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Default Help with First Lot Upload
Okay so I'm trying to upload my very first lot, an apartment complex--one floor plan, two different styles. But I have some questions & am having some issues, so I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me out? Maybe take a look at the lot and the upload files?

1. During early testing, I got an apartment nanny controller error. Now, I'm 99% sure that this is a game issue, and not a lot issue, but is anyone who doesn't usually get that error be willing to double check? I usually use a fix by Rebecah, so for me it's not a problem, but again, I want to make sure that the problem isn't the lot before someone else downloads it.
2. The stair glitch where the stairs appears to bleed through the lower floor--there's nothing I can do about that, right? Except to use a modular stairs that's open underneath? Again, I'm 99% sure that's a vanilla glitch, but I did want to double check before I upload the lot. One of the lots, the Woodland Park one, uses the game stairs (I think Steadfast) because it fits in better aesthetically but the stairs on the second floor leading to the third bleed through the lobby. I attached pictures of the glitch; it's purely visual and sims can still walk through and use the lobby normally, but yeah, I wanted to make sure it was okay for uploading. I do plan on putting a disclaimer and recommending the open underneath version, but I didn't want to require it because installing custom stairs can be quite finicky. I also wanted to make sure that there's no trick or workaround for it that I'm missing.
3. Would required cc include diagonals? Technically, the diagonals aren't necessary for things to show up correctly on my lots--I'm not using anything on a diagonal. But I'm unsure if I should include them anyway because, in my mind, they kind of go together, and if a user were to start using the mesh in their own game, they might eventually need it, right? I'm particularly worried about the doors and windows--I'm using some of Veranka's doors and HugeLunatic's windows. So again, the lot is functional without the diagonals; I'm just wondering if I should consider a diagonal mesh as part of the mesh file/if it shouldn't be separated from the mesh. I hope that makes sense.
4. When I try to upload my files, I'm getting Error 105, "Archive contains one or more files that are added twice (once in .package form and once in SimsPack form." This just isn't making sense to me--I don't have duplicates in my archive. The sims2pack contains nothing but the lot file. Am I not supposed to zip the sims2pack and required cc files together in the same zip/rar? I would like for the downloader to have to click on as little things as possible, and to have all related things together, in the same rar. I'm also unsure why it would even be necessary to split them. Again, I don't have duplicates and this step is really stumping me--can someone look at my rars and let me know what I'm doing wrong?
5. I guess this one might be more personal preference based, but just wondering if my required cc files should use the original file names, or if people would find it acceptable to rename them, as long as it's clear and neat. So, for some context, when I was double checking policies, I noticed that Veranka wants original filenames to be used. Now, I'll do that for those files, because the policy specifically mentioned that, but for the others, I had renamed them. I spelled out creator names, or added one where there wasn't one, added "MESH" for meshes or "RC" for recolors, and put dashes between each word, rather than leaving text run together, for searchability. I also changed underscores to dashes for consistency and because that's what I do in my own folder.

I did this because just from talking to other simmers on the forum, I know that when some download lots, they might throw all the required cc in their Downloads folder, but then later they forget what the cc is, where it came from, who made it, or they are just generally unable to identify it, all because the filenames are unclear. Now, I don't think most of stuff I'm using with this upload has that problem with the original file names--though there was one without the creator name on it--but I'm curious as to what people prefer. Do people prefer file names to be relatively short and as clear as possible? Or are original names preferred so that you can search your Downloads folder for it and see if it's already installed, etc.?

Lot files are on simfileshare because MTS won't let me upload it here either, due to that Error 105 I was talking about:

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1. I cannot help you with the error, sorry - I have just never heard of it. I would try to use Chris Hatch Lot Cleaner on it from here myself:
2. Including HL custom stairs should be okay, if you feel it is needed (see point 6) - I think most downloaders know by now how to install them and it will look a lot better than the vanilla ones bleeding through. If you want those stairs in your lot, put them in.
3. As for the diagonals - if they are not used on the lot, you do not include them. You can mention in your upload that the windows is from a set (link). For sets that have slaved windows used on the lot, include the master, if applicable.
4. Use the Clean Installer to package your lot, it will be a lot easier. Package the lot, go through the contents, SAVE AS - something else.
5. Stick to the original file names if you can. The Clean Installer will pick up doubles that way - we can't always remember what we already have in our downloads.
6. You could opt for not including the cc and just post the links too. Remember. for HL stairs, it is better to direct downloaders there in order to obtain the necessary script file - and many players may already have the stairs in their games anyway.
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Personally, I never want to include any cc. Mostly because it's usually from sets, and I think the downloader will want all the parts of the set. Or maybe they don't want any of it? Maybe I overthink it? :D

1. Hrm, I think this is a game quirk, and is that the one LazyDuchess just added to RPC?

2. The bleeding stairs is normal. With stairs that require installation of a script, I would not include them. Direct them to the download page so they can get the install instructions. The only thing that will happen if they don't have the stairs, is to not have open underneath.

3. Eh. This could go either way. If the user happens to not have the rest of the set, it would be rather annoying to have a window mesh in your game suddenly change to something else if used on a diagonal. Some people are happy to just add cc into their game without ever seeing the original set.

4. Error 105. You will need to jump on Discord and go to #wizard-discussion. Tashiketh would be the one to answer questions about upload errors.

5. If you have renamed files, I would say do not share them. Just link to the original post.
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@Justpetro and @HugeLunatic thanks so much--that was all really helpful and just reading both of your responses makes me feel more confident about making a decision.

So HugeLunatic, if i use your stairs for example, but don't include it (and just link to the download), if they don't install the stairs, the lot should pick up the game stairs, correct?

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