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Default Nookington's
So I made a store based off of Nookington's in Animal Crossing, and I'm looking for ideas for improvements. I decided to make this one without any custom content, though at some point in the future I may make another that includes custom content. On the first floor is groceries and some other merchandise, a salon based on Shampoodle, a food court, an asset protection office, restrooms, an employee breakroom, arcade games, and of course the checkouts. On the second floor is furniture, clothing, and rugs based on the Gamecube version of Nookington's. A third floor features the manager's office (with a window where she can look down to the second floor), a workshop, and more restrooms. I built some orientation/training rooms on the fourth floor intended to feature the vocational training podiums from Sim Wardrobe (available through the graveyard), but I did not include them in the lot (I can if people think I should). Any ideas to make this better, and any ideas on how to address the issue of part of the food court kiosks coming up into the second floor?
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I checked through google and I gonna say it looks fun. Tho you made Mokington's larger - in fact you converted small convenience store to big shopping mall.

That reminds more of stores I seen in The Sims Online, the Online version of the Sims 1 that now is successfully restored as FreeSO). The most popular stores there just should to be huge. You buy enough land then you organise its levels for your comfort.

But not to make you to rush there or leave you puzzling about what I was really mean, I can make you a few suggestions based just on stores I seen in FreeSO and how it were organised.

First: you should not place any item of each kind just once. Some customers could wish two or even more of one item and that will make you to restock it too many times. That's why FreeSO store owners always had at least 4 of each item of each colour.

Second: there are always some products in warehouse. There was Freeso necessary guideline that store owner should have extra 4 items or more stocked in werehouse to have a discount. You can use the same guideline as base to furnish your warehouse. I think warehouse should be there. Somewhere in huge separated room.

Third: you can place more items in the workshop (again in FreeSo there was a guideline to have at least 8 of each item for skilling to gain highest speed skilling)

Forth floor is looking like cinema. You can make it look even more like cinema and add there a foyer and maybe some vending machines hehe...

Finally about kiosks artifacts. In Freeso there was also same issue. Some owners were overlap it with items from warehouse that usually left with no lights, but some just let it be. For my own preference, it is not that eye pricking.

Well, hope my weird suggestion will be useful. I tried my best to explain LOL because I never ever played Animal Crossing ^_^ , so told you that I seen in another game that also had stores of the kind. Hope my words were not very complicated and you understood me right.
Regards Vic ^_^

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Thank you for the feedback. In light of the idea of having four of each item, I'm tempted to scrap the appliance section and just have electronics, furniture, clothing, and rugs on the second floor. Or I could reduce the selection of the appliances. In Animal Crossing, the store has a lot less in the furniture section than this store has, and any appliances would be mixed in with the rest of the furniture (the store has different merchandise each day). Thoughts?
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Originally Posted by bnefriends

Reduce the funiture? If you has also merch store then you csn also add decorative shelves with T-shirts from H&M stuff if you have it

Sorry I don't play Animal Crossing. I definitely seen girls before in Discord MTS chat talking about Animal Crossing. They were not only AC players but also the Sims architects. Now I see they are keeping cilent here as well as there You could have to ask it in discord. I hope they would see it and give you advices that more specific. And you could meet them and share your common interests in AC.

Here is the link to invite:

Regards Vic ^_^

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Again, thanks for the input, I haven't posted on the Discord yet, but I will. I figured out a solution to the artifacts on the second floor, simply to eliminate the floor in that area, but immediately after I found a way to get rid of the thing that caused the artifact. Oddly enough, I decided I liked having second floor that way after all, so I left it that way. I got rid of the fourth floor and the workshop area and put the training room in where the workshop was. I also decided to make some custom content to enhance the lot.

The custom content I created includes an outdoor Nookington's sign, some wall hangings and banners with the AC characters (which I am calling mascots for the company) and Nook logo, a modded clock wall clock with a tanuki on it instead of the llama, a labor law poster, a union poster (International Brotherhood of the Teamsters), and anti-theft poster featuring Angela Pleasant's mugshot with her in a cheer uniform, a picture of cheerleaders for Regina Pom's office (she's the Pleasantview asset protection agent and also a teenage cheerleader 10 years younger than Angela Pleasant, deliberate irony), hanging signs above the different food stations similar to what Sodexo uses in cafeterias, and a mod to the cash registers so they have a weights and measures inspection sticker on them like in real supermarkets and some changes to the register screens. I think the use of certain intellectual property here fits the criteria for fair use, the same way lots here based on places like Walmart and Publix Supermarket do.

I should probably mention that this lot is ultimately going to be part of a larger project I am working on (which will take some time to complete; it is a megahood with all of the Maxis neighborhoods merged plus a few custom subhoods), but I think this lot is a piece Simmers might be interested in having in its own right. Part of the reason I opted to 86 the workshop is because a factory called Able Sisters Manufacturing, to also be owned by Tom Nook, will produce all of the producible things.

As for the furniture, I'm thinking that the best solution is to leave that section of the store empty and allow the downloader decide what to stock in their Nookington's. After all, Nook's store has different inventory every day in AC. I say this realizing that Vic doesn't have sufficient familiarity with AC to comment. Again, I plan on posting for feedback on the Discord as suggested, just wanted to offer an update as to what I'm doing here.

One last thing (that doesn't require familiarity with Animal Crossing): I'm a bit confused as to the policy about including content from dead sites. I would like to include some things from Sim Wardrobe (that are available on the graveyard), and I read that including content from dead sites is okay regardless of the creator's reuse policy as long as credit is offered (I've been digging for about an hour now looking for the link, I can't find it). Sim Wardrobe never really seemed to have a clear policy on reuse, so I'm curious as to whether it is okay to use it or should I just link to the graveyard in the lot description page.

Thanks in advance.
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