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Hpw to extract Mrs. Crumplebottom audio files?
Hello. How can I extract Sims 2 Mrs. Crumplebottom audio files to mp3? I really wanted to make a video showcasing all of her voice lines, leaving the credits to her amazing voice actress - Donna LeTourneau.
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While not the most elegant solution, you can try sending a Sim to a community lot downtown and waiting for Mrs. C to show up and then use Audacity or some other program to record her voice. Before recording, you can delete surrounding Sims by typing in moveObjects on and boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false. Also, disable all other audio apart from voices in the game settings.

If your Sim also talks during the interaction, maybe you can try setting the Sim's voice to an invalid value so that they don't talk over Mrs. C. Make a backup beforehand, open your neighborhood file, find your Sim's character file, and under Other tab there should be a voice value - write it down so you know how to restore it, and try setting it to 0x0.

(There may be a more elegant solution if you know simply where to look for the said audio files.)
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