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Default Medieval citybuilding challenge with a supernatural twist
Medieval city building challenge with a supernatural twist
Note: In the explanation of this challenge I’ve outlined the way I’m planning on playing this challenge, however don’t feel obligated to pick the same characters as I did/give them the same name etc. You do you! Play how you think this game will be the most fun! I’d also suggest checking out MahriRae's For the Realm challenge on MTS for a really interesting style of medieval gameplay! Keep in mind that I wrote this challenge with medieval gameplay in mind, so no electronics, cars etc. In order to get kids homeschooled you'd need a computer, I've came across a book functioning as a computer before, I'm guessing it's this item however I'm not 100% sure about this!


Geia Mordor is born in the kingdom of Bran on a night with the full moon shining through the forest. Her mother died during labor, leaving her with only her wildling father. He raised her the best he could, but whenever Geia turned 10 years old she was abandoned by him. Her teen years were spent outside of the castle walls forging for food and learning how to survive. On her 12th birthday Geia started to feel different. Her senses were heightened and she felt like she had some kind of ancient power flowing through her veins, especially on nights with a full moon. On one of these nights she came across a group of women in the woods, calling themselves a witches coven. Not really knowing what else to do, Geia decided to join this coven on their journey.

Over the next 7 years Geia learned a lot about the powers she possesses and the troubles it can cause, she saw new witches joining their coven, as well as witches being ripped away from the coven by King Bran’s soldiers.

On the night of her 19th birthday King Bran decided to enlist a new rule in his kingdom, disallowing witches to continue their practices. This caused a lot of uproar, following a real witch hunt. After this hunt only Geia and a few younger witches were left, the rest of the coven she lost in battle, were executed by the king's soldiers or were hiding in some unknown place in the kingdom. King Bran’s soldiers locked Geia and her friends in the castle dungeons, awaiting the same faith the rest of her coven sisters had.

When it finally came to the execution day king Bran pleasantly surprised Geia. He gave her, along with her friends, a chance to escape her doomed faith in the kingdom. Sending her off to some unknown island a long ways away from the kingdom of Bran. King Bran called those who supported the coven to either pledge their loyalty to the king, follow Geia on her journey or be executed because of treason.

The original coven once existed out of over 500 people, witches, warlocks and other outcasts of society. However, on Geia’s journey only a handful of people joined her. Last minute king Bran also decided to send some other outcast (paria) of his kingdom to join Geia on her journey, simply because he couldn’t see any other use for them in his kingdom.

In the end a group of 14 people + 2 dogs left the kingdom of Bran, to settle on a remote island called Erandil. Some signs of civilization can be seen, like certain carvings in rocks. However it’s obvious that there has been no one on this island for the last few decades. Now comes the hardest task; turning this group of outcasts into a real civilization.

The ‘cast’
Note: this is my personalised cast, feel free to give it your own twist!

Founder, ‘heir’, the one you will be playing mostly:
Geia Mordor - witch - young adult (0 days into YA)

The leftover witches from the coven:
Eiron Glenn - witch - teen (3 days into teen)
Oda Ellis - witch - teen (9 days into teen)
Odenne Ellis - witch - child (4 days into child)
Their backstory: the three of the girls are all born in the coven, with their mothers being powerful witches who unfortunately lost their lives during the witch hunt. Oda and Odenna are sisters, Eiron doesn’t have any siblings. Allong with Geia the four of them were some of the youngest members of the coven, automatically befriending each other. With no other way to go, the girls decided to follow Geia to Erandil to start over their lives.

The other outcasts:
The Black household:
Ryker Black - werewolf - young adult (0 days into YA)
Irun Black - dog (direwolf) - female
Mikol Black - dog (direwolf) - male
Their backstory: Being born on exactly the same date as Geia, Ryker also felt some strange power running through his veins. His mother was a lady of the night, his father was the old king Eddard, making him a bastard, and the younger brother of king Bran. When Ryker was 4 years old king Bran came to power, ripping away Ryker from his mother and leaving him in the woods. King Bran was scared Ryker would plan on taking the throne when he would be older, since they both came from the royal blood of king Eddard. King Bran assumed Ryker would be dead within a week, however a group of direwolves decided to raise Ryker as one of their pups. Ryker still had some contact with the ‘real’ world, when he heard a boat was leaving for a remote island, far away from king Bran he didn’t have to think twice. He peacefully split from his pack of direwolves, taking two of his closest friends since he came into the pack with him.

The Mohani household:
Frey Mohani- young adult female (10 days into YA)
Radyn Mohani - young adult male (14 days into YA)
Kadyn Mohani - toddler male (0 days into toddler)
Frey and Radyn have been wildlings for as long as they can remember, living outside of the castle walls having to provide for themselves. Being a wildling you come across strange creatures in the woods all the time, this is how the couple got to know the covens. They befriended the coven and spent some time together before continuing their ways. When all of a sudden Frey became really ill, Kadyn had no idea what to do. As a last resort he went to find the covens, hoping they could help him. The coven took the Mohani’s in their care, finding out Frey was in the third trimester of her pregnancy, carrying the baby deep in her belly which allowed the pregnancy to go unshown. The only reason Radyn still has his wife and now a beautiful baby boy is because of the help from the coven. He felt it was only right to join and help the remaining members of the coven on their journey to Erandil, hopefully being able to help the community grow by his hunting skills and her gardening skills.

The Donovai household:
Lysabell Donovai - young adult fairy (16 days into YA)
Cofia Donovai - elder
Lysabell is raised by her grandmother not even knowing what happened to her parents. The only thing her grandmother says about her parents is that ‘those type of people’ were heavily disliked by the king, Lysabell knows deep down that former king Eddard is responsible for her growing up without parents. Lysabell now takes care of Cofia, being too old to do so herself. Life is hard for the Donovai, with no money or land it’s hard to come by. Having nothing left to lose in the kingdom of Bran, always feeling some kind of hate towards the king and his father, and her grandmother speaking about the ‘promised land’ all the time, Lysabell decided to take a leap of faith and join Geia on her adventure to the promised land. However she’s still doubting if she made the right choice..

The servants of the night:
Zaya Fylani - adult female (2 days into adult)
Roza Dunne - young adult female (21 days into YA)
Ceanna Iylles - adult female (11 days into adult)
Euris Jekylle - young adult male vampire
Euris has been banned from the kingdom because of his thievery and illegal practices, with him he took his ‘property’; the ladies of the night. Will this group help building a community on Erandil, or will they try to ruin everything for the rest of the habitants of the island.

- To begin you need to create your families, since this challenge is medieval based I would suggest dressing them appropriate. Start of with all the families living in camps/tents close together, preferably next to the water. Initially king Bran wanted to dump the group on the island, leaving them with nothing. However the captain of the ship was no cruel man; he gave each household an old army tent to sleep in, as well as some basic seeds to plant some lettuce, tomato, grapes and apples. He also instructed the group to find a freshwater lake for drinking and washing. Lastly but not least he gave a few members of the group some old axes to chop down trees in order to make fires and build some proper shelter.

- How to make money to build: with no currency this is gonna be hard. For the first year you can sell chopped wood and other foraged items and use it to build houses. You can’t cut gems or smelt ores however, you can sell the raw produce (imagine you use the raw ores in the walls of your houses) .You can decide to make one central tavern to survive the winter, or if you are up for it build every household their own house. Once everyone has a decent house you can start working on an economy.
A decent house needs at least: a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room with fire place and a bedroom with fire place. If you decide to build a tavern, it needs to be able to house all the sims living on the island. Every bedroom in the house/tavern needs a fireplace so you don’t freeze in the night.

- You can furnish the houses with everything stone and wood related. To add some realism it might be smart to download some medieval CC.
Customize aging and seasons to your liking, however 4 seasons = considered 1 year. You arrived on the island in the middle of summer (standard season when you start a new world), so next summer you’ve spent 1 year on the island.
After one year king Bran decided to send some explorers to check up on the island, if you’ve managed to survive for this long you have now unlocked a trading route! You can now start selling collectibles, painting, foraged items, harvestables etc. and earn some more money to expand buildings!

- The traders won't be visiting the island every day, pick one day of the week where you are allowed to sell any items you have and buy any of the items the traders bring with them.

Group dynamics:

The group (except for Euris) sees Geia as their leader, together they tought about a plan of action for the upcomming year:
In the beginning the priority of the group is getting a steady food supply and building shelter. The army tents will hold up for the summer, but with no clue how harsh the winter will be they better start building some real houses and gathering as much food as possible.
Getting pregnant in the current situation would be.. less.. ideal.. So let’s try to prevent this. Or if you want more of a challenge, don’t prevent this! Whenever you feel like you’ve settled down enough I’d suggest pumping out babies to keep the town alive
Everyone needs to put in some effort to assure the survival of the group, so the distribution of work is as follows:

- Geia: leader, makes sure everyone does what he is supposed to do while also helping wherever she can.
- Ryker: together with his dogs he will explore the island while gathering as much wood as possible, as well as finding other useful collectives on the island.
- Frey Mohani: being the only mother in the group, everyone agreed that she would be the best to raise the babies, toddlers, children and teens in the camp for now, teaching them the basics like making fire, gardening and fishing. I suggest getting a homeschooling mod and send the kids off to the Mohani house/a centralised place every day.
- Radyn Mohani: seeing his experience as a hunter outside of the castle walls, Radyn will try to spot the wildlife on the island. Since the group has no idea about the amount of wildlife on the island they decided to only eat fruits and vegetables for now, until they know which animal they can use for food supply.
- Lysabell Donovai: in the kingdom of Bran she was an excellent gardener, so it’s up to her to grow as much fruits and vegetables as possible.
- Cofia Donovai is old and can’t put in any manual labour. She will help Frey with raising the kids whenever she has enough energy for it.
- Zaya, Roza and Ceanna: seeing as the work-experience they gained in the kingdom doesn’t really add anything of use to the group they will help Lysabell with the gardening.
- The same counts for Euris, he’s work experience is of no use so he will help Radyn with exploring the island.

Buildings/events unlocking actions/skills:

- After establishing the trading route more people can come into your town/island. Keep is reasonable though, only bringing in a few people if you wish so.
- A stable with at least 4 spaces for horses (either on a seperate lot or on your home lot): Radyn has found some wild horses on the island! If you can manage to befriend them they can be your next way of transportation OR
- If you don’t want to befriend the horses but you’ve gathered enough money to build some stables and have been living on the island for 1+ year, having unlocked the trading route: the traders decided to bring some horses with them. You can buy them for (think about a reasonable price, should be decently expensive).
- Build a general store/market building or outside area (use rabithole rug for grocery store and book store), now you don’t have to wait all week for the traders to come; they’ve decided to set up store on your island! This also allows the people living in your town to start selling their produce/paintings etc. whenever they want.

I decided to play without rabbithole careers, only allowing my residents to get self employed careers (with nraas you can make it so townies don’t get careers or won’t switch careers)

Other buildings unlocking skills or just to make the challenge fun (these are inspired by MahriRae’s for the realm challenge linked here ):
- Bar/tavern/brothel (if you wish to continue the storyline of Zaya, Roza, Ceanna and Euris)
- City hall
- Church/graveyard
- Elixer shop (unlocks alchemy skill)
- Army base (knights, I would edit their work clothes to make it more fitting): unlocks athletic and martial arts (if you play with WA)
- Hospital, now you can have babies here and get treated for illnesses
- Theatre: unlocks musical skills, as well has the showtime careers for acrobat, singer etc.
- School: unlocks logic skill, now teens and kids can also go to school instead of getting homeschooled.
- Library: unlocks writing skill

You are the boss of the game, so make it as fun as possible! I suggest adding some mods to make the game more medieval like. Mod’s i really suggest you play with:
- NRaas story progression (with modules if you want more variety): to make the town/community feel more alive.
- NRaas master controller (maybe some modules, idk for sure): to make sure the townies won’t get random jobs, you can also chose to play the town rotationally with some mastercontroller modules/settings (I suggest checking this blog for info about rotational gameplay)
- I suggest using a roadless island world, I picked Erandil for my gameplay but you can pick whichever you want.
- Use Ani's woodcutter mod to make your sims able to cut down trees for building/fires.
- I’ve seen some mods about a working water well where you’d need to get a bucket of water before you could bathe etc. I don’t remember what it’s called thought but it might be fun.
- No stretch children can mod , so you can have your kids helping in the garden etc.

I’d also suggest to keep playing medieval style, so not abandoning the garden once you’ve created a market where you can buy all produce. But again; it’s your game so you do whatever you like!

If you want some more challenges/rules for medieval gameplay, I’d suggest checking out MahriRae's For the Realm challenge (on MTS) or her Youtube let's play series about the challenge ! She has some really strict rules under her ‘Style 2’ which you can easily combine with the storyline I’ve created for you! :D
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