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Default (Re)Paint the town! (Ambitions required)
For this challenge, We will recreate the town to your liking! Make it as ugly or beautiful as you want, the possibilities are endless!

Le steps:

1. Create a family with two YA or older sims. They don't necessarily have to be a couple, They must both have the artistic trait, but the remaining traits can be whatever. One of these sims is going to become an Architect, the other, a stylist (But make sure the town has a salon first!)

2. plonk the family down in a town of your choice and start painting to get the painting skills up.

3. Get the sims to the tops of their careers by performing jobs on the sims and houses in town.

4. When the money starts rolling in, buy up some non-rabbithole commercial lots so these can also be renovated to your liking (you can buy rabbitholes too, but these cannot be redecorated).

5. The game is over when every sim in town has had at least one makeover, every residential lot has been renovated at least once, and the family owns (and has redecorated) every commercial lot!

Have Fun!
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