it became too much for them and the world started to crumble. Only one sim managed to get to the portal in time before it collapsed, leaving that sim as the only spellcaster in a world of normal sims and, as far as they knew, the only spellcaster left alive. Unfortunately for them, they were just a teen and their powers had just manifested, so they had little power to do anything.

The Teen explored Glimmerbrooke, once a home to spellcasters was now taken over by normal sims. The Teen decides to use what small trinkets they had to sell and get enough money for a small house.

  • Create a Spellcaster with whatever traits you want.
  • Dress them in Spellcaster clothing.
  • Place them in the smallest lot in Glimmerbrooke to start with.

After moving in they start to meet the locals in Glimmerbrooke. After going to one house, they note some interesting books in the bookcase in the house. They look like the magical tomes of magic. They ask for a price to buy them, and decided that they will work their way up to buy them and learn magic. Maybe they can even restore the portal to get back to the magic realm, it could still be alive, it must be.

  • Make enough simoleons to buy every magic tome (through Build/Buy).
  • Spellcaster must become a master spellcaster.
  • Must complete both RoM aspirations.
  • When Spellcaster reaches level 3 and is a young adult they are allowed to go into the Magic Realm as they have now learned how to restore the portal.

They finally managed to get through the portal again, but it's so different. There's barely any of the world left. Some spellcasters are still alive at least, and what is left is being held together by the three Sages. In any case, it's nice to have a connection to their old world again.
  • Spellcaster can now use the magic realm to help them.
  • Magic HQ was destroyed so it must be rebuilt (used cheats to remove your own money as you build it as your sim is now the connection between the worlds and is the one buying and bringing in resources to rebuild).
  • Master every Spell and Potion.
  • Collect all Familiars, Wands, Brooms and display your collection proudly in your home.
  • Settle down and start a family in Glimmerbrooke as the Spellcasters decide to try and once again live in the normal world.

They finally did it, they got a connection back to their world and helped rebuild what they could. They mastered every spell and potion and now own the best wand and broom. They are now a master spellcaster. It's time to relax and settle down now that all is well.

Plantsim- The plantsim has been gone from this world for centuries, only stories remain, and those stories aren't typically believed. There's one sim that believes however. Growing up this sim really enjoyed gardening, and heard the old stories of plantsims from other gardeners. These sims must have been real, and they say that these sims ate a special fruit in order to become what they were. They needed to find out what that plant is, perhaps through grafting?

  • Create a normal sim with the trait loves the outdoors.
  • Move them into any lot in Willow Creek.
  • Start them off with a small garden.

After a lot of searching, all the stories seemed to point the sim into the direction of Willow Creek. It was an older town and seemed to have many stories that came out of it. They decided this was a good point to set up.

  • Reach level 10 gardening.
  • Join the gardener career.
  • Complete the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

Well grafting didn't seem to lead them to their goal, but it does seem that they rediscovered the long lost cowplant. That alone was a big discovery, but they wanted more, they needed to find the plantsims. One day they bought a rare seed pack and discovered an odd bean. They planted it and somehow it grew into a stump, odd. He then found another bean, and another. They seemed to fit into indents in the stump, perhaps this'll lead to somewhere.
  • Collect all magic beans and grow the magic tree.
  • Explore the tree and find the Grow fruit and Forbidden Fruit and plant both.
  • Once the tree grows, eat a Forbidden Fruit and become a plantsim.

They did it, they actually did it! They found the fruit and managed to become a plantsim. Now they needed to get more sims to join them.
  • Learn how to manage being a plantsim.
  • Become good friends with 7 sims and convince them to join the household and become plantsims.
  • Move the household to another more secluded lot and build up the lot to be a plantsim paradise.

That was a long journey, but for the sim, it was well worth it. They were a plantsim, and they got others to be plantsims too. They are gaining quite the attention from other sims too, good thing they moved away from settlements when they did, now they can lie peacefully despite the world now knowing they are once again a very real thing.

Mermaid- It's been centuries since all mermaids moved to Sulani. They focused all their power on the islands that by the time more sims started showing up, the mermaids were dependent on the islands magic and spirituality to sustain their forms. Moving into modern times, the islands started to get polluted with trash and other sim waste. The mermaid could no longer see this as their home and left, however because they left, they were no longer feeding on the magic of the island to allow them to turn into their mermaid forms, leaving them stuck as normal sims. Only one mermaid stayed behind, unwilling to give up on their home.

  • Create a Mermaid with the Child of the island/sea traits.
  • Move the Mermaid into the shipwreck lot.

There's a lot of work to be done here in order to get these islands back to their former glory. There's no way to get rid of all the sims, so instead they'll just have to be taught to treat the island better.

  • Join the Conversationalist career.
  • Get to work cleaning up Mua Pel'am and teaching sims about conservation.
  • Take care of any invasive species.

The islands are improving and a few Mermaids have decided to return to help out. At the start of all this it seemed like something that might not be able to be done, but now it really seemed like the Islands can be restored.
  • Fall in love and marry another Mermaid.
  • Completely restore the islands and watch the turtle hatching ceremony.

This ambitious Mermaid has reached their goal and others are returning to the islands and having their abilities restored. Normal sims are seeing the Mermaids and they also now see the importance of keeping the islands clean.

Alien- Desperate to save their species, an alien race sent out ships into the galaxy to try and ensure their survival by pollinating other species. No ships returned, but one was somewhat successful. On their journey they ran into complications and their embryos all failed except for one. Deciding to carry out their mission they plant the embryo into a male sim and then try to find their way home.

This sim kept the baby and decided to raise it as his own, just like the pollinators hoped hie would. Growing up, the alien child was saddened by the fact they were the only of their kind on Earth. They wanted to know about their history, their family, what their people are like. This want grew into an obsession to try and find their people, and they decided to go about that by becoming a scientist. Their one and only goal was to find a way to get in touch with their people and see their home planet, but will they succeed, and if they do, will there be anyone on their planet to greet them?

  • Either Create an alien directly in CAS or get a male sim pregnant with the alien baby and play out their childhood.
  • Move the Alien into Oasis Springs and build whatever kind of house you want for them.

  • Reach top of Scientist career.
  • Collect all space photos.
  • Max out rocket science and explore space (don't install the wormhole generator).
  • Collect all alien specimens, living and dead.
  • Build every invention once in the Scientist career.
  • Travel to Sixam via the portal from the Scientist Career (after this you can install the wormhole generator onto rockets).
  • Collect all alien plants and grow them.
  • Marry another alien and have kids.

It took a lot of work, but they did it, they found their people and it seems they are doing really well in their home world. They found out why they were born on Earth and understands. Earth is now their home, but their Sixam is their second home.

Servo- One sim was always a bit of a loner and never really cared about being around other sims. They did find interest in toys and electronics when they were younger though. Now that they're going off to college, they finally understand what they want; they want to make a truly sentient robot. Other people have made robot vacuums and such, but they will be the first to make a true robotic being.

  • Create your sim with the lonely and genius traits.
  • Get accepted into university under a distinguished degree at Foxbury Institute.
  • If you see any Servo walking around at any point, delete them for story purposes.
  • Join the Bot Savants.

  • Max out the Programming Skill.
  • Max out the Robotics Skill.
  • Get to Max rank of the Bot Savants.
  • Build every type of Robot (Except for a Servo for now).

After so much success, their dream seems much more like a reality than it did when they started college. As a high member of the Bot Savants, every member has their back on creating a true sentient robot. Of course their backing wasn't needed, but deep down they truly did appreciate that other sims were supporting them.
  • In your last semester of University, get to work on creating a Servo.
  • Turn your Servo on for the first time.

They did it! They really did it! They created a truly sentient robot and it's amazing. Those who backed them were very happy with the success and news companies and tech companies focused their sights on them now (If you have Get Famous, cheat them to Proper Celebrity as they would blow up in popularity now). This truly was an achievement, but for some reason they aren't fully satisfied. They must do more.
  • Enhance the Servo as you see fit.
  • Build more Servos all with their own unique functions and look.
  • Finish University.
  • Join the Engineer Career, Mechanical Branch, and get to max level in it.

They've accomplished so much in their time in university and even got a very good job doing what they love. They've enhanced many Servos and themselves too. At this point anyone would say they've accomplished all their goals, but something was still off for them. If only there were a way to turn yourself into a robot.....

That concludes the challenge. I plan on adding more to this as EA adds more Occult to the game. I may even add mod Occult to this at some point, but I'm not sure yet. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this challenge.
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This is really cool, but I don't know how to get the magic beans. I see the stump think in build/buy sometimes, but have no clue what to do with it lol
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Originally Posted by 1amCorbinDallas
This is really cool, but I don't know how to get the magic beans. I see the stump think in build/buy sometimes, but have no clue what to do with it lol

You can get the magic beans from the rare plant seed pack that costs 1,000 simoleons
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