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Default Boats on Lots
I am working on a new world, so what is new? LOL I want these boats to stay on this lot. In the past I put boats on a community lot and they disappeared. It was a beach. I put one on a resort lot and it did remain there and a Sim could use as I recall. I do not care about use of these and want this to be a just for show, but I want the boats to remain there. I now zoned as a residence and thought will have a manager live on the premises.

Is this the only way to do this? Or is there some other way to have the boats remain here?

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I made something like that for Stranda, but I don't remember what I found out. I think there was a difference between boats and jetskis or something.
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Thank you for the reply. I guess so far I will just leave it as a residence.
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